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Universal Spiritual Laws 101 – Live Your Dream Life

In This article we’ll review some of the important spiritual laws that can help aid you in your daily life. We’ll elaborate what they mean and how they can influence your daily life. Many of these laws are included in Diana Cooper’s book a Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, give it a read for even more insight!

As Above, So Below

The first Spiritual Law we’ll discuss is referred to as: As Above, So Below. Known as the first law of the Universe. It is also sometimes stated as “On earth as it is in heaven” knowing that all is always good in heaven, helps gives peace of mind that all is always good on earth, even if we can’t see it from our current perspective.

There is always love for you in the heavens, The Source/The Universe loves you without judgment, allowing you to make the choices you need to learn the lessons that will help you grow. The Source/The Universe will step in only to guide you to the right path; it will allow you to make stubborn, unhelpful decisions so you may learn from these poor decisions. It will step right back in once on the right path, so trust yourself, trust in The Source/The Universe and know that you are always divinely protected and guided.

As Within, So Without

Spiritual Laws As Above So BelowThe second spiritual law we’ll discuss is referred to as: As Within, So Without This principle is a similar law to as above so below; however, seen from a different perspective. Similar to the difference in perspective from the macrocosm to the microcosm. As above so below mirrors The Source’s/The Universes’ relationship to the being, as within so without mirrors the personal life of the being to their inner self.

It’s also similar to the law of reflection (which we will discuss later) as in it reflects the inner state of being one has. If the being has unresolved anger or sadness, this law; As Within, So Without, will attract people and situations that reflect that anger and sadness until the person is ready to move on from the suppressed emotions and chose love and gratitude.

Notice what is being attracted in your daily life, and allow the reflections to be clear, if you are seeing anger or sadness ask yourself why and go within to clear that emotion. This will allow for new opportunities to arise as well as for personal growth to happen.

The Law of Resistance

The third spiritual law we’ll discuss is referred to as: The Law of Resistance. This is based on the idea what you resist persists. Have you noticed how pushing against something brings it to you. “You become what you resist. Whatever you resist persists in your life and uses up your energy in struggle.” writes Diana Cooper.

A great example would be complaining about a person or situation, what is it that you are resisting about that person or situation? What are they reflecting to you that you are not seeing, or not wanting to see? Instead try a different approach to situations you resist or even better take it a step forward and be an example of how to rise out of the Law of Resistance. Try not using “negative” based words as they tend to help the law of resistance; words like can’t, won’t, don’t, not and others; instead use “positive” focused words such as: can, do, best, believe, etc…

Here is a situation where the law of resistance is in play and you may not be aware of it. this law seems to be functioning more on the subconscious than the conscious; until you are aware of it that is. When your child is doing homework next to you and you tell the child “Don’t you dare get that wrong” you are coming from a space of resistance and emphasizing it to the child. Instead say supportively “you can get it right, ask me questions if you need any help” notice the difference? How much better does it feel to be supportive?

Keeping a positive focus supports both parties’ inner state. If there’s anything to take away from the Law of Resistance it’s to keep an awareness of anything continuously arising in your life, as you may be resisting something; as well as being aware of how you communicate or think about something. Is your thinking stemming from a space of resistance, or a state of flow and abundance?

The Law of Attraction

Spiritual Laws Law of AttractionThe fourth spiritual law we’ll discuss is: The Law of Attraction. This law is probably the most known Law in the mainstream. The Law of Attraction states that you as a being are like a magnet. A magnet can attract, repel, or do nothing. Hence, by virtue of your consistent thoughts you are either attracting, repelling, or being neutral to other beings, situations, and ideas. Diana Cooper states: “Everything around you has been attracted to you, other things have been repelled, and yet others have no magnetic pull to you.” An example of something you may have no magnetic pull towards is specific building colors, if your not putting out that vibration that attracts it, nor repels it. It just isn’t in your conscious field.

Now that your aware you’re like a magnet, attracting people and scenarios into your life. Be a conscious magnet, streamlining thoughts and emotions of desires and dreams, while being aware of any emotions that may hinder the process of receiving that desire or dream, this is how to be a great magnet. Really there aren’t good or bad magnets, it’s either a magnet or it is not. To become your own best magnet; be the best you – You can be. Practice mindfulness, use mantras to help train mindfulness, send out rockets of desire and know they have already been answered. We believe in you! Be the best you, that you can be.

This concludes part one of some important spiritual laws, I hope you enjoyed the information shared and that it may help you become the best version of yourself. Understanding the spiritual laws and allowing them to be a guide to your masterful creation can be a great aid! See you in part two!

A Little Light on the Spiritual Laws, By Diana Cooper, Hodder and Stoughton General Division, 2000

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