Who Am I? 17 Questions for Figuring Yourself Out

‘Who am I?’ This is the fundamental question of human existence. Answering this single question is the source substance of all mythologies and sciences to date. The pursuit of clarity in this regard has been the life work of many philosophers and holy people throughout human history. It is from those pursuits that we gave birth to the sciences and technologies used to build our modern society. However, these outward accomplishments pale in comparison to how much inner change the individuals pursuing this answer go through to find the pearls of wisdom the seekers of history imparted on the world.

Who-Am-I-geometryWho Am I? | The Primal Question

Are seekers questing because they are somehow special or made from stronger stuff than their peers? Are they blessed with divine intervention unavailable to others? Or is it possible there is something less obvious that leads to their success in finding the answer that works for them in answering ‘who am I?’?

“Your personal philosophy is the greatest determining factor in how your life works out.”
-Jim Rohn

Some will try to claim that their physiology is not good enough compared to others and say that is why others achieve success when they do not. But as any good gambler will tell you, it’s not the hand you’re dealt, but rather it’s how you play it that matters at the end of the night. The science of epigenetics tells us that your consciousness controls what genes are switched on and off as well as when. That simple bit of information tells us it is our choices that ultimately create the physical expression we call our body. Our choices are more open than many realize due to the philosophies and resultant paradigms we were taught to agree with in early life. Understanding this tells us we are not our bodies, and who we are does not come from our body, yet includes it. The only person we have to blame for who we are is who we have chosen to be. In any moment we can make a new choice and keep making it to see our life expression change in accord with the new choice. If you don’t like something, you need only choose a new thing to focus your awareness upon and it cannot remain the same.

“A lie you believe is true will affect your life as though it’s true even though it is in fact a lie.”
-Corban Huckleberry

Who-Am-I-KeyholeA Personal Philosophy

Developing a personal philosophy is the vital safeguard against living an unexamined and unfulfilling life. Begin by doing a mental catharsis. This is done by writing down how you feel and what you think about frequently bringing light and attention to the dark corners of your consciousness. This allows you to become more fully aware of yourself and what’s going on inside. Write for at least five minutes a day for a week. Once you have a weeks worth of content, add in another five minutes a day to reflect on the previous week’s entries writing down any additional thoughts or feelings that arise. This process begins a dialogue with yourself helping you open up to your true thoughts and feelings with each day’s efforts. Until you are aware of how you feel, any issues with the logic of your current philosophy will remain invisible to you. Until it’s written down, your mind can continue to play tricks on you and obscure your awareness little-by-little with each passing moment.

Ultimately, you have the sole responsibility to decide what is true for you. No one else is living your life for you.

Who-Am-I-Doorway17 Questions To Ask Yourself

How do you decide? You ask yourself questions and listen to your answers. Let them form the substance of the next question you ask as you repeat the cycle. You should use a journal and write these questions and your answers down in your own handwriting as this facilitates the psychological process of being more open and honest with yourself. Here is a list of example questions you can start with. Please feel welcome to add your personal favorites in the comments!

Who am I if not my personality?
Am I a body or something else?
Where am I if not my body?
What am I if not my body?
What do I want?
What am I willing to do or become to get what I want?
What is too much?
What happens when my body dies?
Where am I from?
Where am I going?
Is there something holding me back?
When will I fight?
When do I forgive?
When will I release my burdens?
When is enough?
Why do I exist?

Why? Why? Why? Always keep asking “why?”
When you find the end of “why?” you have found a pearl of your own to share with the world.

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  1. Jagjiwan kumar Yadav says:

    It’s very true that we will become what we want to become it’s all about our choice and our thinking process that can make our life

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