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Create This Special Vision Board To Manifest Your Dreams and Live Your Best Life

It is difficult to pinpoint the birth year of vision boards. Some even say that this tool goes as far back as to cavemen times when people used to draw images on cave walls. We do know that vision boards spiked in popularity after the movie The Secret came out, which talked about the power of manifestation—you receive what you believe in receiving. To speed up the manifestation process, a vision board plays the role as a constant reminder of your goals and dreams, as well as a way to send out the request for these manifestations in clear language—imagery and feelings that they evoke.

Vision Board CreativeA vision board sends your requests into the universe, makes you excited to receive it, and motivates you to keep working toward your dreams.

Traditionally, a vision board is made of cut-out pieces from magazines all glued to one board; it contains all the images of things you want to manifest. However, this method can leave a board looking cluttered and confusing.

There is a better, easier, and more effective solution. You can create your vision board based on the ancient teachings of feng shui—a study of energy that placement of objects creates in a space.

By using the same Bagua map used to create the correct placement in a room on a vision board, you can manifest amazing things for all nine categories in your life.

Dividing A Vision Board Into Nine Categories

In feng shui, there are nine categories that are located in every square-shaped space, be that a house, a room, and even a whole property. The same placement can be used for a square or rectangular vision board.

Feng Shui Bagua MapThe vision board is divided into nine equal parts, creating three rows of three items.

The top from left to right are money, reputation, and relationships.
The middle is family, health, and creativity.
The bottom is knowledge, career, and community.

Using the nine squares will make your vision board more organized, clear, and easy to make.

All you need to do is choose the images that inspire you for each category—can be one or multiple—the images that make you feel the joy you would feel when you reach your full desires.

How does your perfect career, community, relationship look to you?

This is your board, no one else’s, so listen to your heart when making it. To make your experience of assembling it even more fun and creative, turn it into a ritual of its kinds. Here are some quick tips to help you do so.

Tips On Creating The Best Vision Board Ever

Create the right atmosphere. To fully tune into your vision, your thoughts, feelings, and energy must all resonate with what you are trying to manifest. You can easier put yourself into the right state for this by playing inspiring music, a motivational meditation, or your favorite inspirational speaker. Add some candles, burning incense, or aromatherapy to the mix, and you will feel immersed into the manifesting energy. Make sure to have fun and experiment with it. For example, if you are trying to manifest a dream house on a beach, why not play the sounds of the ocean?

Be creative with your images. The most common place to find images to cut out is magazines. Be mindful of which magazines you are using. If you need to find a picture of a person meditating in pure bliss, looking in yoga magazines will bring more results and choices, as well as better vibration than a health magazine that was given out to medical professionals.

Vision Board PartyWhen looking for a specific image, why not just Google it and print it out? The amount of choices that are on the internet is incomparable to any print media.

Consider creating a digital vision board. Sure it may look better hanging on the wall, but if you are looking at your computer screen for work for eight hours every day, or a phone screen, why not make that your vision board? You can use any image-editing software to create one.

Make an event out of it. Invite your like-minded friends and create together. The more people that come together and tune into the manifestation frequency, the strong the energy that you are sending out will become.

Place it somewhere you can see. You will send out your request to the universe just by making a vision board, but the energy intensifies if you look at it daily. Display your board on a highly visible spot in your room; ideally, so that it is the first thing you see when you wake up. Take a picture of the board and make it your laptop’s and cell phone’s wallpaper, or print out a small version and place in a frame on your work desk.

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