Uranus Retrograde

Uranus Retrograde Will be a BIG DEAL in 40% of the People – Are You One of Them?

Uranus is the planet of surprises, and when it goes retrograde—unexpected and unpredictable events are about to take place. From destiny turning the wheel, to internal revelations, and impulsive behavior, Uranus retrograde wants to ask you— what does inner freedom mean to you?

Uranus is retrograde about half of the year annually—around 148 days. However, this time it is in retrograde at the same time as five other planets for the month of August, making its chaotic energy all more powerful.

This time around, it went retrograde on August 7th, 2018, in the sign of Taurus and does not go direct until 7 January 2019. You are the most affected if Uranus retrograde is in your natal chart, which is very common—affects about 40% of all people.

You can see your free natal chart at CafeAtrology.com.

If it is one of you, these next five months is the perfect opportunity to discover your freedom-loving side. It is asking to come out and rebel!

Uranus Retrograde RebelUranus Retrograde: Are You Feeling Rebellious?

You may start feeling a lot of unusual emotions. Uranus retrograde can make you feel nervous, impulsive, and even rebellious.

The more rebellious you will feel—the more major changes you need to make in your life. Feeling a little dark is a sign that your soul is dissatisfied and is looking for something different in life.

This dissatisfaction can lead to other behavioral changes that may shock not just the people who know you, but you’ll shock yourself.

If this makes you nervous, don’t be. You are healing past karma, purging old emotions, and accessing your true self—and that is quite the journey.

Uranus Retrograde BottleTime to Stop Bottling Up

Balanced Uranus retrograde energy can be used to become comfortable in your own skin and be self-expressive. It is okay to be different. That is the beauty of existence.

Because Uranus is so freedom loving, it will ask you to step out of your comfort zone and stop holding in your true desires. You may experience many ‘a-ha’ moments on a daily basis, and it is important to write them down and consider their messages instead of writing them off.

Uranus does not like bottled up emotions, feelings, thoughts, and desires.

When it comes to your social life, it will also wreck a bit of chaos until finding that golden balance.

If you have previously been shy, quiet, or a loner, Uranus retrograde will challenge all of that. Your social life will likely go through an evolution.

Uranus Retrograde FriendshipChoose Your Healthiest Friendships

Uranus retrograde can make you feel separated from other people, that is due to its karmic lessons going as far back as your past lives.

It can also create conflicts and repetitive situations until the right changes happen. All of the changes needed outside are needed to be made in your internal world first.

If you feel like your friends are not being supportive, flip the script and ask yourself if you have been a supportive friend yourself.

This is an opportunity to look at yourself with different eyes, and see if you are representing the person and the life that you want to lead. If not, once you will make those changes, your life will also change.

Uranus retrograde is full of these types of opportunities. Be open to making changes, and your life will transform.

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    Your 3rd paragraph is unclear. Uranus is in everyone’s natal chart. I think you meant Uranus retrograde.

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