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Third Eye Crystals – A Complete List To Improve Your Intuition

Your third eye is located between the eyebrows, and it is one of the centers of intuition, accessing higher consciousness, and your spiritual awakening. There are many ways to help facilitate the process of opening up your third eye, including decalcifying your pineal gland, raising your vibration, and investing time in meditation. However, to help charge the third eye chakra and keep the third eye open, it helps working with or wearing a healing crystal. Here is the complete list of third eye crystals that help open up your sixth sense.

The Most Common Third Eye Crystals

The third eye chakra color is indigo, so the third eye crystals that nourish it are often a mix of blue and purple of color.

Lapis lazuli is a beautiful deep blue stone with freckles of gold. It is common and is found all over the world. It opens up both the third eye and the throat chakra, so besides improving intuition, it can help communication skills as well. An overall excellent choice among third eye crystals.

third eye crystals eyeLepidolite is a common light pink-purple stone that works on four chakras: third eye, throat, heart, and crown. It can help clear out any blockages in any of these fours chakras. It is very useful when accessing your Akashic Record.

Purple fluorite acts as a psychic protector, It helps to integrate different spiritual energies and heighten intuitive powers.

Sodalite is a dark blue stone that opens up intuition and spiritual gifts, as well as stimulates the pineal gland. Because it is great for mental clarity, it can be used during meditation to help open up the third eye more.

Less Common Third Eye Crystals

Apophyllite is a clear, white, yellow, green and peach stone. Like lepidolite is can help you access Akashic Records. It can also act like a guide between you and other spiritual realms.

Atacamite is a rare stone that is turquoise in color. It is one of the newly discovered crystals, so the depth of its properties is still being explored. So far it is known to open up your third eye with force and create a strong spiritual connection. Even though this stone is forceful, it is considered to be very safe to use in order to receive spiritual visions.

Azeztulite is a colorless or white stone that is also rare, as well as expensive. Its properties may be well worth the price as it is one of the few that directly expands your consciousness.

Azurite is a deep blue stone that helps develop any psychic abilities. It also guides the person towards enlightenment by working on the third eye. It can help to achieve the state of deep meditation and channeling.

third eye crystals chakraElectric blue obsidian is a calming soft blue color. It can help you access your higher guidance and understand your Higher Self.

Garnet comes in seven different colors. It is most known for its grounding and protective properties but it has spiritual uses as well. It can help recall past lives, and also expands the user’s consciousness.

Herkimer diamond is a clear stone that can open up the person’s many psychic abilities and help receive messages in dreams. It can also be used for remembering past lives and access your soul’s higher purpose.

Kunzite comes in five colors, and it is a stone that carries a high vibration. It helps connect you with universal love and realign your third eye with the rest of your spiritual body.

Malachite with azurite work together. Malachite is a deep green stone, and it is one of the most powerful ones. It activates all of the chakras and brings the user into a higher spiritual state. Together with azurite it gives clarity to your spiritual vision and improves the ability to use visualization during meditation or manifestation rituals.

Moldavite is a rare dark green stone that is popular in the New Age movement. It is said to be extraterrestrial in origin. It helps connect you both with cosmic E.T. energies and with Mother Earth. Anyone you want to connect to in the cosmic realms—moldavite can help.

Royal Sapphire works on the third eye and helps you gain more cosmic information.

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