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Universal Spiritual Laws 102 – Becoming Your Best Self

Thank you for reading part two of this article series, if you haven’t checked out part one yet, you can find it here. It is highly recommended you read part one before and catch up on the other universal laws before reading this second part.

In This article we’ll go over some more important universal laws that can help you in your daily life. We’ll discuss what they mean and how they can influence your daily life. Four more universal laws have been selected from the book: A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, By Diana Cooper and focused on for this article.

The Law of Reflection

First Spiritual Law we’ll discuss is referred to as: The Law of Reflection

Universal Laws Law Of Reflection

Everything is a reflection of you. Life is like a mirror, anything you see that you like, reflects an aspect of yourself that you like. Anything you see that you dislike, reflects an aspect of yourself you dislike. “The more a characteristic in someone bothers you the more your soul is trying a draw a reflection to your soul.” – Diana Cooper

Don’t be scared of what the mirror shows you, embrace what it reflects and allow it to make you stronger, and a more aware, awake person. When you look at yourself in the mirror and see bags under your eyes and tiredness, you don’t try to ignore it or try to change the reflection; you eat healthier and rest to get yourself feeling better. Allow the world to be the mirror to the better version of you.

The Law of Projection

The second spiritual law we’ll discuss is referred to as: The Law of Projection

When we are seeing a reflection, we are also projecting. The truth is:

  • You can only see yourself
  • You can only hear yourself
  • You can only talk to yourself
  • You can only criticize yourself
  • You can only praise yourself

Thus anything reflected is also a projected aspect of one’s Self. This law is very similar to the previous law, the Law of Reflection. When something is reflected it is also often projected. Whether it be praiseworthy words of appreciation or words of criticism, it is an aspect of the Self being reflected or projected. Which law is active depends on the situation and intentions of the person.

For example when saying phrases starting with: “You are, they are, she is, he is” these are all projections, whatever you add to the end of the statement would be a projection. When there is action towards you are projecting an aspect of yourself; hence, be aware if you are calling someone annoying. In truth you are projecting your own annoying aspects at them, and the universe will reflect that annoyance back, telling you there is some aspect of annoyance you should look at. It is up to you to be aware of this and address the issues as they arise.

Both laws are aspects of each other and are great teachers of the Self, the Law of Reflection is more passive, while the Law of Projection is more action based. So be aware of what you say about others and your surroundings and understand that you can only talk to yourself, and that aspect of yourself. Do your best to be aware of any qualities you dislike so you may overcome them, while also doing your best to praise more qualities you do enjoy.

The Law of Flow

The third spiritual law we’ll discuss is referred to as: The Law of Flow

Universal Laws Law Of Flow

The third spiritual law is also a creative law and is called the Law of Flow, I consider it to be an important law of life and creation. Flow such as the movement of a flowing river, is constant motion, always moving. Everything in our universe is comprised of energy, this energy is constantly moving, like a vast ocean. This ocean is comprised of emotions and sometimes we can get swept away by the tide, other times we can be inflow with the times.

Sometimes this ocean will flow into currents, these currents flowing within this vast ocean could be referred to as the chakras, streams of energy governing certain aspects of living. Sometimes emotions, especially negated emotions form blocks in this current or flow. The current keeps flowing, if these blocks are ignored for a long time they build up, growing in size, taking on the form of the emotion and upsetting the natural flow. As the current keeps flowing the emotion takes on a life of its own, coming up in certain times, reminding you of its existence (refer to the law of reflection). This emotion is asking for some time from you, time to sit with it, time to really feel it. Then comes the time to accept and release it. The current continues to flow. Once accepted and released the block(s), dissolve and is swept away with the natural current,. This can be further accomplished by giving thanks and feeling gratitude.

This section was written in metaphor and imagery representing the present moment, and the law of flow. Bless!

The Law of Abundance

The fourth spiritual law we’ll discuss is referred to as: The Law of Abundance

The Law of Abundance is a spiritual and creative law. The Law of Abundance comes with a similar form as the Law of Flow. As abundance requires flow for flow of freedom, and allowance. Abundance is like continuous flow that we allow or disallow, it requires letting go of the past, present, and future. Abundance, also requires creating space for the new to come in. You can’t hold on to old items and expect new ones to come in just as you can’t hold onto a basic, minimum wage job and expect a higher monthly income. You have to let go and allow the flow to bring in your desires.

What you desire, requires some soul searching, some knowing of the Self. Knowing what you want is a great step towards abundance. Having faith you will help you reach your goal, this is done by walking the path confidently, knowing you have already reached your destination. “The path is love, the destination is you” – Mido.

Gratitude and knowing you will reach your goals is a great catalyst to reaching your abundance. Gratitude is a great attitude to have, it insinuates you have already received or achieved your goal. It carries the vibration of completion, the vibration of reaching your goal. So set your goals by knowing what you want, build the bridges by letting go and trusting while allowing the flow to take you where is needed, and be grateful for everything is in your favor.

Thank you for reading part two of this important Universal Spiritual Laws article series, I hope you enjoyed them. If you want some more, please leave comments in the comment section of what other kinds of universal laws you’d like to learn about. Thank you and have a great, blessed day!

A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, By Diana Cooper, Hodder and Stoughton General Division, 2000


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