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The Great Health Debate: Is Veganism Healthier Than An Animal-Based Diet?

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  1. Renato Simoes says:

    I totally disagree that you need to eat what feels right for you. There is something bigger than everything else: the nature. And the animals are the nature as we are. Who gives us the right to choose to kill or not to kill something in the nature? The human beings are ridiculous in your prepotence and arrogance. All science information used as argument to solve the conflict are unacceptable while we consider animals as a food not as a sentient beings.

    • Spirit Science says:

      Thank you for your comment. We hear you, and we understand the severity of what is happening on earth right now. The mass genocide of upwards of 9 billion animals per year is not something that we condone or support in any way. We have looked at this from many angles, both the side of the cruelty which is taking place, and what is known as the Shiva – Shakti cycle. The entire world is in a constant cycle of life and death, trees growing and rotting, even the cells in your body are multiplying and fading away countless times each second. But that said, these life and death cycles are more natural than what humans are doing to the rest of life on earth, but perhaps in a cosmic sense – it is natural to the evolution of humans, so that we may see what we have become, and change our ways from the experiences gained from our actions and awareness of the extreme polarities.

      We would like to add that while our current animal agriculture industry is causing incredible damage to our planet and that speciesism is a very real concern, our intention is to help people improve their current ways of life. Consider an alcoholic, if you were to remove all forms of alcohol from them their body without the proper support, they may go into shock and die; so to prevent this they are weaned off. A brilliant child once told us that he saw our videos and was inspired to take meat out of his life, but it was like slowing down the wheels of a car which was driving on ice. He couldn’t just hit the brakes, which would cause him to slide off and crash, but gradually reduced the speed. For him, it was easy to take processed meats out, and red meat was next; but chicken and fish would take a little bit longer for his body to adjust. We hope that as people become more aware of the truth about food and the nutrients they actually need, they can gradually make these changes within themselves.

      Further, we believe that we must not hold any judgements or condemnation for our fellow brothers and sisters, and respect the path that they are all on. Those who are on a path of destruction will face it regardless, unless they are willing to change; that is not up to us, but their own spiritual calling. So we practice to hold compassion and empathy for all of life. To us, when we think about the people working in factory farms we can hold empathy knowing that these are people who are just trying to pay their own bills and keep food on their table, no different then you or us. As the truth comes out, and people buy less and less animal products, these factories will naturally downsize and those workers will be required to find other jobs. To try and run in and burn it all to the ground would hold a similar vibration to mindless chaos and destruction. Sometimes drastic change is necessary, and if mankind keeps moving forward in the direction they are in they will surely face more and more of this destruction, and reap the consequences of our actions. However, we are working to create a different path and finding love as being the way to create positive change here on earth. To us, love, forgiveness, empathy, and compassion are the keys, and this is the path we are choosing to walk, without condemnation of other people’s way of life.

  2. jimisimij says:

    I can see how a particular diet will serve a particular person on a particular path in life, veganism in particular. Although I feel generalizing is where we get off base. I don’t know that we all should eliminate meat or vegetables all together. I feel it would depend on ones particular lifestyle, the diet they shold follow. I am certainly against the cruel treatment of animals. Let’s not forget another important part of our body mind balance is our mind and how we feel about the things we eat. A lot of times I find that the mental aspect of our dining gets missed in studies. I would like to know how much this affects our health physically particularly referring to what we eat and how we feel when we eat it. For example what are the differences between dining with a loving family or dining alone in a depressed state, regardless of the nutritional value of the meal. I would say that some people’s problems would be with what they eat and other people’s problems maybe from how they feel when they’re eating it. I’m just curious about that. What seems to be a lot of us are moving into a paradigm of almost magical proportion where things seem to be manifesting more of all the lines of our thoughts and feelings. I even wonder if we could ever reach a state where we don’t even need food or so much of it.

    I would like to add I’m a big fan of spirit science and have been for a while, I appreciate all the things that you have put out there and of course the reasons you put it out there. I’ve been trying to view my body mind system holistically lately, considering the physical, mental and emotional aspects as they relate to each other. So I will ask you, are there any studies that show the effects of one’s attitude related to nutrition absorption or longevity? Just curious.

    really great article, with a lot of good research to back it.

  3. Ricardo says:

    I’m writing a paper regarding the benefits a plant based diet has to offer and why it is more life affirming then a diet that incorporates meat. Hopefully this doesn’t sound like a silly question to ask, but I was wondering who wrote this article. I quoted this article and I need to cite it in my paper.

  4. Damon Casale says:

    Ok…I’d like to weigh in on this as a heart patient who had emergency heart surgery in January of 2008. While I was recuperating, I overheard a doctor having a heated discussion with a patient who claimed to be vegetarian. The doctor said, “If you insist on just eating vegetables, you’re going to be here for MONTHS. You need to eat meat to give your body what it needs to heal from heart surgery!”

    I don’t know if the vegetarian patient switched to eating meat or not, but that was the opinion of a MEDICAL EXPERT. Eating a diet with lots of vegetables (and few carbs) will naturally lead to longer life. But interestingly enough, the brain is 1/3rd cholesterol by weight, so your body NEEDS certain things which are most often found in animal-based products, in order to get proper nutrition.

    As far as the ethics of eating meat vs. vegetarianism goes…I’d like to pose this conundrum to you. Do you think a tiger is “evil” because it kills a zebra to eat? I’d posit that it’s not evil, because that’s its nature. It needs meat in order to survive. You cannot change the biology of a tiger to suit some vaunted idea of ethics, can you?

    In the same way, human beings are OMNIVORES. They have evolved to eat both meat and vegetables. You cannot change the biology of human beings to suit an ethical belief that animals should not be eaten for food.

    On the other hand, there is definitely something to be said for HUMANE treatment of animals raised for food. We can do much better at

  5. Joan says:

    All I want to do is cry 😢 I have seen many of these videos , and the abuse the animal endures is horrific, it’s torture for years to these poor defenseless animals that have no way out , WE have to be their voice and help them , and stop all animal cruelty , there really is no need for us to eat meat , we can learn how to be a vegan the right way , and stop 🛑 eating animals , they are no different from your house pet , think about that , I pray there is an end to all these animals being used for meat , cows , chickens , lamb , turkeys, pigs , it’s just not fair they are just as precious as your Dog 🐕 OR Cat 🐈 and you wouldn’t eat them , please become vegan 🌱 to save these animals 🙏🙏🙏🙏😢😢😢😢

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