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Astrology 103: The Twelve Houses of The Zodiac

Previously in Astrology 101 and 102, we covered the basic fundamentals of astrology, focusing on each of the twelve Zodiac signs and the planets. In this article we continue to dive deeper into the astrological realm and explore The Twelve Houses and their roles.

The Twelve Houses are arranged on wheel identical to the format of the Zodiac wheel, as a circle divided into twelve sections. While these are two separate wheels, the wheel of The Twelve Houses can be projected onto the Zodiac wheel to align them with each other; the first house corresponds to the first sign, and so on.

Houses Chart

The division of houses were first conceptualized by Babylonian astronomers as they would study the times that the signs would rise across the sky. This concept became further refined through the Egyptians as they created more structure and meaning behind the houses.

The houses represent different fields of experience, not the specific experience themselves. This is where scenarios take place in life, not the scenario itself. A house can be seen as a container for the influential energies of your planets to play out in, like within the physical space of your workplace or home, or the emotional space within a relationship.

This brings a deeper dimension to astrology, because now a planet doesn’t only fall under a sign, but also in it’s correlating house.

The first six houses are called the “personal houses,” and the last six houses are the “interpersonal houses.” This is because, just as the Zodiac wheel, the wheel of The Houses describes a journey of human development throughout our lives. The first half the wheel focuses on the self, and the second half extends our awareness out into the world around us.


The First House: Self
SelfThe first house is the house of the self. Positioned in Aries, it is the initial spark of being. Like the nature of the ram, this house symbolizes the birth of the self coming into this world head first.

The first house includes concepts of self awareness, our personality, our appearance and how we view the world.

If our sign or certain planets fall in this house, it can influence our outward expression, how we choose to look, and how people perceive us.


The Second House: Worth
The second house represents our sense of self worth, our possessions and what we value. Positioned in Taurus, it encompasses the energy of money and how we spend money – specifically our own.

This can include anything from cars, clothing, furniture, investments, and property like land, but doesn’t include an actual home as that comes later in the progression of the houses. This house dictates what our attitude towards wealth is like and how our personal value systems work.


The Third House: Communication 
The third house, in the sign of Gemini, extends our sense of self outwards and represents the communication with others. This can be with people in our immediate environment, like family members, neighbours and friends in the community. As we develop, our awareness begins to expand out from ourselves and we explore the connections with those around us.

The third house represents forms of technological communication as well like networking, texting, email and talking over the phone. It is also symbolize short trips and adventuring from place to place with a quick energy, such as the nature of Gemini.


The Fourth House: Family
FamilyThe fourth house is in the sign of Cancer. It is the house that refers to home, family and our personal foundations.

On the wheel, this is the bottom of the chart; what’s known as the I.C. or Immum Coeli. This is like the base of the wheel, where our foundation and roots are.

In your natal chart, having certain planets in this house can translate to spending a lot of energy on your family life, whether that be something like creating a family of your own or having an interest in your ancestors.


The Fifth House: Creativity 
The fifth house in Leo represents children, creativity and romance. It is the exploration of our personal interests, our hobbies and how we like to express our unique selves. Sports and acting are often referred to in this house as those are ways in which we can explore our passions.

Romance, love affairs and dating also fall under this house as another means of expressing passion.

Ultimately, this house is all about being you and loving it!


The Sixth House: Work 
WorkThe sixth house in Virgo focuses on our work life. It represents our service to others, the physical ability to perform tasks, as well as our health and diet.

It takes into account the quality of our work, our core work ethic and how we involve ourselves in what we’re doing. This house focuses on how we get the job done, rather than a career, which comes in a later house.

Depending on the different planets in our natal chart, certain aspects in this house may dictate what kind of job we’d excel at based on our personality.


The Seventh House: Relationships
The seventh house, correlating to the sign of Libra, focuses on relationships. Sometimes referred to as the house of marriage, this house encompasses all types of relationships from marriage, business, friendships to contracts and lawsuits. Even relationships like enemies and divorcees fall under this house.

This house is about cooperating with others and the ability to share openly. While the fifth house was about open and explorative love, this type of love in the seventh house focuses more on one to one, committed relationships; similar to the difference between dating and marriage.


The Eighth House: Circulation 
Just as the second house was about your money, the eighth house is all about other people’s money. Ruled by Scorpio, this house also heavily covers the energy of sexual relationships.


The eighth house can come off as confusing as it represents a wide range of things – from death, taxes, banks, other people’s money and possessions, and sex. This house focuses on the exchange between you, other people and institutions.

The overall energy of this house is encompassing the act of transformation and healing, sometimes requiring some type of loss or sacrifice first.

It is the transferring of energy back and forth, whether that be a formal transaction at a bank, or more of an intimate union.


The Ninth House: Exploration 
The ninth house, ruled by Sagittarius, represents the house of higher learning. Subjects like philosophy, religion, education, ethics and spiritual interests come into play here.

This house also encompasses our dreams, visions, ideas and wisdom. Mirroring the third house which represents understanding our immediate environment, the ninth house is all about exploring beyond what we already know.

It refers to long journeys, exploring other cultures and living out a dream that is bigger than just you. This is where we search for the deeper meanings in life.


The Tenth House: Career 
The tenth house, positioned right at the top of the chart is the house of status. Ruled by Capricorn, this house focuses on our career in life, our social status and financial success.

As the top of the chart represents the highest point in the sky, someone with a lot of planets in this house may be very ambitious in their nature and have a desire to be recognized. They may be focused on their reputation with the public and how people perceive them.

This is some of the most public areas of your life, representing social responsibilities, personal achievements and can even symbolize figures of authority like politicians.


The Eleventh House: Community 
The eleventh house is ruled by Aquarius. This is the house of friendship, teamwork, and humanitarianism. This house focuses on how exactly we help others and our community on a larger scale.

Mirroring the fifth house which represents our creative energies, the eleventh house now dictates how we use our creativity in the world around us. It can also symbolize our hopes, wishes and our self realization.



The Twelfth House: Spirituality 
The twelfth and final house is in the sign of Pisces. One of the more misunderstood houses, the twelfth house represents our subconscious mind, the hidden aspects of ourself, subconscious memory, and our mental patterns of being.

This house can also refer to mental illness, karma, spiritual realization and even escapism; such as the nature of Pisces.

On a physical level, this house refers to things that take us away from everyday life, like hospital, prisons, government offices and secret hideouts. This house embodies the energy of internalization, secrets, and is considered to be the collective unconscious for humanity. It also largely has to do with psychic ability and intuition.


In the next Astrology article, we will combine the planets, houses and signs in order to decipher your own personal astrology chart, also known as a natal chart.

This is like a cosmic map of the sky at the exact time you were born. The position of the planets in certain houses and signs can reveal a lot about your personality and why you express yourself in the way that you do. It’s almost like reading your cosmic blueprint!


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  1. Love this! Great information. but I think the image on house 8 and 9 are mixed up. Scorpio should be in 8 and Sag on 9. the Text is correct though, its the image. I got confused first but when I read the text I was aware. Not sure if you can change it now.

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