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The 5 Spiritual Offerings to Help You Evolve and Grow This Winter

Each season has its meaning in nature, and people too can follow the energy of each season to grow with it, and not fight against it. If winter is approaching where you live now, especially in places where the temperature drops greatly and the snow falls, it is time for rest and healing. Winter invites you to slow down and appreciate solitude, to seek warmth and to not forget to play.

If you want to follow anyone’s lead this winter, follow nature and its guidance. Nature during winter is still; many animals are hibernating, while others huddle together and patiently wait for spring. It is equally important to focus on solitude as it is to take part in loving communities, while also taking care of things that make life easier like better health and a harmonious home.

1. Communities: Reach Out To Others

Winter CommunityCommunities are a source of great support, and during the winter months, it is both easier and more needed to reach out to others—do not be afraid to depend on others when you need it.

If you are sick, you may need a friend or a neighbor to bring you soup or herbal medicine, if you are feeling the winter blues—someone to watch movies with and get your mind to a better place. For some communities, it is practically vital to stay in touch.

In places of huge snow storms, people have been known to take care of one another, making sure everyone has enough food and necessities. Communities are just as important for emotional support during the cold months.

It is an opportunity to reach out to more people, invite them over for dinner, and create holiday or just-because gatherings.

2. Solitude and Healing

Because of cold weather and a reduction in sunshine hours, chances are you may stay inside more often. This is a good time to rest, dream, and explore your own soul. Taking time to be alone will provide the time needed for you to heal—if there is anything to heal, or brainstorm your future goals and dreams.

It is best to find a way to love your solitude by doing things you enjoy like reading books, taking relaxing baths, and do crafts or enjoy any other hobbies.

It is a good time to be still, meditate, and prepare for a new chapter in your journey come spring.

While you are taking your time alone, your soul may start to give you a new direction and show you signs for what that new beginning will be like.

3. Learn To Be Still

Winter StillnessDaoist philosopher Laozi (aka Lao Tzu) said, “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” This quote is a reminder to slow down during winter—even be completely still. There are times of your life when you need to act fast and go forth with any ideas, projects, and plans. Then there is time to sit and patiently wait. Winter teaches you to wait. But do not feel that you are not doing anything while waiting. In the stillness, you will find parts of you that you have not been paying attention to, often the ones that need healing.

4. Acknowledge Dark Emotions

Winter has a way to make you grow in its own way. This growth is internal and the majority of it happens by acknowledging if you have any negative emotions and letting them be. Not fighting against them, and not repressing them, but noticing their existence and sending love to them. As winter is the shadow side of nature, you can also notice your shadow and thank it for the light that unfolds from it. Like old photographs that were developed in the dark, a lot of your best growth and brightest light shines from the darker places of your soul. It is the contrast that this Earth and duality provides in order to learn about existence.

5. Focus On Your Home

Winter Home FocusLastly, while healing and taking time to yourself, another important winter task is to focus on your home. Enjoying your solitude you may notice that you want to spice up your place to make it a true sacred sanctuary. Maybe it needs more light, plants, books, a pet, or a complete rearrangement of furniture. Perhaps you want to print out photos of your loved ones and place them in the most visible spot. This sacred space you create will serve you for a whole year, whenever you come home you will instantly feel inspired, rejuvenated, and safe—and the winter will feel warmer.



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