Five Sacred Forms

The Flower, Fruit, Seed, Tree, and Egg of Life – Understanding the 5 Sacred Forms

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  1. Kyle Trout says:

    Found some interesting things that I wanted to share. One, I found that the three rings found in Celtic, Norse, and even in Christianity, to resemble the start or creation of life. What it is composed of was interesting to me. Three things to make life, the mother, the father, and the presence of god, or the oneness that holds us together that the father and mother most both have to conceive, furthermore the seed of life has the planes that we live in all at once which you have already, the tree explains the plains in which we can go no further and where enlightened spiritual beings may reside after death, something no being of the physical can travel. Which brings me to the tree of the world which would explained in Norse mythology Nodrassial would be like heaven and hell and earth in the middle. Honestly I found it more to be like the poles of the earth which is nothing more then to opposites not a negative and a positive, which comes down to matter, there really is no negative charge, just opposite poles so that way of thinking needs to change considering all movement is movement regardless of which way it moves, anyways the tree is more like what we are encompassed in, so the branches could be thought to be the magnetic points on the north and south poles encompassing us as a whole, or creating of course the atmosphere and magnetic sphere we are constantly in. Furthermore explaining the universe cycle as well. Heaven and hell is simply what we make in life due to choices, not what drives the universe. Anyways I also found the 64 pointed mandala may explain something deeper that I will post that I really want to share. Thanks for allowing me to travel down this path a couple years ago and I hope you strive to find more answers like I do.

  2. Ken Burgess says:

    It would be nice if you could provide some nice printable images of all the flowers, fruits, seeds, eggs of life that would be suitable to hanging on a wall. And maybe in a file format /java program etc that could be able to be adjusted and allow us to be creative with them all. Thanks

    • Spirit Science says:

      Thanks for the tip! We have all the artwork in vector format already and could see a sacred geometry bundle being a great gift for our audience!

  3. P.V.Sarma says:

    For many a questions on this physical world only the spirituality can give the real answer as it involves truth in it.
    It is not the question of Seed or Tree vs as vs Egg or chicken?

    It is the question of Matter or Energy? As behind all these physical forms the source Energy involved and just behind it.
    So, much so, Energy is the source for manifestation of any form not the reverse.

    Consciousness is the source for all types of Energy or Matter.

    Consciousness is the First not the matter.

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