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5 Planets You Can Actually See Without a Telescope

People have been fascinated by the night sky since the beginning of time. Perhaps because we are technically made from the same material as the stars, because we are drawn to the less-known, and because of the effects planetary retrogrades have on each of us. Seeing stars and meteors is magical, and so is seeing other planets in our solar system with our naked eyes.

The five planets that you can easily see from Earth with just your eye are Mercury, Mars, Venus, Saturn, and Jupiter. Because planets produce no visible light of their own, the light from the sun has to illuminate them at a certain angle to be visible on Earth. Knowing when this happens for each planet—or each wanderer as the ancient Greeks called them—is a sure way to see them lit up in the sky. However, all of them can never be visible at the same time.

Seeing MercuryStarry Sky Planets

Because Mercury is so close to the sun, it can be visible right before sunset and right after sunset. It is most visible during the times of year when it is at least 10 degrees above the horizon during either sunset or sunrise. In the Northern Hemisphere this happens in April and May during evenings, and October and November in the mornings.

Planetary energy: The planetary energy of Mercury is all about communication and the mind. Meditate with this planet in mind when you need to express your ideas or break barriers in communication.

Seeing Venus

Venus is the most visible planet of this bunch. It is easily found in the sky every month of the year except June—and only because in June it is too bright and is lost in the glare. Venus can be seen in the West in the evenings and in the East in the mornings. With a naked eye it looks like a bright light.

Planetary energy: You can harvest Venus’ energy when you need any help in areas of relationships, love, and harmony with your emotional environment.

Seeing Mars

Mars is visible from dusk till dawn and has a unique red glow to it. It is always located opposite of the sun, and is also close to the moon. Because of its small size, it looks almost better with the naked eye rather than through a telescope. It is the most visible when it comes the closest to the Earth.

Planetary energy: Mars’s energy has to do with taking action, courage, and passion. It will help you work towards your goals and be decisive.

JupiterSeeing Jupiter

When Venus is lost in the sun’s glare during the month of June, it gives space for another planet to become more visible—Jupiter. You can locate it in the western part of the night sky. In June, it is the brightest of all the celestial objects.

Planetary energy: Working with the planet of Jupiter can help grow your luck, abundance, and optimism.

Seeing Saturn

Saturn is the easiest to see during the summer months between May and July. During the first three months it is visible in the sky all night. You can locate it after sunset by looking at the opposite corner of the sky from where the sun set. Saturn rises in the east and moves to the west. Saturn together with Mars and the brightest star Antares in the Scorpius constellation can be noticed together as they form a triangle.

Planetary energy: Saturn brings out the responsible side out of everyone. It is about structure, order, and discipline. If you need determination and commitment, Saturn’s energy is your best friend.



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