Second Saturn Return

Your Second Saturn Return — 10 Questions To Get the Most of It

Astrologists often talk about the first Saturn return—an astrological event that happens between ages 28 and 30 and one of the biggest transformations of your life. However, the second Saturn return is not as often discussed, even though it is as important for different reasons.

The first return is associated with growing up and can make a person instantly want to have a career, a house, family, and kids. The second return falls between ages of 57-60, which in today’s society often leads to a feeling of panic or growing ‘old.’ This is a misconception and misunderstanding of this extremely important time in one’s life.

The Second Saturn return once again pushes you to become a better version of yourself, to make sure you are still on your path and advance in it, shifting to a new level of your life. When a person’s life has become stagnant, when a person no longer evolves, this is when Saturn can bring out behaviors that have been called a mid-life crisis. This can be buying something expensive and out of character, thinking of divorcing a long-time partner, and even feeling anxious or depressed.

Your soul is aching for growth, adventures, and maturity. It is not looking for a crisis; it is looking for your purpose. It is looking for wisdom.

Second Saturn Return Wisdom

The Second Saturn Return Is The Time of Wisdom

The Second Saturn Return often aligns with retirement, becoming grandparents, and moving to a location of your dreams. It is also the time of maturity and wisdom when you will have the knowledge to share with generations after you. This can lead to a sudden interest in volunteering and to involving yourself in nonprofit organizations.

There are two ways that a Saturn return can go. When learning from it successfully, you will feel a sense of gratitude, fulfillment, meaning, and excitement for your next stage of life. When a person fails to listen to Saturn’s guidance, this can lead to bitterness and loneliness.

You may hear people say what they did “in the good old days.” This attitude is an indicator of misunderstanding and misusing life’s beautiful phases. Each stage is beautiful. You will know when you meet those who had a great Second Saturn Return because they are shining with joy and eager to continue growing, moving forward, while also helping others. They have made it through many challenges in life and now are grateful and calm, having the wisdom that life is completely worth it. They no longer get attached to small things, and they take life less seriously. They know how to play and have fun.

If you are about to enter your Second Saturn return, or you’ve already had yours, if you know someone who is going through theirs, or if you want to understand the biggest stages of life to get the best of each of them, there are steps you can take to learn and use this wonderful energy.

Second Saturn Return Restructure

Going Through Your Second Saturn Return: Restructure Your Life

The Second Saturn return asks you to look honestly at your life—the traditions and habits that guide you—and see which areas are no longer serving you and your mission. There may be something you need to let go of that you were putting off for later. There may be aspects of your life you have been forgetting about, and going back to them will bring you pure joy.

  • Have you always wanted to travel but never got a chance to go?
  • Do you want to live somewhere different?
  • Is your lifestyle making you fulfilled and happy?
  • Is there a hobby you always wanted to try?
  • Have you been connecting authentically with people around you?

Decided What You Want To Do With Your Time

There is a negative way to view time as fleeting and limited. This is not what Saturn return is about. However, it will remind you how precious time is and will help you question life’s truths to find out for yourself how you want to live in your world.

  • What is your mission on this Earth?
  • Is it still the same as years ago or has it changed?
  • Do you need to jump to the next phase of this mission?
  • Are you destined for bigger things than you have been allowing yourself to achieve?
  • Are you wasting any time on things that do not matter?


Second Saturn Return Gratitude

Focus On Gratitude

Life is an adventure, and no one said that will be an easy one. Yet, through all the challenges and growing pains, you have achieved so much. Make a list of all of your achievements. Print out photos from the best moments of your life. Call people you may have left behind, apologize when you should, and conclude things that needed closures. All of this will inspire you to take everything you have learned to have an amazing next phase of your life.

The Second Saturn Return is an opportunity for yet another new beginning. How will walk into this next phase, you amazing, wise, spiritual warrior?

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