Uranus in Taurus

May 15th’s New Moon Aligning With Uranus In Taurus Affects Next 7 Years of Your Life

Every new moon is a reason to celebrate a new start and brings new opportunities to manifest the life of your dreams. This month’s May 15th new moon has something extra special in store for you to add to this celebration: planet Uranus moves into the astrological sign of Taurus on this exact day as well. Uranus in Taurus will be guiding your life for the next seven years. To get the best out of this powerful shift, it is recommended to meet Uranus in Taurus with a big manifestation ceremony. The intentions you send out into the universe on this day will serve you for the next seven years. Enjoy this joyous period and take full advantage what it can do for you. Here is what you can expect.

Uranus in Taurus Pollution

Uranus in Taurus: Earth is Rebelling

Uranus’ cycle is 84 years, roughly the same length as human life expectancy right now. Because of this, Uranus’ cycle has been compared to phases of human life. Each transit Uranus makes from sign to sign inspires changes in you, and the planet, to get closer to true freedom.

Uranus rules over innovation. But to make change it first takes apart all paradigms.
Planet Uranus helps you break the rules, resist conformity, focus on alternative way of living, and rebel against society’s expectations. Uranus is brave and is not afraid to explore the unknown in search for a more fulfilling existence.

Uranus in Taurus will be focused on the rebellion of Earth and Mother Nature herself from anything holding her back from being all that she is meant to be. Taurus is an Earth sign. It is grounded and composed. Yet when angered, it can become an unstoppable force of the bull. It is concerned with the physical world more than anything else and will focus on the environmental issues.

When it enters Taurus during this May 15th new moon, it will stay there until 2025. During the next seven years, astrologists predict that Earth may rebel more than usual with a few natural disasters possible.

There are reasons for these events. Big, impactful events in nature—as well as in society—happen in order to awaken the masses to what is going on in the world. It is a must needed step towards change and the healing of the planet.

While some things will start crumbling apart, new and better things will evolve and come to the forefront of society’s focus.

During the seven years of Uranus in Taurus there will be more talk and directed action in topics such as sustainability, local farming, renewable and free energies, organic agriculture, and the eco-friendly revolution that will spread into all areas of life.

More people will prioritize living healthy lifestyles and fighting for improving the collective experience. Human rights issues will continue to be in the forefront, as well as getting rid of toxins in the food, and cleaning up the environment.

When you are writing your list of things to manifest on this May 15th new moon, or meditating on your intentions, include what changes you would like to see on the planet. Imagine the beautiful New Earth in your mind, where everyone is healthy, happy, and free. The more people put this image out as an intention, the closer we are to this reality. Action steps will follow.

Uranus in Taurus Mother Earth

Your Life During Uranus In Taurus

Uranus in Taurus will not only affect the world as a whole. It will change your personal world as well. The next seven years will help you rebuild your relationship with food and health. Taurus will ask you to honestly point out areas in your health that can be improved and to properly address them. You may go through a diet change or win over longtime food addictions.

Many people will also likely switch to being vegetarian or vegan as animal rights issues continue to rise.

When it comes to other major issues, changes in financial institutions and the way we connect to each are expected.

Because Uranus likes to break the rules, our long struggling and outdated monetary systems may go through severe shifts. Many predict that digital money or cryptocurrencies will win over banks or at least start playing a bigger role in society.

Finally, whether it is fixing the environment or the monetary systems, real change is only possible when people unite. The next seven years will move humanity to work together and build communities that many people have been envisioning. To make your mark in this movement, you may consider building communities yourself by introducing people you know to each other, hosting gatherings, and fueling people’s passion for a interconnected humanity.

What the May 15th New Moon Offers

The May 15th new moon is influenced by stars from Perseus Constellation. This constellation indicates upcoming events that concern large groups of people. This is a good addition to Uranus’s mission to change society. Using this energy for manifestation, you have the opportunity to set intention for not only yourself but everyone sharing this Earth.

This particular new moon is also about action. Right after setting your manifestation intentions, make a list of practical steps you are going to implement to shift your life in the direction of your choosing. Uranus will fully support you.


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  1. Brenda Streeter says:

    Very interesting & have felt the above information deep in my conscience. Thank you for sharing this information. The above changes are much needed in this time of greed & hatred & control. Is it only the sensitive people who feel this energy of change coming?

  2. Alex Troup says:

    Other issues from the past come forth leaving the great depression era combo out and bringing in a better way to handle population boom despite others who will control and disrupt human rights..mid 1930s stuff as Fascism in Spain erupted and in German…it is how can a new world population move into a better mode of good themes nor deceptions…The Bull will stand and charge when it is confronted with poor judgment for human welfare…

  3. Alex Troup says:

    In what house will Uranus aspect and stand to add new ways of living in your life is to be realized today.

  4. Larry Jamison says:

    I am Taurus , a Farmer of Garlic , the harvest wll take place on May 14 – 15 2018 . After 21 yrs. Of Garlic growing , this the first time of harvesting on the Taurus sign ! This is Very Good .

  5. E. Thomad says:

    Being an Aquarian, and having my Uranus return during this 7 year transit through Taurus has already been interesting. Zero degrees conditions and situations give some insight into this Tauren transit.. I gave blood for research purposes and got compensated… My 8 year old great grandson thought that was a real hoot. Another great grandson is suddenly staying with me 10 hours a day, 5 days a week until he goes to school in August.. 🤪⚡️🌎♒️☸️⚛️

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