Spirituality and Wealth

Spirituality and how to Manifest Abundant Wealth

We all want to be able to experience tons of new and exciting things and we all want to live richer, more fulfilling lives. Some people might say that wealth makes you greedy, materialistic and it doesn’t go with spirituality. However money can bring abundance, opportunities and positivity into your life. Money can be used as a tool to help expand and grow your soul. You just need to create a flow of balance between Spirituality and Wealth.

Everybody needs enough money to be able to support themselves and those around us. So we can have an easier time living a positive, happier life. Lots of people think of money and wealth as bad but in actuality it is a tool. Whether money is good or bad depends on how you view it. If you view it negatively it might be harder to actually gain money and you may struggle more in financial situations.

Having a positive viewpoint is super important and will help you with manifesting wealth. In the book Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth, it was quoted that Mike Todd said “Many times I have been broke, but I have never been poor.” By truly comprehending this, anyone will be able to have prosperity and security in their life.

As you are right now, you are already abundant and wealthy

The whole of god is present at every point in space at the same time” This means that there is always a presence of everything around you. For example you might want to pray for more wealth but since the whole of god is always present there is already a prospering presence around you. The limitation you feeling you may have is created by the ego.

Remember that your beliefs, thoughts and emotions hold the key to what you attract in your life. If you feel peaceful, secure and happy and you have taken the first step which is to raise your consciousness. You will feel rich no matter what. In the novel Spiritual Economics, Eric Butterworth says that repeating to yourself “I establish myself in the limitless substance of god, and I have abundance.” will help you be in a better mindset and to help change your beliefs and put good thoughts into your subconscious.

Try to live, think and work with the belief that the whole universe and abundance are present in your everyday life. When you start being in the correct place of consciousness it will lead you to make better choice. Always remember that you are entitled to the wealth that comes your way because you are a child of the universe and the universe will always support you.

After you understand all of this. You need to finish aligning yourself with what you want to manifest. You need to feel the prosperity of already having it. What emotions and thoughts do you have? What would it look like? People who can see themselves living a life with lots of wealth have an easy time achieving it because they believe it and they already know they deserve it. Use affirmations to help put ideas into your subconscious such as: “I am entitled to wealth.” Like attracts like, so once you align yourself and feel as if you have it, it will come to you. “Practice presence of god-substance with diligence and persistence, and you will begin to realize prosperity!” – Eric Butterworth


Spiritual Economics, The Principles and Process of True Prosperity by Eric Butterworth

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