Five Sacred Forms

The Flower, Fruit, Seed, Tree, and Egg of Life – Understanding the 5 Sacred Forms

In regards to the manifestation of reality, beyond what ancient faith you study – they all generally speak towards the same thing. The ancient Egyptians were masters of geometry, yet the way that they spoke about it was in story, in the description of principles and forces interacting and engaging with each other. The Hebrews used a more descriptive explanation, with thirty-two paths of the creative forces which bring about all things in reality, and their purpose as well.

Whether we decide to learn about how everything comes to be through this lens or that, we will still be seeing the same thing – or rather – different aspects and perspectives of the same thing. Today, one such lens we are going to look at is the geometric form in relationship to the ten Sephiroth. Understanding the Flower of Life geometry is very important as well, and so if you haven’t seen our videos on either of these subjects, we encourage you to watch them first!




The Sephiroth and the Seed of Life

Speaking to the manifestation of reality, let us presume the Sephiroth are in the position of the manifesting circles which form the basis of the Flower of Life. The first circle would be Kether, the possibility for creation – yet nothing has come into being.

The moment that this second sphere is created, we now have both Chokmah and Binah together. Chokmah is the second circle standing in perfect relationship yet opposite to its creator – it is the created. Together they form a container between them – a vesica pisces, which establishes the principle of form (as many ratios and fundamental mathematical formulas derive from this place) and is the space in which new creations can form.

Seed of LifeHence, when the next sphere comes into being, we have Chesed birthed in the trinity; the principle of loving-kindness, or mercy. This “divine immaculateness” which is represented by our conceptions of “The Holy Trinity”, followed by the Trion-Re in Geburah with the fourth sphere, and paring down the structure of creation. (If you want to learn about the Trion-Re, we have this video about it here!)

Now we have exactly half of the seed done at this time, and so now we can actually make another great leap. By simply mirroring itself, the geometric form can actually become the completed Seed of Life by doing what it did in its original state, and projecting itself into a new position in relationship with itself. This complete Seed of Life geometry is Tiphareth, and forms the basis for the Tree, by the established centerpoint which is encircled by the original sphere – Kether. This is what it means if you read “Kether is Tiphareth on a higher dimension”.

The Tree, The Flower and The Fruit

Tree of LifeNext, the Tree of Life comes into being by the continued development of the form, which is characterized by Netzach. Netzach is the sphere of polarities; the Tree forms the basis of polarity within the expanding geometry, by the observed structure and “pillars” on either side of the creation.

Between the Tree of Life and the Flower of Life is born the Egg of Life. This is more of a “mysterious” center on the Tree, because it is a central point between the other created forms. In a sense, this form actually represents Da’at, the hidden Sephira. It is often observed as the conjunction point between the higher centers of the tree, but in this fusion of forces is where consciousness is born.Egg of Life

Flower of LifeThe Flower of Life is the next major form to develop, which is characterized by Hod. Hod is the concentrated form or condensation of energy into something more structured – Flower of Life embodies this simply by its continual manifestation of the pattern in grand repetition as far as it can go. Of course, it doesn’t take long before the next form reveals itself.

Fruit of LifeThe Fruit of Life is next, characterized by Malkuth. It is what we would call “our world”, or “the physical realm”, but beyond that, it is a realm of independence – created by and connected to the spiritual realms which created us, and yet it is free to do as it wants. This realm operates through the universal laws of free will, but is still intricately tied to the natural laws which were established by the foundational structure that preceded its existence.

It is within the Fruit of Life that new creations may come into form, including the potential for re-connection in likeness to the original will of the “creator”, the force of Spirit which brought the first Sephiroth into becoming.

Meditate upon this sequence, and even practice drawing it – if you want to take your understanding so much further.


The Four Forms and the Royal Arcana

In the Tarot, one of the major suits is called the “Royal Arcana”, which is made up of a 4 x 4 grid of elements and members of a spiritual royal family. If you are unfamiliar with them, all you need to know here is that each family member is indicative of a different set of cosmic forces, and can be applied to the representations of the forms we just discussed.
It becomes especially simple because the Royal Arcana sits directly on top of the Tree of lIfe, and so matching the Sephiroth to the corresponding forms is a breeze.

The Kings sit upon Chokmah

Royal Arcana - The Four Kings

The Queens sit upon Binah

Royal Arcana - The Four Queens

The Princes sit upon Tiphareth, and the Five Sephiroth surrounding it

Royal Arcana - The Four Princes

The Princesses sit upon Malkuth

Royal Arcana - The Four Princesses

Once we have established these four relationships, we are almost able to match them to their corresponding geometry, bringing more awareness to what these characters represent on a larger scale. In order to do so, we have to make a few adjustments to our observations, and expand our perspective a little bit more.

The first thing we must do is remove the Egg of Life from the equation, as the Royal Arcana pertain to the four elements exclusively, and the Egg of Life is the representation of the Fifth, which is described by the Major Arcana of the Tarot.

There is a bit of a larger problem here however, because the Vesica Pisces, the Trinity, and the Trion-Re are not accounted for in the relationships between the four elements with “The Flower/Fruit/Seed/Tree” sequence, which is a natural cycle in nature unto itself. Therefore, we must shift our perspective to see how else this sequence corresponds with the Tree of Life, which we can do by observing the “Four Worlds” perspective.

In the “Four Worlds” traditional Kabbalah, Kether is phase zero of creation. Chokmah is phase one, Binah is phase two, and phase three is constructed of all of the spheres surrounding Tiphareth, from Chesed to Yesod. The fourth and final phase in the creative process is Malkuth. We begin with the Seed, by the observance of the nature of Chokmah and the corresponding geometries which follow it – for the Flower and the Fruit are already placed. Now we are able to place the geometries with ease.

The Seed embodies Chokmah – connected to the Kings

The Tree embodies Binah – connected to the Queens

The Flower embodies Tiphareth – connected to the Princes

The Fruit embodies Malkuth – connected to the Princesses

When one takes the time to study and comprehend all of the meanings behind these different forms, whether they are the Sephiroth, the sacred geometries, or even the personality associations and energetic signatures behind the Royal Arcana, it will compound levels of understanding in your mind to the different structures that make up reality, and thus allow you to come to know yourself better on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Let this also serve as an explanation as to why the Flower, the Fruit, the Seed, and the Tree each appear on a Royal Arcana character, which may yet deepen the experience when pulling one of these cards in a Tarot reading.

To learn more about the Royal Arcana, check out the Royal Arcana section of Patch Tarot here!


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4 Responses

  1. Kyle Trout says:

    Found some interesting things that I wanted to share. One, I found that the three rings found in Celtic, Norse, and even in Christianity, to resemble the start or creation of life. What it is composed of was interesting to me. Three things to make life, the mother, the father, and the presence of god, or the oneness that holds us together that the father and mother most both have to conceive, furthermore the seed of life has the planes that we live in all at once which you have already, the tree explains the plains in which we can go no further and where enlightened spiritual beings may reside after death, something no being of the physical can travel. Which brings me to the tree of the world which would explained in Norse mythology Nodrassial would be like heaven and hell and earth in the middle. Honestly I found it more to be like the poles of the earth which is nothing more then to opposites not a negative and a positive, which comes down to matter, there really is no negative charge, just opposite poles so that way of thinking needs to change considering all movement is movement regardless of which way it moves, anyways the tree is more like what we are encompassed in, so the branches could be thought to be the magnetic points on the north and south poles encompassing us as a whole, or creating of course the atmosphere and magnetic sphere we are constantly in. Furthermore explaining the universe cycle as well. Heaven and hell is simply what we make in life due to choices, not what drives the universe. Anyways I also found the 64 pointed mandala may explain something deeper that I will post that I really want to share. Thanks for allowing me to travel down this path a couple years ago and I hope you strive to find more answers like I do.

  2. Ken Burgess says:

    It would be nice if you could provide some nice printable images of all the flowers, fruits, seeds, eggs of life that would be suitable to hanging on a wall. And maybe in a file format /java program etc that could be able to be adjusted and allow us to be creative with them all. Thanks

    • Spirit Science says:

      Thanks for the tip! We have all the artwork in vector format already and could see a sacred geometry bundle being a great gift for our audience!

  3. P.V.Sarma says:

    For many a questions on this physical world only the spirituality can give the real answer as it involves truth in it.
    It is not the question of Seed or Tree vs as vs Egg or chicken?

    It is the question of Matter or Energy? As behind all these physical forms the source Energy involved and just behind it.
    So, much so, Energy is the source for manifestation of any form not the reverse.

    Consciousness is the source for all types of Energy or Matter.

    Consciousness is the First not the matter.

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