Zodiac Power Color

Your Zodiac Power Color and How It Brings Out Your True Light

Every color has a different energetic imprint, unique qualities and a specific vibration. Just like your body has an aura with its own color, so does your zodiac sign. It is your power color and by wearing it or using it more in your life, you can access the strength of your astrological sign easier.

Some sources do not agree on a few of these colors, so the following is a combined analysis of astrology, color psychology, and intuitive messages.

The signs are: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces.

Aries Power Color

Aries Power Color: Red

A fire sign Aries is ruled by Mars, which is known as the “red planet,” so it is no surprise that this sign’s power color is red. Aries people are passionate, driven, foused, and eager for success and living a full life.

Red is the color that draws attention; a color of power, leadership, love, and passion. Wearing red makes one more attractive and stand out as a leader. If you are an Aries, wearing red will give your confidence and feeling of empowerment whenever you need it.

Taurus Power Color: Green

Taurus Power Color

One of the Earth signs Taurus has a deep connection to nature. It is a grounding sign, and if you are born under it you have a peaceful and healing effect on others. It also promotes growth in oneself and others as it represents the progression of Mother Nature.

Because of these characteristics, Taurus’s power color is green. Wear green to enhance this sign’s best qualities like sensuality, kindness, connection to nature, healing, stability, patience, and a down-to-Earth attitude.

Gemini Power Color: Yellow

Gemini Power Color

Gemini’s curiosity, playful spirit, intelligence, and communication skills are represented in the color yellow. This power color tunes into Gemini’s pure, youthful excitement about life.

It can enhance the sharpness of the mind, and provide the mental focus for Geminis to do their best work, and best play. It can also remove any writer’s blocks and replace it with enthusiasm, optimism, positivity, and playfulness, and keep the dark Gemini twin at bay.

Cancer Power Color: White/SilverCancer Power Color

Cancer is deeply intuitive, wise, imaginative, and understanding on a high level. Power colors white and silver will help this sign connect with its inner knowledge and create a pure mental state to tap into intuition.

Wearing white or silver will help this water sign flow through life with ease and unconditional love. It will increase sensitivity to energy and creativity, while also inviting self-acceptance. The two are deeply peaceful colors that represent the moon which cancer is connected to, and will surely bring out the best of the sign of Cancer.

Leo Power Color: GoldLeo Power Color

The majestic Leo, the king, spreads the energies of royalty, power, and generous nature. He is a stable, wise, and fair leader. Power color gold will make sure that Leo gets the attention he seeks, as well as shower Leo in abundance, warmth, and optimism in life.

This color produces confidence, a healthy sense of competition, and of course, attention. Wearing or using more gold in life, will help Leo access their fierce energy and internal power.

Some astrological sources also identify orange is Leo’s power color.

Virgo Power Color: BrownVirgo Power Color

Virgo, one of the Earth sings, combines practical matters that one can physically sense and make use of with beauty and esthetics. It takes things apart to make them useful and determines what works and what does not.

Its power color is brown, the color of being reliable, grounded, and strong. It is a friendly and warm color that will bring out Virgo’s helpfulness, and practicality in a humble and loyal manner towards others. It also aids with self-improvement and focus.

Libra Power Color: Cyan (Blue/Green)Libra Power Color

Libra, an air sign, lives in the world of thoughts. It compares thoughts to each other, finds balance, and takes the best ideas out of the mental clutter. While completely immersed in its own thinking, Libra being of balance, will engage other people in their world as well. There is always a “you” to a “me,” and the outer world match to the inner world.

Libras make great hosts, diplomats, and roles where they can help others in a practical way. They find the right place for everything in life. The power color to help Libra in its mission is cyan, or another blue/green color. The green evokes grounding, and warmth towards others, while blue represents the intellect. It is a great color for diplomats.

Scorpio Power Color: BlackScorpio Power Color

Scorpio is one of the water signs, which is ruled by emotions. Out of the three water signs, and all of the signs in general, Scorpio brings out the most intensity. It can hold on to emotions and hide them from others until they grow more and more strong instead of expressing them. The key is to afterwards transform them into peace.

Scorpio deals with a transmutation process of passion and intensity into positive, healing emotions. It is all about emotional transformation. To help with that, power color black comes to serve. Black is a protective color, a color that promotes strength, while also represents mystery, another quality Scorpio is fond of.

Sagittarius Power Color: PurpleSagittarius Power Color

Fire sign Sagittarius is not about action, but gaining perspective on things. Its fire is cool, like a star in the sky. It is the fire of friendship, of connections that are based on commonality rather than physical attraction. Sagittarius is optimistic, adventurous, and philosophical. It watches the night sky pondering on the meaning of life. It is free-spirited, clever, and creative.

To inspire all of these great qualities, Sagittarius can wear or use more of their power color purple. Purple brings out wisdom, spirituality, vision, and magic into all areas in life. Like the night sky, this mysterious color will engage Sagittarius in its best thinking and action.

Capricorn Power Color: GreyCapricorn Power Color

Capricorn is an Earth sign that needs movement. This mountain goat is ambitious, smart, hard-working, and it has a need for growth and upward practical ascension. It will never miss a step as it climbs higher, even when it may look that way.

To dress for success, Capricorn can use its power color grey. Grey symbolizes security and stability, the strength of character, and maturity. It is a perfect balance color between two extremes, the black and the white, and for Capricorn, it is exactly the balances needed to climb over mountain tops.

Aquarius Power Color: BlueAquarius Power Color

Aquarius may be the most unique sign of the zodiac. The water bearer may sound like it would be a water sign, but it is actually an air sign, which represents the need for moisture in the air.

Aquarius focuses on the big ideas using its intellect and expands them to a conclusion, a bigger picture, the universal principles. Aquarius then distributes this wisdom to others. To keep this intellect sharp, Aquarius’ power color is blue. It can also help channel creativity, and trigger new ideas.

Pisces Power Color: Indigo/Violet MixPisces Power Color

Pisces, the fish, is a water sign. However, more than emotions, it also connects with the universal sea of human consciousness. Everything in this world connects to water, comes from water, and eventually goes back to water. It is a cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Pisces are also natural empaths, sensitive to others’ emotions and having a hard time distinguishing their own from the feelings of others. This helps them connect to the universal feelings that everyone shares. Its power color is a violet-indigo mix, which helps Pisces intuitively connect to the emotions of others, as well as spiritual consciousness of this world.



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