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The Symbolic, Spiritual Nature of Birds

For all you bird lovers out there, there may be an almost soul connecting reason why you love birds. Birds have been around longer than humans, and ever since the dawn of recorded time we have been fascinated by these incredible creatures of flight.

Flight and its Connection with the Soul

Since birds can fly, they have been used as symbols worldwide for spirituality, the soul, the sky, and our mediators between heaven and earth. In many cultures, it is considered good luck to see a bird, depending on the type. In some, it’s even better luck if one poops on you!

Birds Dove Peace

Birds are also seen as the physical manifestation of a recently deceased person’s soul leaving the body. In Korea, birds are discussed as symbolically related to immortality as well as fate.

In India, as well as in other places, they believe that birds dwell in the world known as ‘Tree’ and are intermediates between the living and the dead. In the Upanishads (Hindu sacred treatises), they discuss two birds: one symbolizes an active soul that eats the fruit of the world tree; the second bird, which abstains from food, represents pure knowledge and absolute spirit.

Flight in birds is seen to be almost divine in many ancient cultures and even linked to prophetic visions and spiritual powers. This may be why in many religions spiritual entities are also seen as having wings such as Angels, Cupid, Seraph, Hermes, Valkyries, and Cherub. Also, in Taoism, the immortals are believed to take on the form of birds. In early Christianity they were seen as a symbol of a soul being saved.

Africa has a different perception of birds and often sees them as a symbol of vitality. They often show a bird in battle with a serpent to symbolize death.

Birds in Dreams

Birds DreamsIf you see a brightly colored bird in your dream, singing or flying, it is thought to be a good omen or good luck. If you see an injured or dead bird, however, it can reveal a subconscious level of worry within yourself. A bird of prey that is injured actually means that you will take control of the fear and resolve it quickly.

Bird eggs in a nest can symbolism money in a dream. If the eggs are broken, your subconscious can be showing you disappointment. Hatching eggs can mean that fortune is on its way. An empty nest may mean that you need to resist being pulled into family drama.

If your dream highlights a bird’s beak, that may be a sign that you are moving soon, which can be a good or bad thing depending on your circumstances and perspective.

A blackbird in a dream is a sign that things may seem to drag out over the next few months. If it was singing or flying, it may show that success is on the horizon.

Birds in Everyday Life

Many people believe that seeing birds can be good luck. Next time you see a bird, remember that it might be a symbol to reach out to your higher self or divine source for guidance. It may also mean that you are being watched over. Whatever you personally believe, birds are a beautiful part of this world and can inspire us to be better, think creatively, and soar above the chaos of life.

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