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10 Tips to Achieve Wealth through Spirituality

Achieving Wealth Through Spirituality can be a challenge for many, especially with the limiting beliefs we are bombarded by.
Here are 10 tips to help your manifest Wealth through Spirituality while maintaining a healthy balance.

1. Getting rid of Personal Obstacles

This can be a big problem for a lot of people and it may be a hard one for some to get rid of. Doubts, negative thoughts and low self esteem all block the flow of spiritual attraction. A person who is mentally, emotionally and spiritually secure can put intention into anything and they will be able to manifest it easily with no issues, but for many people there might be something blocking you from manifesting your desire.

Here is how to start the process of removing your personal obstacles. First take a moment to sit down in a quiet area and close your eyes. Use your imagination to think about what you would like your life to be like in half a year, imagining your financial situation and lifestyle. Think about this for a little bit then picture what type of life and financial situation you expect you will have. If there are any differences in where you are and where you want to be, you should know what you need to start working on within yourself.

2. Setting an Intention

Setting an intention into manifesting wealth is vital and the most important step. This step is pretty simple because all you need to do is have a clear intention in mind of what you want to manifest. Make sure you are very clear about it and let nothing change your mind because if you do, you likely won’t get the results you are looking for.

When you focus your attention on something it naturally expands thus you will have a better chance at finding opportunities or thinking of ways to achieve it. You will always have more of what you direct your attention to. Anything is achievable if you believe it. So ensure you keep your faith in your intention.

3. Believe it and Know that it will happen

Make sure you fully believe and know that your intention will happen. This will set you down a strong path to reaching your wealth. Try to think of it as a payday, you know you will be getting paid on a certain day. Have that same knowing in mind. Keep your mind focused on what you will have and what you will do with it. Your life follows what you believe will happen, so decide what you want to happen in it.

4. Act and Feel it

This step always seems silly but it is super powerful because it is aligning yourself with what you desire. If you already feel wealthy then you will attract more wealth. It’s that simple! Like thoughts attracts like situations, so abundance will have an easier time flowing into your life if you already feel it. In order to manifest your intentions fully you need to feel and sense them fully with your mind and body.

5. Take action

Nothing will ever happen if you just sit around and wait. You need to try to move towards your goal still. If you have done all the steps before by this step you should already be having ideas on how to reach your goal or opportunities might be popping up. Take every chance you get whether it be big or small. Whenever you do something successful towards your goal, try to celebrate it! Taking action is always a fun step because you will be doing lots of exciting things.

6. Show Gratitude

Always maintain a high level of gratitude. This will help you keep a positive outlook which in turn will help you to be even more abundant. You will also be sending out positive vibrations and this will help you to function on a high frequency.

By holding Gratitude it will be easier to align you with your wealth because the universe will try to match your vibration. Try to write down a list of about 3-5 things you are grateful for each day and you will be on your way.

7. Have Faith

If you are newer to this, it might be difficult, you may not be seeing results and you could be having doubts about it, but keep your faith! Keep trying to take small steps or start with smaller goals like getting a promotion at your work or a small raise in your pay. Build up your faith with the process. Each time you try and succeed, it will help to build up your faith and the better you will get at using the process. Once you do you can start aiming for big things like being wealthy.

8. Give it Time

Most things don’t come instantly. So trust the process and let the universe put things into place so you can achieve what you want. Make sure to also keep in mind that wealth might show up in your life in different ways too. You don’t know exactly what form wealth will take, it could be a through winning it, a new job or a promotion. Either way be on the lookout for new opportunities and act upon them when they come.

9. Take Care of Yourself

How you feel physically and mentally will also play a role in the process. The better you feel the easier things will come into your life. Make sure to eat well, get proper rest and exercise. Do things that make you happy and spend time with friends and family. Stay away from negativity and try to always keep a positive attitude. Strive to keep learning and improving yourself in all areas of your life. The happier and healthier you are, the easier things will be.

10. Don’t Give up

Follow all the steps listed above and never give up, if you start to doubt, try to rid yourself of it and keep trying. Hard work does pay off. Remember it isn’t always about the end result, the process getting there will be exciting and fun too. It might even be better than when you actually manifest what you want because you will have so much fun getting there.

Follow these tips and practices and see how amazing it is to Attract Wealth through Spirituality.


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  1. aea j celestice says:

    How does this work for poor and homeless people? This seems like a highly privileged state of being.

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