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The One Intermittent Fasting Diet You Have To Try If You Want To Feel Like A Warrior

Fasting or purposefully abstaining from food or drinks for spiritual and health reasons has been practiced since the ancient times. Today, science has confirmed that fasting leads to amazing health outcomes. It can fight and prevent disease, and make the whole body stronger. There are many ways to fast, and the most popular one is intermittent fasting diets—which cycle of eating and not eating. The one that you have to try is the warrior intermittent fasting diet. It has been regaining popularity lately, and after reading about its benefits, it is easy to see why!

Who Created The Warrior Diet

The warrior diet was created in 2001 by Ori Hofmekler while he was serving with the Israeli Special Forces, and it broke all the rules. Eating a balanced breakfast each morning? Avoiding feeling hungry? Eating every four hours? The warrior diet follows none of these rules.

Instead, to follow this diet you need to not eat the whole day, then have a whole feast at the end of the day. You have read that right, only one meal a day is all you need.
The warrior diet was the first one to pioneer the intermittent fasting diets.

Benefits of The Warrior Diet

The science behind the intermittent fasting warrior diet is that the human body actually thrives on the right type and amount of stress. For example, working out creates stress in the muscles which is what makes them grow and get stronger.

Hofmekler applied the same principle to a diet by putting the body under nutritional stress. By not eating up to 20 hours a day, the body makes stress proteins that are anti-inflammatory and immune system boosters.

They destroy every weak element in your body,” Hofmekler once said.

The benefits of following this type of intermittent fasting are:

  • Weight loss
  • Muscle gain
  • Disease prevention
  • Increase of energy
  • Anti-aging


How To Start An Intermittent Fasting Diet

The diet’s main rule is that you do not eat for 20 hours a day or under-eat (including sleep time) and then overeat for four hours. Some people have modified it to under-eat for 16 hours a day. Under-eating allows you to drink vegetables juices, coffee, tea, and water in the morning. You are allowed a very light snack during the day like yogurt and berries.

At night, you are allowed a real feast. Choose from the ancient foods that existed for over 10,000 like legumes, root vegetables, fruits, healthy dairy, farm-raised meat, and wild-caught fish. Avoid simple sugars, processed foods, alcohol, and too many starches.

Make sure that you are choosing healthy food and not junk foods when eating once a day, and that you are getting all of your nutrients in this one meal. You can load it with super foods and nutritionally-dense ingredients.

Hofmekler explains that this way of eating matches the way humans have evolved on Earth. He says that this is exactly how people used to eat for centuries, and that our genetics are used to it. He believes that this diet can help you truly thrive.

This is the way warriors of ancient Sparta and Rome gained amazing strength and resilience!

However, everyone has different health concerns these days. When choosing this or another intermittent fasting, be mindful how you feel. You may not want to jump into it fully at first and instead start with skipping breakfast only and see how you feel. Then start skipping lunch. Slowly increase you under-eating hours until you get to 20 hours per day. You may also want to consult a nutritionist to do this properly for your body.

If you have any concern of diabetes or if you are not feeling well when exercising in an empty stomach, this diet may not be for you.
This diet has worked for many people; see if it works for you.



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