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A Trick to Staying Hydrated This Summer the Right Way (Most Don’t Do This!)

Summer knows how to bring the heat and with it comes one major health challenge in many people’s lives—staying hydrated. Luckily, there is an easy solution but not the one you might think. When the subject of hydration is discussed, usually the recommendation is to drink half of your weight (in kilos) in ounces. This advice is not wrong but as one scientist discovered, it does not paint a whole picture. Instead, what he says you need to stay hydrated is one thing—structured water.

Staying Hydrated with Structured Water

Dr. Gerald Pollack, a professor of bioengineering from the University of Washington, has made a ground-breaking discovery that there are more than three phases of water. Besides solid, liquid, and gas, there is also living water. This water also referred to as structured water or EZ (exclusion zone) water, can hold energy in it and deliver it to the cells.

Structured water is the most important water for human cells, and therefore it is most needed for staying hydrated.

Staying hydrated structuredBiochemist Gilbert Ling discovered that the water in human cells is not the usual H20, but it is structured. Dr. Pollack took this discovery and applied it towards figuring out what type of water is best for staying hydrated.

This answer was EZ water, and it is far from ordinary water. Its structure is actually H3O2. It has a 10% higher density, and it has a negative charge just like human cells have.

It is also created a little differently. It is light or electromagnetic energy that plays a big role in its creation. EZ water is created when infrared energy is available. It is actually an intermediate state between liquid water and ice. Ordinary water first becomes EZ water and then ice. This confirms its higher density.

The final characteristic of the EZ water is its ability to absorb light, and with it, it can hold information and energy. The EZ water may be able to explain why people have had positive results with “holy waters,” and water charged with the light of the moon or an intention during a ritual.

How to Make Living Water

The easiest way to make living water from your normal drinking water is by vortexing it. This method was pioneered by the inventor Viktor Schauberger about a century ago. By creating a vortex inside a glass of water, the energy created makes EZ water. In theory, any energy can do that, according to Dr. Pollack. Creating a vortex is just the easiest way.

Staying hydrated vortexSome people use magnets to add even more energy to the vortex. Various ways to create vortex-making devices can be found on YouTube if you are interested in building your own device.

If you want to find EZ water in nature, the most accessible source is from deep springs that create this water using pressure and velocity. You can locate a spring near you by searching at

The last way to get EZ water is to consume vegetables and fruits that have high water content. Just like the human cells are made up of this type of water according to Dr. Pollack, so do the cell of plants.

Top Hydrating Foods

As mentioned above, foods can also help in staying hydrated because they contain structured water in the cells. Top hydrating foods are:

Cucumbers, tomatoes, cantaloupe, watermelon, lettuce, citrus fruits, berries, and prickly pear.
Eating plenty of these foods, especially in the summer, is a great and healthy way to make sure you are staying hydrated and taking care of your body during hot weather.


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