Venus Retrograde

Venus Retrograde 2018 – 40 Days of Relationship Trials and Transformations

Every time a planet goes retrograde, it opens up a unique opportunity for you to heal, grow, and change yourself to match a better serving reality. When Venus, the planet of love and passion goes retrograde, all matters of the heart go on trial. Whoever passes this trial is rewarded with improved and new connections and romantic experiences. This year Venus goes retrograde for exactly 40 days between October 5th and November 15th.

This time Venus retrograde has a special rebel side, as it is in the sign of Scorpio—a sign that is full of war, passion, taboos, and sometimes complete chaos. It is like putting the gentle and loving Goddess Venus to travel through the Valley of Death and back. Death, however, is purely metaphorical in this case. What needs to “die” are old baggage, self-lies, bad connections, and any form of manipulation. If you were looking for this intense relationship cleanse in your life, you are in for quite the ride—but also a promise of deep healing and of intense and magnificent transformation.

Dealing With Unfinished Business

Venus Retrograde ScorpioEven though Venus retrograde does not officially begin until October 5th, it already entered its shadow period on September 3rd, and chances are—you are feeling it.

While it will go direct on November 15th, it will stay in a shadow period between then and December 18th. Realistically speaking, this transition will have some kind of effect from now until almost the next year.

This should give you enough time to completely clean up your romantic life and relationship karma.

The exact 40 days of the retrograde itself is special as it uses the alchemical number 40. This number is often linked to a period of trial with complete fulfillment waiting on the other side for those who pass. The trial this time is to open up your heart and let it fully guide you. The growth process of opening up may be painful but completely worth it.

To open up, you will have to deal with any unfinished business between yourself and others.

You will be asked to answer questions for yourself such as:

  • Where have I hurt others in my relationships? Have I ever been manipulative or have I ever used others even in unconsciously?
  • Have I closed my heart to real, authentic relationships, and what are the things that need to be addressed in order to open it again?
  • Am I lying in any way to myself about how I truly feel about my current romantic life, be that a romantic relationship or being single?
  • Do I ever feel gratitude for heartbreaks because of what they taught me and how they opened me up to a more authentic version of myself?

All or Nothing Mentality of This Venus Retrograde

Venus retrograde in Scorpio will also dig through your unconscious instincts—the reptilian brain.

Are there secrets you are hiding in there even from yourself?

Venus Retrograde Libra

Scorpio is passionate, seductive, mysterious, and is not afraid of anything. If during this time you experience any feelings of strong sexual attraction, obsession, and deep passion, it is Scorpio reminding you of what you have always wanted but never got. If you are open, it will tell you how to finally go for the relationship you have always dreamed about. All or nothing—it will not settle for less than the dream.

But don’t worry, you will not have to come face to face with your shadow side for too long. While this Venus retrograde starts in Scorpio, it shifts to Libra on October 31st.

Libra is much gentler, reasonable, and is always thinking of other people. This is why for relationships it will bring a peaceful and successful resolution by the end of the retrograde. Together Scorpio and Libra will first show you, your true passion, what you want out of relationship, than bring it out, and into your world in a healthy, happy, and balanced way that serves both you and your partner.

A Quest of Complete Transformation

The most important part of going through a retrograde is to be more than just an observer. Don’t get the wrong idea—the energy of any retrograde will do what it needs to do for you. However, you will receive a deeper and easier clearing process if you are open to it and are actively involved in it. It is like going down a waterslide, you will come out on the other side either way, but one way is enjoyable, the other is you screaming and getting a bruise or two if you are not ready for it.

To put it simply—please take action!

Here are a few suggestions of what you can do:

  • Do a cord cutting ceremony or a few to get rid of old energetic attachments.
  • Choose a visualization meditation for a great partner or a relationship.
  • Journal about past relationships and the time you spent single to work through any repressed emotions.
  • Check in with yourself when you feel any triggers to uncover where they come from and what they mean for you.
  • Have those difficult conversations with your partner about touchy subjects you have been afraid to talk about.
  • Work on unconditional self-love. Choose a daily mantra about your beauty inside and out. Schedule a self-care day or weekend.
  • Start being the person you always wanted to be to attract the relationship of your dreams.

While retrogrades can be painful, they are a blessing because they heal; they make you grow; and they put you back on a better path for your soul and happiness. Are you ready to open up your heart to invite the love that is waiting for you?



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    Every article i have come across and read in the past seriously two hours now has had my mind a goin, and as a Triple Air (Sign) (being my sun sign Libra My moon Sign Aquarius, my rising sign Libra) Love Love It!

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