Chiron’s Next 8 Years is Going to be Awesome—Here’s Why…

Chiron’s Transit – A New Cycle of Healing

If you’re like many people who since the winter solstice have been feeling overwhelmed while old traumas continue to surface and purge, this is what it’s all been building towards. Chiron, the Wounded Healer, has been in the last house of the zodiac, Pisces, for the last seven years. We are now on the cusp of its transit into the first sign of Aries beginning a whole new cycle of Healing for everyone. This is why so much of what you thought was long gone and dealt with has been resurfacing with increasing frequency as the end of Chiron’s time in Pisces approaches. When is the transit you ask? April 17, 2018 at 3:09 AM CST.¹

Of course, nothing with Chiron is so simple. It will retrograde back into Pisces in late September for a few months and will transit into Taurus for a short while in 2026 before retrograding back into Aries until April 2027.

Chiron’s time in Pisces leads to heightened anxiety and nervous tensions while interacting with others, especially among family members and close loved ones. Chiron in Pisces has had us examining our patterns of self-undoing, dreams, deepest fears and unconscious desires. The time when Chiron is in Pisces is more intense for the empaths, psychics, intuitives, and other energy modality practitioners due to Pisces being ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.

Clearing Unconscious Wounds

Chiron-EffectsChiron’s theme is about our unconscious wounds from our past, especially early childhood and birth. If you’ve been having problems interacting with others, especially those closest to you, it’s likely one or both of you have unresolved traumas from your past that are asking for recognition and healing. There is a new moon happening just two days before the transit that will be a perfect time to ask for a little bit of celestial assistance. Let go of the pain that you have been identifying with, and allow the new moon to fill you with healing energy.

Chiron will return to Pisces on September 25, 2018, and stays there until February 18, 2019. This period will help us find closure by seeing how much we have grown. What will it’s Transit into Aries bring us? In short, a journey of self-discovery. You have grown far beyond your old ideas of who you are. This is a time to find out who this new you is by learning to accept who you are at your core. This includes the process of letting go of unsolicited expectations placed on you by others and allowing your true purpose to shine through.

Find Your Limits—and Go Beyond Them

Prayer-Hands-ChironChiron in Aries teaches us where our physical limits are. Through circumstances and experiences showing what will harm us and what will heal us we come to learn what we truly need in our lives. The Aries influence can fire up old wounds, but the physical focus this brings to the forefront can teach us how to help others with similar pains. The caution through this timeframe is to watch that you don’t spend more time aiding others to the point of your personal detriment. You have to take care of yourself to in order to be able to take care of others. Regardless of what you choose though, this next eight years of Chiron in Aries will forge your body and spirit through the fiery trials of personal transformation by burning away everything that isn’t you.

The Significance of Master Number 11

2018 is a Master Number 11 year, as is 2027 when Chiron will finally end it’s time in Aries this cycle. The Master Number 11 represents a blending of Divine Feminine and Masculine energies bringing an intense energy as well as an increased connection between the physical and spiritual worlds. Alongside this comes an internal yearning to exceed your limits, to push past all you know and seek something more. Aries’ influence tells us this eight-year period—beginning and ending in Master Number 11 years—can be the beginning of a whole new life for you (and everyone) if you don’t resist the work you need to do. The trick: offer up your best effort every day.

Chiron-ReliefFinally, the Sun is conjunct to Uranus the same day that Chiron enters Aries. This is significant for everyone because Chiron is an asteroid with an erratic orbit between Saturn and Uranus. This conjunction brings in Chiron’s higher Uranian influence—the ‘going beyond the realm of death’ archetype. This is the kind of impulsive and high vibrational energetic influence that can cause psychic and spiritual awakenings around the world. It may also mark rebellion toward oppressive authority figures for the sake of letting go of the stagnant energy through appropriate action. Which direction you travel is up to you and is influenced by how you choose to use the energy this powerful transit brings.

Stand in the Light of Your Truth

In short, you have been delving into the depths of who you are within for years now. It’s time to shine your light into your world and bare it like a torch carried high—rain or shine, night or day. Stand in the light of your truth, help others by being all of yourself as honestly as you can. With that, here’s a quote from Atreya Thomas to reflect on.

“It is not our fault if we were traumatized, but it is our responsibility alone to heal our self.”
– Atreya Thomas


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  1. Raul says:

    I like it!

  2. Ross Gudgel says:

    (correction please?) = Finally, the Sun will SEXTILE Uranus the same day that Chiron enters Aries.
    For me, this transit of Chiron (passing through my 12th) will oppose my natal Jupiter (in my 6th).
    Yes indeed, transformation.
    Thank you!

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