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5 Crystals For Venus Retrograde – Heal Relationships, Remove Blocks

Venus, the planet of love, goes retrograde about every 18 months. When that happens all of one’s unresolved relationship issues and challenges come to the surface. If you are single and unfulfilled, you may have to battle your own self-limiting beliefs about yourself or love. If you are in a dysfunctional relationship, any aspect of this union that does not serve you will be highlighted so that you can address it. To help you navigate through what can be an emotionally-charged time, you can use crystals for Venus retrograde.

These high-vibrational tools will help you in your own process of healing any relationships or love-related blocks you have.

Rhodonite for Emotional Health

Rhodonite is one of the stones for the Heart Chakra, and it is a powerful one to have in your arsenal for Venus Retrograde. It works on removing any toxic relationship influences while promoting healthy emotions and pure type of love.

If there are any negative emotions present like anger, guilt, resentment, or jealousy, Rhodonite helps you to work through them and let them go. It helps to forgive and face old traumas with a renewed sense of self—moving on from them once and for all.

Rose Quartz for Unconditional Love

Venus Retrograde Crystals Rose QuartzRose Quartz is the number one crystal for all things related to love from self-love to family love, and unconditional love to love for life itself. Whenever you need to address any relationship or single-hood challenges, you need more love—thus you need more Rose Quartz. It transmutes any negative energy and heals blocks you may have that prevent you from finding or accessing the purest, best version of love.

You can wear Rose Quartz jewelry during Venus retrograde for a 24/7 positive vibration or buy a larger piece and put in on your night stand or somewhere where you will see it and be near it every single day.

Rubellite for True Desires

Rubellite is a stone that goes straight to your heart and your heart’s deepest desires. It reminds you that love and romantic unions are sacred and need to be treated as such.

This stone heals all matters regarding to your heart and awakens passion inside of it. It will be a reminder of your true desires when it comes to romantic relationships and will cosmically guide you to get you there.

Morganite for an Open Heart

Venus Retrograde Crystals MorganiteMorganite is a pale pink heart stone that is synonymous with a feeling of gentleness. Since Venus retrograde can be an affair with turmoil, Morganite will support your journey to be calm. It will protect you from harsh emotions to give you a safe space to figure out—what do I really want from my relationships?

Pink is the color of unconditional love, so similar to Rose Quartz, Morganite will allow you to be open and vulnerable to express that love. It will helps you to open up your heart more and more until you release any past including karmic one and instead focus on the present and future love blessing.

Phosphosiderite for Connecting Your Heart to Angels

If you need extra help from your angels and divine guides when it comes to love, you can work with a lavender-colored stone called Phosphosiderite. It perfectly unites the heart with the spiritual realm. This crystal can connect you to your angels and guides who in return will show you how to let to go of any emotional and romantic burdens stored in your heart and be free with your emotions and love.

It is also a calming stone and will help you to de-stress while sorting through any emotional baggage you may have kept and release it.

Working with one of these stones or all five combined will make your Venus retrograde more fruitful, productive, and more gentle for your heart and soul. By the time Venus retrograde competes, you should feel like you are on a new page for better, healthier, happier, and more fulfilling romantic relationships.



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