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5 Benefits of Walking for 30 Minutes Every Day

We often hear that walking is some of the best exercise for you! Why is that? What is it about walking that makes it such a great exercise for everyone? Today we review 5 benefits of walking for half an hour daily.

1. Improves Mood

health walking benefits moodGoing for a walk is a great way to improve your mood as well as reduce stress. Research has shown that having a regular walk changes the nervous system reducing anger and hostility. Walking outdoors is the fantastic for you because being in the sun and fresh air will help rid you of any seasonal mood disorders and it will allow you to get some additional vitamin D.

If you go on a walk with friends or a family members, it will contribute to making you happier because you will feel more connected. Walking is also great for reducing stress levels because it improves the circulation which provide nutrients and oxygen to the cells. It stimulates the nervous system and decreases the stress hormones, additionally if you breathe deeply when you walk you can let go of a lot of tension. So if you are feeling depressed, sad or stressed take a walk and let go of those feelings.

2. Weight Loss

This was probably a given but walking regularly can help you lose weight. The more you walk, the more you improve your body’s response to insulin which will help reduce extra fat. Walking for 30 minutes everyday is one of the most effective low-impact ways to get rid of fat and positively alter body composition. Daily walking also increases metabolism because it burns extra calories and prevents muscles loss. Researchers found that people who walk instead of drive are thinner and can lose weight more easily because they of the benefits to metabolism.

3. Reduces Risk of Disease

Walking is a subject that has a copious amounts of studies done on it, and the results have been very impressive. It is an ideal method for safely lowering your blood sugar levels and risk of diabetes without doing strenuous levels of exercise. This can reduce the risk of you getting cardiovascular disease by 30%. It increases muscle strength, endurance and it improves balance. It has been shown to improve the management of conditions like hypertension, high cholesterol, joint stiffness, muscular pain,  and diabetes.

4. Increases Creativity

health walking benefits creativityWalking is really good for increasing your creativity because it calms down your nervous systems and relaxes your brain. You brain is able to think more strategically and creatively without stressing over expectations or deadlines. If you are ever feeling stuck at work or school, take a break and go for a walk and you’ll likely be able to think of a new solution. Researchers have done an experiment in 2014 for a study in the journal of experimental psychology, it proved that: subjects that walked instead of sitting where able to think more creatively. Going for walks improves learning, memory and cognition.

5. Boosts the Immune System

Doing any type of exercise helps to improve the bodies immune system and helps to make you healthier. Walking regularly is one of the easiest ways to improve your immune system.  Walking isn’t strenuous and isn’t challenging for most people. Your body’s immune system functions at all times to prevent infections, diseases and death. Improving the immune system’s functions are vital to adding years to your life, and life to your years. It can improve the activities of immune cells called b-cells, t-cells and killer cells. It also enables fast release of white blood cells, this ensures your body will heal quickly.



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