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This article is the beginning of a series relating to the live Spritside Chats we have on every new and full moon. The original idea presented to me was, as quoted from the Editor in Chief here at Spirit Science, “Would you be willing to write an article after each call to summarize all the juicy excellence? I feel like you have an awesome voice and can color these calls with some very profound realizations for the community… What do you think about that?” When the topic is ascension, how can I resist?

With this purpose in mind, let’s see what pearls of truth we can find in the latest chat.

We began the chat with a greeting and an opening meditation, as is the tradition to set our intention, get our hearts into cohesion, and align ourselves with being open and present during the conversation. This chats opening meditation was lead by Devan, and to quote Jordan’s immediate response afterward, “It was really intense. It was like a pillar of energy came down and just come down boom! And as we went through it got progressively deeper and more whole.”

Rythmia Life Advancement CenterThis sets the natural flow of the conversation. As is mentioned above, the subject of the chat is ‘The Path of Ascension’. First, what is the path of ascension, now and throughout history? Jordan opens with a little teaser of the presentation he and Aaron are doing on this subject at Rhythmia Life Advancement Center this year. He then opens the floor to everyone to share their thoughts and experiences on this subject. Priss, Aaron, Devan, and Anthony all shared thier sentiments on the cyclical nature of the process of moving along the path of ascension causing it to be a spiral that never ends. This is also known as the horizon problem, when trying to define the infinite from a finite perspective you can only see as far as the horizon.

Jordan shares some of the history of the fall of consciousness in mankind. He mentions that this is represented through Da’ath, void space on the Qabbalistic Tree of Life, and why the Malkuth Sephirah is so low on the Tree. He says the path of ascension is the raising of Malkuth, and the others in the middle pillar, back up to fill in the void space of Da’ath. This reminds Anthony of the documentary by Nassim Haramein called The Black Whole (which you can watch here:

Jordan mentioned another documentary he recommended called The Connected Universe available here:

This direction of conversation reminds Joshua of a talk by Tom Chi seen here:

Kevin then routes the conversation back to the topic of the day by posing the question, ‘What is ascending?’ Aaron then posits that it’s not any one component that is ascending, rather that it is the whole system harmonizing into greater awareness and capacity. Jordan continues to expand on the ideas presented by how we as humans might change, as well as abilities often referred to in lore on ascension from various world mythologies. This inspires Devan to remind us to recognize just how many of the powers listed in the worlds various spiritual texts we can already embody right now. Priscilla then opens our minds with the concept that these things are what we can do on this layer of reality here in 3D but we can do them in other ways on other layers and as we ascend we naturally discover how to do so.

Path-of-Ascension-FOLLibby brought us the idea of having to go down deep into the body in order to find her freedom to ascend and expand her sense of being. This inspired Jordan to look up the definitions of ascension and enlightenment and how those apply to the path of ascension. Jordan remembers there’s a picture in Drunvalo Melchizidek’s book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume 1 showing humanity creating many different technologies like we have now, yet describes an event—a collective discovery—changing everything overnight, making those machines unnecessary due to the advancement of light-body consciousness. It’s was like our biologically inherent ‘God-given’ technology was recognized and allowed to unfold.

Anthony circles back to what Libby discussed, and expands on how it’s much like the concept of Yin and Yang, two sides of one coin in that to ascend you must also reach deep down as well. Then he uses a singing bowl to demonstrate how raw force won’t create the higher resonance, only force tempered with gentleness generates the higher frequencies.

This inspires Joshua to express gratitude for how each of the speakers had expressed such beautifully complimentary concepts greatly expanding the clarity and understanding of such a multidimensional question that Kevin asked, What is ascending? Joshua said it’s your awareness which ascends and expands and as it does so that manifests everything you experience as happening constantly. Enlightenment as a place you get to doesn’t exist, it’s just a process of perpetual growth and radiating love.

While everyone shares a little bit of love toward one another Jordan is inspired by a tree analogy Anthony mentioned about what it’s like as a tree or a seed—would you even have a concept of up and down growth?

Anthony then asked, “If I am simply the sum of my past experiences and the choices I’ve made, am I not in a way everyone I’ve ever met, and they me? From this idea, are we not furthermore equally connected to everything with senses that we can also sense?”

From here we route back to the concept Priscilla brought up about the veils of perception. These can be seen as like layers in your being built from your beliefs about how things work in reality. Aaron posits that at a base level the answer to the question how can we facilitate collective ascension is through the conversations we are having with people thus helping spread awareness of these subjects. Devan reminds us that the food we eat fuels the thoughts we think—Jordan and Aaron agree.

Path-of-Ascension-ScrollsJordan then describes the Five Stages of the Process of Ascension from the Kabbalah—what you might expect to experience as you move through the ascension experience They are a double and single concealment phase, a phase of correction, and then two phases of Revelation. The first stage, the stage of double concealment is concealment within concealment. You cannot perceive anything that’s coming from spirit and you feel abandoned from higher self and by higher forces. You attribute suffering to destiny and blind nature, there’s a lost faith as a result of confusion as to the creator’s attitude towards you. Now there is a bit of progression here because if a person wants to be on on the path, like the path of ascension, they often experience rejection or otherwise have experiences that tell them that there is no higher force, such as earning money through crooked ways or seeming to be rewarded for evil deeds.

The second stage is the stage of single concealment. This stage comes about once you’ve passed through the first veil.This is a phase where the force of the Creator is present to the soul, however, there is still that feeling of disconnection between the Creator and the soul and a confusion about the creator’s intention towards this individual. You may still experience a great deal of subjective suffering, and in this suffering even more concern about the lack of understanding around why this is being experienced. But despite this, in receiving suffering from the Creator there is a recognition that the likelihood you are receiving suffering is due to your sins and that this is a divine punishment—that there’s karma working itself out and your faith in the Creator actually strengthens as you continue moving forward.

The third stage is the stage of correction. It is within the stage of correction that the soul penetrates the spiritual world and begins to see that it is actually attitude itself which causes and sculpts the experiential world around us. It is because of this that we that we know this stage as a stage of correction because when an individual sees the way that they are feeling, and the result of their feelings in the world, they begin to correct their behavior by changing their inner nature and intention. It’s in this way that they change their alignment to the higher forces of creation and truly enter into what we might call the natural flow—the desire or intention that the Creator has towards them.

The fourth stage is the stage of the first revelation. This stage is ultimately an expansion of the stage of correction and it is here that things begin to make sense on a higher level than they did before. Now that we’ve begun our corrective work and we’re starting to be in alignment with the natural path of our ascension—the natural path of our soul—things are revealed to us about our life, our past, our future, and the experiences that we’ve had.

Finally, the fifth stage is the second revelation. It’s like taking the first stage to an even more enlightened and expansive of awareness. Not only do we personally feel the creator’s providence but we experience it towards all of life. In this stage we experience a divine sense of love towards all people, and see what Spirit wants for us in every moment, and hold nothing but love and compassion in our hearts towards each and everything that we come across.The experience of this stage can be summarized in a simple statement: I am the love of the Creator.

Everyone really loved Jordan’s description of the five stages of ascension, including Libby who shared a little of her story from her own growth as it related to the stages. This reminded Devan of having watched Dr. Joe Dispenza on a YouTube video where he also discussed a similar neurological experiential state as what Libby and Jordan had mentioned. This is the video Devan was referring to:

Libby and Priscilla shared love and gratitude before they had to say goodbye. Priscilla mentioned the connection between the Scorpio energies of the Full Moon being a communication with our bodies and our sexuality. Anthony further suggested that ‘if we are being awakened, can we really remain so uptight about sex?’ Sex is the reason we are here, we would not be here without sex. Even communication is a kind of sexual transfer as it impresses upon the world both energy and information, giving birth to new ideas. This inspires Joshua to further open up the dialogue on sex as an evolving spiritual being by asking, ”is it not the very act of making sex something that is taboo to discuss in polite society the thing that makes it a bad thing leading to stagnation and negative sexual culture?” He continues on to talk about sex and relationships, as well as how refusing to speak openly on a topic transmits fear to the person you are hiding it from, which fills them with fear, further multiplying it in everyone they interact with.

Path-of-Ascension-ReikiThis reminded Aaron of his preparations for the Path of Ascension workshops.He was looking through one of his Reiki Master manuals and shared this with us,

“Our sexuality and our sensuality are so closely linked to our spirituality that it is truly no wonder that all religious and power structures have worked to limit and condemn the natural sexual habits of a population. The only way to effectively cut someone off from God is to sow a distrust of the sensual body, the sacral chakra or Svadisthana is literally sacred in every single ancient culture. The union of people and a pleasure of the flesh emulated the union of the souls. To keep the Svadisthana of our planet balanced we must reclaim this truth on a personal basis and integrate it with the new habits of sexual liberation tempered with responsibility. When we have a firm grasp of our ability to create and what that means on a global scale our empowerment happens with joy instead of fear. The prayer and affirmation for the chakra is may the union of humanity with each other and the earth enable true creativity, may it release us all from a sense of sin and unworthiness and lead us to the full knowledge of empowerment as true creators at one with a part of the divine. Now if you look at the affirmation of Svadisthana very carefully you will notice that this is the only prayer that refers to the sin and unworthiness in this center. Populations have frequently controlled thought throughout history by regulating acceptable expressions of sexuality—and thus faith. Indeed the connection without sexuality is often the quickest and most intense connection to the religious expression of spirituality. It is generally only actions of a sexual nature that make us feel unclean or devalued since we acknowledge that our worth is unchangingly positive and cannot be compromised even through making mistakes. It is reasonable to conclude that sin and unworthiness are both false concepts at their very core. You have the right to say no to that devaluation. Additionally, Svadisthana houses lessons from our previous lives as well as the long-term trauma and happiness of our childhoods. When unresolved issues lie in Svadisthana for too long we can see irregular mental cycles, neurological dysfunction, even cystic cancerous growth. When you find these old issues send them up the centerline to Manipura, your solar plexus, and wish them a fond farewell in the fire that burns there.”

After that Jordan read one of the comments in the chat from our spirit friend Philip Bruxvoort who shared the following quote with us: “The unity and congruity of man and nature will remain a dream as long as the orgastic gratification is condemned.” Wilhelm Reich

With that, we did a shoutout to Summer on the chat and began drawing cards from our Patch Tarot set. The first card was from Joshua with the Seven of Swords.
Anthony drew the second card, the Wheel of Flow.
The third card was from Devan with the Princess of Cups.
The fourth card was from Jordan with the Death card.

After this, we were joined by our astrological mage Jocelyn. She brings awareness to the mythos of Scorpio and its connection to Pluto and the underworld. She talked about going deep into our shadow and seeing it fully, letting us realize the cleanup we need to do and the unfinished business we need to take care of. She reminds us that in the hero’s journey this is the exact time when the hero hits a low point that challenges them enough to learn what they need later on to beat the final challenge. She also shed light on the idea that the increased solar activity and frequent Schumann resonance spikes recently have been energetic ascension waves of cosmic energy. This brings us to Jocelyn leading the closing meditation along the inner pathways guiding us all in connecting to ‘the all’ for the highest benefit of all and anchoring that energetic intention into our hearts to allow it to grow into manifestation.

In conclusion, we had a very in depth and thorough conversation investigating the reaches of the Path of Ascension and how that relates to the full moon in Scorpio and the personal experiences of the Hero’s Journey we are all facing in our daily lives.

Until Next Time,

Joshua e.m.

P.S. This summary barely scratches the surface of everything discussed in this call so make sure you watch it for yourself!

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