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The One Spirit Animal You Need To Start Working With Today Based On Your Zodiac

Working with a spirit animal can help you better understand and work with your own wisdom, knowledge, and personality strengths. There is no limit to how many spirit animals you can work with. Some will guide you for a whole lifetime, others will help get through one period of your life, each has a message.

If you would like to start with one, you can work with the spirit animal based on your zodiac sign. You can go based on zodiac signs themselves such as Pisces is the fish, the Chinese Zodiac signs, or using Native American animal totems. However, some astrologists—who also have in-depth knowledge of the vast animal kingdom—have also handpicked a spirit animal that corresponds with specific characteristics of each sign. Do these resonate with you?

Aries, March 21—April 19: The Cheetah

Aries is a go-getter and so is the cheetah. It can help Aries to always bring all of their energy to the table, and be an unstoppable, action-oriented and brave leader.

cheetah spirit animal in the wild

Call for the spirit animal of the cheetah when you need to be independent, competitive, and fast in everything that you do.

Taurus, April 20—May 20: The Polar Bear

Taurus is loyal, trustworthy, and dependable. Patient and affectionate polar bears can help Taurus bring out their best qualities.

As a Taurus, you can ask for the polar bear spirit animal assistance when you are looking for strength and extra patience.

Gemini, May 21—June 20: The Fox

Fox is the perfect fit for the Gemini because it is curious, quick-thinking, very social, and is always in search for new adventures. It is also very intelligent, and is able to adapt to any situation.

Work with the fox spirit animal in situations when you are required to step into a new environment or learn new skills. Fox can also be helpful in tricky communication situations.

Cancer, June 21—July 22: The Tortoise

Tortoises are gentle and also emotional animals, which will resonate with the Cancer sign. Cancers are sympathetic to others and are always willing to help. They are wise and hesitant to enter new and unexplored situations.

The tortoise can help remind you when you are hiding in your shell and top open up your heart and soul to others.

Leo, July 23— August 22: The Lion

The Leo got its name correctly. It is indeed the spirit of the lion itself—a confident and loyal leader, who is also outgoing and loves to have fun. Just like the ‘king of the jungle,’ Leos love to be the center of attention.

As a Leo, you can work with the lion spirit animal to bring out your leadership talents.

Virgo, August 23—September 22: The Mandrill

Virgos are dedicated to their loved once and feel the most secure when they are surrounded by a loving family. This is why the mandrill from the primate species is the perfect fit. Mandrills are loyal and resourceful when it comes to their community.

Mandrill Spirit Animal in the forest

Whenever you are feeling shy ask the mandrill animal spirit assistance to open up your more extraverted qualities.

Libra, September 23—October 22: The Gray Wolf

Libras also like to stay social and build strong connection with others. They are great team players, as well as leaders. The gray wolf is a great fit for them. Gray wolves always stay in small, tight-knit packs and are very loyal.

For a Libra, working with the Gray wolf animal spirit can bring more partnerships and loyal friendships into their lives.

Scorpio, October 23—November 21: The Elephant

The Elephant is the perfect spirit animal for the intelligent and goal-oriented Scorpios. Elephants are resourceful, determined, and only show force when provoked. However, when angered, nothing can stand in their way.

If you need to be more dedicated in you line of work, and pick your priorities and loyalties, call upon the elephant animal spirit to help.

Sagittarius, November 22—December 21: The Horse

There is no animal that captures the independent, adventurous, freedom-loving and brave Sagittarius as the horse. The Przewalski horse to be exact that are still roaming wild in Mongolia will be a great spiritual companion when Sagittarius goes on their many travels.

Capricorn, December 22—January 19: The Elephant Shrew

The elephant shrew is a small mammal native to Africa. They are unstoppable when it comes to succeeding, extremely hard-working with great self-discipline. Their qualities will resonate with the driven and responsible Capricorn.

elephant shrew spirit animal in the woods

If you have too many work projects to compete and feeling overwhelmed, working the elephant shrew animal spirit can help you get everything done in time and with less stress.

Aquarius, January 20—February 18: The Dolphin

Both Aquarius and the dolphin are intellectual, playful, and friendship oriented. Aquarius will like its open mind, communication skills, and loving energies. Both also love helping others.

Working with the dolphin spirit animal will bring out creativity and innovative ideas out for you.

Pisces, February 19—March 20: The Seahorse

Pisces is the dreamer sign of the zodiac—extraordinary creative and intuitive. Its gentle nature is much like the seahorse. It is very trusting of others and compassionate towards every living thing.

Be sure to call upon the seahorse spirit animal when you are working to be in a healthy relationship or partnership—partners for life is appealing to the loyal seahorse.



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