Stressed? Here are 6 Ways to get the Most out of Your ‘Me Time’

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by today’s social inputs? Do you often feel like it’s hard to relax in your surroundings? Do you sometimes feel like everything is just too much to take in? Do you feel like you’re stressed and need a break? Well, you’re not alone. A lot of us feel like there is a torrential stream of simultaneous information flowing at us that’s sweeping us off our feet. It can be hard to stay grounded in the sense of peace with all of the choices, responsibilities, and decisions to make every day.

When these feelings arise, it’s time to take a step back and begin the process of introspection and integration. This is a perfect occasion for a hearty dose of ‘me time.’

What is ‘me time’, and how do I slot it into my day?

Simply put, me time is any opportunity you take to just sit with yourself and enjoy the present moment. It’s your chance to listen to your higher self and integrate its guidance in your life. It can be a time to nurture your creative spark through art or a moment to enjoy a nice warm bath while listening to music. Ideally, me time should be considered a regular routine, and the best way to schedule it in is to listen to when you feel like you need it. For some people, it may be a daily routine, for others a weekly task. Use your own discernment to find your unique flow, and you’ll be able to quickly feel the positive results in your day.

Things to do during me time

1- Soak in a warm tub.
Me-Time-BathSoaking in a warm tub can be a very relaxing experience. Adding salt or colored natural bath bombs to the water enhances the experience. Salt is a great neutralizer for energy—if you feel like you need a cleanse, salt is a great tool. Colored natural bath bombs are great for clearing and enhancing the chakras as well. If you feel like you need a creativity boost, try adding an orange colored natural bath bomb to the tub. If you feel like you can’t express yourself comfortably, try adding a blue one. The color blue resonates with the throat chakra and can help cleanse and clear it. Essentially, infuse the bath water with the color of the chakra you would like to enhance. Adding music and an eye mask to further enhance the experience can be quite enjoyable as well. lead to a more enjoyable experience as well. be quite enjoyable as well.

Try spending 30 minutes to an hour in this atmosphere. Listen to your body, however, as staying in the bath too long can be a stressor on your system as well.

2 – Ignite Your Creativity
This is the one for you if you have a natural flair for creativity. Sit down in a clean and quiet atmosphere as you express some form of creativity. This is a great healing tool and is a great use of me time. Sit down and fill in some mandalas, create a nice piece of art, make music, play with some instruments, or write from the heart. All of these activities allow for your natural flow, opening the channel for peace and healing to occur. Try adding some 432hz music to these experiences to heighten the vibration and allow for more of a relaxed state.

3 – Read
Me-Time-ReadingReading is also a good modality for me time. The trick is to let go and take yourself on a personal journey while reading. Use your imagination as you indulge in the richness of each paragraph allowing the imagery to guide your experience. You can read books that are strong personal teaching aids or fantastic dreamy stories that ignite your creativity. When uninterrupted, reading a book gives you some well needed personal time and allowing you to have a moment to yourself.

4 – Meditate
Sit down in a nice clean and quiet space, perhaps with some sage or incense burning in the background, and just relax. Taking just 30 minutes to an hour is a great tool for self-clearing, grounding, and enhancing your experience of peacefulness. Meditation is a great calmer and relaxer of the mind, body, and spirit. It allows you to integrate important experiences you go through during the day or week; simply let go and allow. This means that wherever your thoughts take you, trust in the process and follow the flow. Your thoughts might lead you to unexpected memories or emotions that are ready to be cleared; trust and know that you are being guided here. As you increase your resonance through meditation, any blockage or tribulation you are currently going through has an easier time integrating and finding balance in your being.

Things to consider using to enhance your meditation experience:
An eye mask, crystals, incense, 432 HZ healing music, and essential oils.

There are many other tools you can use to enhance your meditative experience; start small while you try each new tool individually and learn what it can offer. This will help you understand which tools to use in the future, and in what combination, to best enhance your personal experience.

5 – Listen to Music
Me-Time-MusicAnother modality is to simply sit down and listen to music. Try Putting headphones on and allow the music to bring you into the present moment. You can also lay down and play music through some speakers while casually enjoying the lyrics, the beat, and the melody. Music is a great healing tool especially if you resonate with the song. You can also listen to 432 HZ healing music—or any frequency-specific healing music—to support various healing needs. Check out the YouTube channel “Meditative Mind” for a great selection of healing music.

6 – Take a Nap
One of the best ways for self-integration and me time is to simply take a nap. When stressed out during work hours—even if for only ten or fifteen minutes—put on some headphones, play some relaxing music, and close your eyes while you get a quick rest. People who do this feel refreshed and ready for the next part of the day. Naps can be as short or as long as your body tells you it needs. If you have no restraints, just nap and allow yourself to wake up whenever you need. Sometimes all you’ll need is a 10-minute power-nap, other times it may be an hour or more. Just be cautious not to nap too late at night, so you don’t disturb your regular nightly sleep patterns.

In conclusion, me time is a very important aspect of self-care and should be considered a daily or weekly routine. Make time for yourself. Allow as much me time as you can during the week. Try changing up the modality from time to time as well. This allows you to experience more variety and can help you understand your preferences more clearly. And remember, always allow the present moment to guide you to the best tool for relaxation and integration.

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