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Your Fortune Begins With You

If you want to bring wealth and fortune into your life. You first need to focus on yourself. You need to realize you create your reality and whatever you think, you will bring into your life. Your fortune whether it be good or bad begins with you.

Things may happen around you, and things may happen to you, but the only things which really count are the things that happen in you.” quotes Eric Butterworth in his book: Spiritual Economics. The core lesson here is: you have little control over the things that happen around you but you do have the power to control your thoughts, perception and emotions.

law of attraction brain magnetAs you learn that you are able to take charge of things in your own life and you start to use this to influence the things that happen around you. “You are a living magnet, consistently drawing to you the things, the people and the circumstances which are in accord with your thoughts.” – Spiritual Economics. You can change your experience just with a change of consciousness and therefore you are in control of your life.

Your prosperity or lack of prosperity will be reflected in your thinking. You give reality to things when you think about them or have conversations about them. Either way if it is negative or positive, you will become synchronized with it and it will influence your life. By your thinking, you will either be adding good to your life or removing it.

Also don’t try to think of things that happen in your life as luck or misfortune. This is limiting your potential. Everything comes to you because you have synchronized yourself with it, not because it happened just from chance.

If you are searching for fortune in your life, you need to make sure you think positively about your wealth and align yourself with it and it will come to you.

“Chapter 2.” Spiritual Economics: the Principles and Process of True Prosperity, by Eric Butterworth, Unity Books, 2001.


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