How To Use ‘The Emotional Scale’ to Better Understand and Navigate Your Life

In our society, emotions are often viewed as either positive or negative. People often fight against the ones they consider bad, which causes a chain reaction of even lower-vibrational feelings of guilt, depression, and powerlessness. This is not a productive observation, but rather a misguided way to view emotions. Emotions are signals of valuable information provided to us to help us understand ourselves better and guide our lives. These pieces of information are a part of a larger emotional scale and emotional guidance system. Knowing this scale helps you recognize where your focus is, so you can more easily and intentionally shift to a higher vibrational state.

Emotional-Scale-2Emotions and Internal Alignment

There is a misconception that emotions are a direct reaction to the events and experiences that happen to you. While an event can, either negatively or positively, shift your emotions, the extent of the shift is fully proportionate to how in control you are. If you are out of alignment, even the smallest event can bring on the worst of feelings. When in alignment, even big life changes will not have a negative emotional effect. Being aligned will keep you in full control of your emotional state regardless of what is going on around you.

When in alignment, you will also not feel the pangs of guilt if a negative emotion sneaks through. You will know how to analyze it, learn from it, and use it to bring yourself back to a positive emotional state.

To achieve this aligned state, you need to learn to control your thoughts, because they often determine your emotions.

Emotional-Scale-4Thoughts Are Connected To Emotions

A human mind creates between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts every day, or roughly 35-48 every minute. Many of them happen unconsciously. This is where meditation practice can be beneficial. Meditating regularly teaches you to be aware of your thoughts and not feed the ones that do not serve you. Everyone has negative thoughts every once in a while. The goal is to notice them, and not get stuck in them; instead, let them go.

It is easy to know if your unconscious thoughts are positive or negative by tuning into your emotions. If you are feeling unhappy and not feeling good, you may have unchecked negative thoughts that are not serving you. Remember, thoughts and emotions are intricately connected to each other.

This is how emotions are informational signals. They point out when you are misaligned and when you are focused on negativity. To work on raising your emotions, you have to catch underlying thoughts behind them and stop them at their core. For example, feelings of insecurity, guilt, fear, or depression, are most likely accompanied by thoughts such as: ‘I am unlovable’, ‘there is nothing I can do’, ‘What is happening is my fault’.

Contrasting those states are the highest of all emotions such as joy, love, and enthusiasm. are accompanied with thoughts such as: ‘I love myself and my life’, ‘I am in full control of everything that is happening’, ‘I look forward to seeing what comes next’.

Emotional-Scale-4How To Shift Your Emotions

When using the emotional scale to raise your mood, go through each of the layers from the bottom up and notice which emotions trigger something in you. Which of these emotions do you feel? It is important to acknowledge their existence, notice the thoughts that are connected to them, and intentionally shift your focus away from them. Find positive emotions on the scale above where you are currently at and focus on bringing positive thoughts to feel these emotions.

You can list things in your mind that you are grateful for in order to tune into feeling gratitude. You can think of great things in the future that you can look forward to and feel enthusiastic about them. You can think of someone you love to connect with the vibration of love. All of these emotions are at the top of the emotional scale and will help you raise your mood and your vibration. They will help you get aligned.

These emotions help you be more in the flow and able to quickly manifest greater things in your life.

The Emotional Scale

There are a few different emotional scales that are used by psychologists, and all of them are remarkably similar. There is one that connected emotions to levels of consciousness used by Dr. David R. Hawkins. It is also called the map of consciousness using levels from 1 to 1,000 to measure the person’s vibration, which is connected to both emotions and thoughts.

Level 700-10000: Enlightenment. At this level, a person view life as pure existence. Emotion: Ineffable.
Level 600: Peace. The view of life—life is perfect. Emotion: Bliss.
Level 540: Joy. Life is complete. Emotion: serenity.
Level 500: Love. Life is benign. Emotion: reverence.
Level 400: Reason. Life is meaningful. Emotion: understanding.
Level 350: Acceptance. Life is harmonious. Emotion: forgiveness.
Level 310: Willingness. Life is hopeful. Emotion: optimism.
Level 250: Neutrality. Life is satisfactory. Emotion: trust.
Level 200: Courage. Life is feasible. Emotion: affirmation. This is the middle of the scale. Everything above is positive, everything below is negative.
Level 175: Pride. Life is demanding. Emotions: scorn, overwhelm.
Level 150: Anger. Life is antagonistic. Emotions: hate, aggression.
Level 125: Desire. Life is disappointing. Emotions: craving, disappointment.
Level 100: Fear. Life is frightening. Emotions: anxiety, withdrawal.
Level 75: Grief. Life is tragic. Emotion: regret.
Level 50: Apathy. Life is hopeless. Emotion: despair.
Level 30: Guilt. Life is evil. Emotions: blame, self-destruction.
Level 20: Shame. Life is miserable. Emotion: Humiliation.

Knowing these levels and recognizing where you are at any moment gives you the conscious power to change it.


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