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Venus Retrograde Just Ended – What to Expect From Venus Direct

Venus retrograde lasted for 40 days this year and just ended on November 16th. If you are like the majority of people who have relationship blocks, both romantic and platonic, you were sure to feel its energy. Former lovers may have popped back into your life for a second just to restart the same old fight. Old friends you had a falling out with came back to potentially fix a relationship or forgive and let go. You were moved to bring your needs to the forefront and look for more beautiful and authentic things in your life. These lessons got cleared, and then Venus went direct.

There is a lot of talk about retrogrades, but not much about what happens when a plant goes direct, and it is just as important!

The Energy of Venus from Retrograde to Direct

Venus Direct Examine RelationshipsVenus is the planet of love, and it rules over your relationships, your self-esteem, and your dreams in life. When it goes retrograde, it is the closest to the Earth thus it has a bigger influence on people than usual. Venus like all other planets always affects humanity, but during retrogrades the effect is stronger.

Venus in retrograde brings all relationships, romantic and platonic, under a microscope. Are there any issues in there you have been avoiding? If so, Venus will push you to address them. Any new relationships that start during this time are likely to be confused and short-lived because they often start from an illusion.

Zodiac signs of Taurus and Libra feel the retrograde energy the most as they are ruled by the planet Venus.

Luckily, Venus will not go retrograde again until 2020, which gives you enough time to enjoy the loving gifts of Venus when it is going direct, which you should have started to feel by the end of Venus retrograde.

The very end of Venus retrograde is an exciting time as pieces start to fall back into place. The exes that came back have left, the friendships that were struggling were fixed or released. Likewise with your romantic involvements and any new relationships, they can now really start to shine their love. You should feel more at home now, safe and complete with the right people surrounding you, and the toxic ones getting away from you. If the retrograde had to clear out many people in your life, you should feel clarity and peace feeling the you have opened to doors to attract high vibrational and like-minded people who will cross your path soon.

The Effects of Venus Direct

When Venus goes direct, everyone can sigh in relief because after fixing any issues with other people, everyone now has more opportunities to either build or find true love.

Other human relationships also have a chance to prosper—friendships, family, and even business partnerships. The last type of partnership may also benefit from Venus being in Libra right now, which will bring good luck for financial abundance.

Because Libra is ruled by Venus, it will also provide the best energy for all of these incredible things to enter your life—to create the life you want.

Venus is romantic and a dreamer, but one that wants to make all dreams reality. Focusing on the energy of this planet can help you shape and build the relationship and the life of your dreams.

After a Venus retrograde, you are a better version of yourself who is wiser and stronger and ready to have true love and an amazing life.

What To Do When Venus Goes Direct

Here are a few last tips for you to enjoy Venus being direct.

Venus Direct Dream Relationship

In Love:

  • Focus on your existing relationship or potential partners in order for it to grow. There should be no drama left!
  • Keep communicating lovingly and patiently. These conversations improve many ties
  • Forgive and let go of the past—this tip applies to any time
  • Build the relationships you seek

In Friendship:

  • Focus on friends who are loyal and true
  • Look with clear eyes to see who your real friends are
  • If friendships have ended during the retrograde, let them go. They were not serving you

In Life:

  • Practice being compassionate towards everyone you meet
  • Build new connections and strengthen old ones by being brave enough to ask for help and expressing yourself as your authentic self
  • Enjoy being free, confident, and ready to take on the world



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