Super Blue Blood Moon

Super Blue Blood Moon in Leo 2018: Harnessing The Lion’s Strength

Happy full moon to you!

This full moon taking place on January 31st has stirred up a lot of attention and excitement because of the trifecta of events taking place. This is going to be a Super Blue Blood Moon lunar eclipse in Leo! That is quite a mouthful, but what does each term actually mean?

LionA “super moon” takes place when the moon comes to its closest point of orbit around the Earth, known as its perigee. NASA has predicted that this full moon is going to be 14% brighter than it normally is!

A “blue moon” refers to the rare occurrence when there is a second full moon in a month. And finally, a “blood moon” occurs during a lunar eclipse, when the moon is illuminated by sunlight and then gets refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere, creating a reddish tint.

For those living in North America or Hawaii, the eclipse will be visible in the sky before sunrise on January 31st. If you live in the Middle East, Asia, Indonesia, Australia or New Zealand, the eclipse will take place in the evening after the sunset on January 31st.

The moon is in the sign of Leo which represents our creativity, self expression, romance, affection, pleasure and children. This is a time of “giving birth” to the ideas, projects, relationships or creative endeavors we started back on the new moon.

Previously, the new moon in Capricorn had us focus on our work, projects and building our career. Leo now shifts the focus to balance out our interpersonal lives again. Leo rules the 5th house in the zodiac, known as the House of Pleasure. A lot of this pleasure is focused around creating. This can look like creating projects, creating relationships, or even creating life itself.

This is why children fall under the 5th house; it’s all about creation of every type, but whatever you’d like to create is truly limitless! It can extend infinitely beyond a physical creation, anything from creating new mental patterns or reprogramming emotional behaviour, are all new creations within you. This sign, by nature, is focused around relationships and the creations that come from the connection between humans.

Now is the time to foster your relationships of any type – whether they be romantic, friendship, family, or business. Leo brings a fun, playful energy that reminds us to balance our structured working life with a little spontaneous, childlike playfulness every now and again. The energy behind Leo also asks us to bring out our inner light. Represented by a proud and courageous lion, it is time we wake from our winter sleep and shine our light unto the world.

Leo holds the qualities of being bold and proud, but can also get lost in the ego’s desire to be in the spotlight. This is a delicate time of balancing our ego and our higher self. It is time for us to come forward, show the world our talent, skills and who we are, while also remaining humble and authentic.

This is a time to ask, what I am bringing to the world? We all must find the courage that Leo embodies, to shine our light even in the depths of darkness. Sometimes it takes that boldness within us to show the world who we are and what we uniquely bring to it.

BreathingThe energy of Leo is pushing us to solidify the plans we made during the Capricorn new moon. The time for planning is now shifting into a new exciting time for action and implementation, and to do so with the people around us! If you’ve been closing off to those around you since this new year, use Leo’s playful push to break your boundaries and connect with those around you. From these connections we can find the courage to continue growing, creating, and brightening our beautiful inner flames of passion.

May this full moon help you find the strength to grow to new heights, and infinitely beyond!

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  1. ThePaganSun says:

    The 5th House correlates to more than just children or the arts or romantic affairs. It also includes risk-taking, armaments, gambling, and sports and athletics!

    It’s rather annoying how modern astrology is trying to to tame Leo into some overly soft and sensitive kitty when it’s actually the mighty and fierce LION of the Zodiac and it’s only natural apex predator. It’s the warrior-king and conqueror.

    It’s strong, fierce, intense, feral, and wild. These are also traits that should be described.

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