Phantom Pains

Got Spiritual Growing Pains? Here’s how to Release Them

What doesn’t happen during a spiritual awakening?! As your energy is “leveling up,” the rest of your body may experience unknown or unexpected sensations as it is trying to catch up to this new upgrade or upgrades. Something that you may feel during your spiritual awakening are phantom pains or spiritual growing pains that do not have a physical cause. If you have body pains but you know there is nothing physically wrong with your body, you may need to address it as a spiritual symptom and release it as such.

In medicine the term phantom pain is most commonly used to describe pain from a limb or an organ that is no longer there. Similarly on a spiritual level, phantom pain can be pain from a block that is not physically there but is felt on an energetic level.

These pains can be felt pretty much everywhere, from whole-body aches to specific organs or body parts. They can also vary in type and intensity. There are a few major meanings that can be behind these phantom pains.

Resisting Your Own Spiritual Growth

Phantom Pain ReliefCommonly pain, emotional or physical, comes from resisting change. We can see examples of that when kids grow adult teeth, or when the body is healing after a surgery or an adverse event. Growth and healing commonly comes with pain, and the more you resist it the more it persists.

It is easy to resist a spiritual awakening when everything that is happening is brand new and you do not fully understand what is happening. The physical brain is hardwired to resist change as an instinct for self-protection. This built-in mechanism can save your life in some circumstances, but in this it really does not serve you.

Therefore resistance can happen actively or passively.

Active resistance is when you feel the change inside of you and are fighting it consciously. For example, your spiritual growth may show you that your job or relationship is not serving you, but you refuse to acknowledge that things are changing. That is active resistance. Passive resistance can happen without your full knowledge. The unconscious mind has a lot of power.

Resistance creates tension and blocks energy in, good or bad, which can lead to pain. Your first step to releasing pain is noticing where you are holding onto things and preventing growth.

Uncovering Old Traumas Including Past Lives

Before a spiritual awakening you spend your life walking around unaware (spiritually speaking) and “asleep.” This usually means numbing your emotions and feelings, thus masking any problems that are happening. Any trauma or unaddressed emotion(s) do not go away. It is stored in your body until you are aware enough to release it.

With spiritual awakening, you are no longer numb to what is going on inside you, so any pains that you have been avoiding will make themselves known no matter how long it is has been. They are aching to be released. Some of these pains may even come from other lifetimes, not necessarily this one.


As you are feeling in pain and potentially fatigued, a potential pitfall is to use it as an excuse and get stuck there. This can lead to self-sabotaging like not taking proper care of yourself, permitting yourself to be lazy, using not feeling well as an excuse, which keeps the cycle of pain and suffering going. This is not hard to fall into, because this cycle feeds the ego that always wants to be right.

If it thinks that you are sick, then finding reasons to keep feeling sick, your ego feels that it is right and is secretly satisfied. This cycle is also not hard to get out of either. All you have to do is be honest with yourself to see if you are self-sabotaging.

Healing Others Without Proper Shields

Finally, as spiritual awakening often leads to fast discoveries of new gifts and healing abilities, you may start working to help people…without proper research or guidance on self-protection. Anyone you work with that has physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual ailments can accidentally pass them to you if you are not protected.

While your spirit guides are always working to keep you safe, an energetic protection in this physical realm is recommended. Luckily, it is not hard to put a shield around yourself, you just have to remember to do it all the time, every day, before every job. You can learn how to create a shield for yourself here.

Different Body Parts – Different Pains

If you would like to know specifics, there are some body parts that correspond to particular blockages.Phantom Pain Symptoms

  • Ankle: being inflexible
  • Back: unwillingness to move forward, holding yourself back
  • Chest: being disconnected from love
  • Feet: being disconnected from the Earth
  • Forehead: refusal to listen to messages from your third eye
  • Headaches: signify your ‘logical’ mind is fighting with your Inner Truth
  • Hips: letting yourself be stuck in life
  • Knees: refusing to be vulnerable and humble; letting ego or pride control you
  • Lower back: not taking the needed emotional support from family and friends
  • Mid-back: feeling unbalanced between responsibilities and your own needs
  • Migraines: wanting to shut yourself off, separating from the world
  • Shins: permitting fear to lead you
  • Shoulders: carrying all life’s “burdens” by yourself
  • Spine: feeling like you are not supported in life
  • Stomach: not processing emotions
  • Throat: not speaking your truth

How to Locate and Release Phantom Pains

If your body is aching but you cannot pinpoint where the source of the pain is coming from, you can start doing daily body scans to get familiar with how your body feels and be more in-tune with it.

To do a body scan meditation, sit or lie down comfortably and be still. Quiet your mind and be still. Slowly, taking your time, mentally go through your body from top to bottom and notice if there are any odd sensations anywhere between your head and your toes. You will start by analyzing body parts and organs as a whole, but as you practice this body scan daily, you will be able to sense the difference between every small part of your body.

If you notice any pain or uncomfortable sensations, relax and breathe into it while sending it love and healing energy. Imagine light going into that spot. This meditation may take some time to perfect, but when you do, you will be able to always tell what is wrong in your body, what needs to be adjusted and nurtured. This works for phantom and regular pain, but even more important for the phantom pains as it can be trickier to locate.
Once you know the pain location, if it is phantom, you can see what emotion responds to that area, and start working on growing out of it spiritually.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay, Hay House Publishing, 1984


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