This Harvest Full Moon on Friday the 13th Won’t Happen Again Until 2049

This Full Harvest Moon is on the date of Friday the 13th and only happens once every 20 years! We won’t see a harvest full moon on Friday the 13th until 2049!

And not only that, but this moon is called Micro-moon. When the lunar orb appears up to 14% smaller its opposite is called the Super Moon. The Full Moon is also just nine days away from the Autumnal Equinox. The point of balance between night and day!

I know what you’re thinking:” The Super Moon must be more potent than a micro moon,” but they are just different types of energy. A Super Moon magnifies the social and external aspects of human consciousness. Whereas, I interpret the powers of the Micro-moon to enhance the subconscious realm or unseen and subtle aspects of consciousness.

One of the main reasons that this Full Moon is so potent is because all of the different energetic aspects are in unison. It has about five different astrological configurations, but all are of the same energy. These symbols are all about getting in touch with our deep inner Feminine. If you are a guy, don’t worry, this applies to you as well! You have a feminine side, and it isn’t just about getting in touch with your emotions. It is also about manifesting the reality you want not only from penetrating and conquering but tapping into your ability to become a magnet to the things you want in life.

That is the feminine energy’s genius point. The Feminine is the flower that attracts the bee. She is the center of orbit to draw in the other aspects of creation to create new life. And the good news is all beings no matter what gender have the innate knowledge to tap into this brilliance. We will be tapping into that energy during this rare astrological convergence.

In this article, I’m going to go through five different reasons that make this moon extraordinary!


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Reason Number One: Friday is Considered the Day of the Goddess

For thousands of years, Friday has been considered the day of the Goddess. Friday was first associated with the Goddess Freya, the Goddess of Fertility. It was found to be the day that the divine feminine energy was more available, and it holds the power of death and rebirth. Friday is an essential day to manifest because it emulates, the forces of the womb. Think about it, you can plant the seed of a man in the womb, and it will grow into a human being! The womb has the potential to bring forth life from the unseen into the realm of the physical! The feminine energy has a very significant type of power to it.

The energies that to celebrated are to honor and celebrate creativity, beauty, wisdom, and nourishment of the soul. Not the wisdom you get reading a book. But the type of knowledge that comes from connecting to the most profound aspects of your soul.

Friday is also known from the ancient times to be the day of the Roman Goddess Venus day. Venus and Aphrodite both the epitomized feminine energy in Roman culture. Venus is the Goddess of love; she encourages us to not only fall in love with others but most importantly, to truly fall in love with ourselves. She is the muse to bringing forth, art, music, and healing into the world. These activities bring humanity nourishment of the deeper parts of ourselves that aren’t about production and more about expression.

Reason Number Two: The Number 13 is associated with the Feminine

This Full Moon is on Friday the 13th. The number 13 holds an extremely potent feminine energy as well. And it is considered the number of death, rebirth, creation, fertility, and even blood. Why would that be?

Our ancient ancestors connected the number thirteen to the moon cycles. There are 13 Moon cycles in the year. Every woman who menstruates bleeds with every moon cycle. So she has 13 moon cycles within a year on average. The woman in ancient times was seen to be intrinsically connected to nature. This deep innate wisdom comes through being initiated into her menstruation cycle as a young woman.


Reason Number Three: This Full Moon lines up with Lillith

This Full Moon is in Lilith! Lilith is an astrological sign that is symbolic to the recessed of our deeper subconscious psyche.
Lilith stands for the emancipation of your most profound repressed aspects within. She represents sovereignty and independence. And also karma, or karmic ties.

We can trace the story of Lilith back to before the modern Bible.
From Jewish folklore and mysteries, Lilith predates Eve, as Adams wife.

God creates man and woman on the same day, Adam and Lilith. They are made in the image and likeness of God and (here is the most important part) as absolute equals. And in this creation story, everything is going well, until Adam desires for Lilith to lay underneath him so he can fornicate with her. Lilith became outraged at Adam! She refuses, saying that she is his equal, and therefore should never have to lay beneath him. Lilith utters the Sacred name of God. She ascends into the heavens and out of the garden of Eden. to say no once the serpent outstretches his temptation of eating from the tree of knowledge. Eve blindly crunches into the apple, and therefore lowers Adam into the life of sin. The original translation of sin is “An ignorance or forgetting.”Later in the story. Adam becomes exceptionally lonely; he cries out to God and asks God to give him a female counterpart. So God to decided to teach Adam a lesson. God takes a piece of Adam’s Rib and makes Eve.

What differentiates Lilith and Eve is that Eve does not have sovereign free will. Instead of being formed from the fullness of God, Eve is only a portion of Adam. And as most of us know if you know the Christian stories. This story makes more of a holistic picture as to why Eve would not be able to say no when the snake temps her.

Why I tell this story in this article, is because the full moon is in Lilith. The energy of Lilith is here to bring forward all that is unconscious. She is here to illuminate the areas you put yourself below another and where you have outsourced your power. And she’s here to bring that power back!


But, This may be an uncomfortable process. Looking at the skeletons in the closet, sweeping from under the proverbial rug and an earthing the deepest secrets of where you trip yourself up karmically, are not always the most enjoyable things to perceive.

This next week may be a little turbulent.

But the good news is that once we have seen through ignorance, we have the choice to create new patterns in their place. Taking a look at areas we make mistakes, again and again, can help us to diminish suffering, where we can then step into new aspects of ourselves.

Reason Number Four: This Full Moon is in Pisces

This Full Moon is in the zodiac sign of Pisces, the fish. And it rules the energy of water. If Carl Jung were here, he would probably language as this symbol as the human subconscious. This Piscean energy gives us the opportunity when the full moon rises to dive deep into our subconscious mind. To clean out the areas of our life that have been causing unseen suffering.

Learn More about the Energy of Water by Watching the Spirit Science Video

But the most important thing to keep in mind with this Neptunian Moon is to utilize the energy of water to nourish yourself with compassion and empathy. Cleanse the negative vibes with this water like intelligence the Universe is offering you. That’s right! It starts with where you are right now! Being understanding of everything that’s looking to unfold in this time, not only for yourself but to also witness others as they go through their forms of inner evolution.

If we understand that people may be a little grumpier and sometimes even rude, but that this negativity is being sparked by their wounds causing deep suffering. Then we can wield great understanding of compassion and empathy for what humanity at large is moving through together.

To be able to transmute some of the more lower energies that many of us may be experiencing in the collective. Take this time to utilize this water energy to clear your auric fields. Right now, it’s about creating a defined routine of self-care. Create that womb-like space to receive the messages from spirit. Take time to slow down and connect with the feminine energies. They are enticing you to relax into your self-care routine. This form of self-care could be mentally physically or emotionally or all of the above. Take some time to listen. With that information of what you need, set clear boundaries so that others know how to give you want you at need this time.

Reason Number Five: This Full Moon is only 9 Days Away from the Autumnal Equinox

The Autumnal Equinox is only nine days away from the Full Moon on September 23, 2019. This essence of the equinox brings about inner balance. It is the time when the day is just as long as the night.

What I want to emphasize most here is that after the Full moon,
Mercury and Venus leave Virgo (In its shadow, Virgo is all about service to others) and enters the sign of Libra, the symbol of inner balance.

The time after the Full Moon, we can use to connect with your center and creating a balance between the masculine and feminine within. The Autumnal Equinox pairs perfectly with the astrological symbol, Libra!

Both of these energies bring fresh new energy, and will most likely feel like a welcome autumn breeze to pave the way. The Sun Sign, as well, moves from Virgo to Libra on the same day.


With all of the astrological convergences moving through in the next two weeks, you can expect some movement. A lot of your unseen baggage is going to be coming up. Thanks to the Universe’s ability to amplify and place emphasis on these energies at this time. Make sure to take time for self-care, so that you have the space to be able to see what is wanting to come up. So that the old can be released and cleared. There will be plenty of room once the energies of upheaval clear for the new to take root. Eradicating the suffering and bringing inner balance and inner peace.

Unlike most Full Moon energy, that emphasizes celebrating with others, it would be to become more reflective. Spend some time with yourself. Or if you do choose to be in a group, do the inner work together. Choose to do exercises like meditation, doing a personal ceremony, or just taking time to genuinely take care of yourself.

Whatever it is that you do choose to do. I wish you Full Moon
Magic of transformation. Magic in it’s most basic element is about transforming one element into another. And so take this time of magic to transform yourself. As we enter this time of harvest, a time about celebrating the fruits of our labor. Let us also reflect on everything we have gained throughout the year up until this point. What lessons have you learned this year so far?

Let us be in gratitude for the abundance of life on Earth! Much in this world is dying away but let us remember together that what falls away creates room for new energies. Let us take note of what is needed as we enter into the opening of the portals to the great mysteries.

Blessings to you on your journey!


               About the Author:

My name is Jocelyn Daher! I am a Writer, Grail Keeper of Sacred Sexuality “Priestess” Teachings & Empathic Guide for Women’s Self-Empowerment.

My passion is unlocking the Secrets behind the Science of Women’s Biology and utilizing Sacred Ritual backed by Modern Psychology to create a Healthy Mental Awareness for women of “Who you are as a Woman” and “What you are Here to Gift.”

My gift is being able to open people’s hearts. In that opening, I can help you step more into who you really are without who you think you should be for everyone else. In this sacred space, we create together; your essence is able to be completely seen, held and honored.  If you’d like to check out more of my work visit 


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