Access Your BEST Self By Working With All Of Your Seven Subtle Bodies

When working on healing ourselves, you must work on every part of your being—each is intricately interconnected. It is easy to perceive the physical body—you can see it, and the emotional body—you can feel it. The other five are less often felt but are just as important. All seven subtle bodies have different properties and different use for your existence. All of them combined make you who you are, and connect you with the energy of everything else as far as cosmic energy goes.

Learn about each of the seven subtle bodies and how the serve your life. One of the great ways to evolve all seven is participating in kundalini yoga—a more spiritual form of yoga that is highly connected with energy and breathwork.

Seven Subtle Bodies Take Forty Nine Years to Developseven subtle bodies buddha floating

All seven subtle bodies take forty nine years to fully develop. Each stage takes seven years. This is why reaching the age of 50 is thought of as an important date in your life—that is when full evolution of your Self happens.

It is possible that with the raise of human consciousness some people, especially the new children being born, are going through the stages faster.

The first 28 years of your life are generally focused on the development and improvement of the first four subtle bodies: physical, etheric, emotional, and mental.

The other three bodies can take a whole lifetime to improve upon and work with. Once all seven are perfected, that is the image of a fully spiritually evolved person.

This should happen by age 75 but can happen earlier. By 75, you should feel ready to completely give up the ‘ego’ and live for a spiritual purpose. This can only happen if the person spends the time developing the seven bodies while feeling joyful and spontaneous. This way all of the seven subtle bodies will develop in a healthy manner. This is why it is important to be aware of all of them and enjoy the process of improving them with each age.

The Physical Body (Years 0 – 7)

The very first body is your physical body. It is developed first before you come to this Earth, and until you do a lot of deep spiritual work, it is the one you feel connected with the most. It is given to you to act and function in this three dimensional world.

The other six subtle bodies are in seed form at this time. There are some people who never develop them and spend all their lives being led by animalistic instincts. This is not common for the majority and often requires serious traumas to get stuck at this stage.

The Etheric Body (Years 8 – 14)

The etheric body is located just two inches away from your physical body. It is like an outline. It contains all of the information about your physical health but on an energetic level. This body is an energetic twin of your physical being.

The Emotional Body (Years 15 – 22)

The emotional body is given to you in order to feel. It is located about three inches from your body and is visible in your aura field. The colours of this body can be any colour of the rainbow depending on positivity or negativity of your emotional state.

The Mental Body (Years 23 – 28)

The mental subtle body is given to you in order to think and reason. It lets you remember and comprehend your human experiences. This body in each of us is responsible for physical evolution of our world from new discoveries in science to creative inventions.

The Astral Body (Years 28 – 35)

7 chakras floating in angelic realms

The astral body or the spiritual body can only be awakened when the fourth or the astral body is fully developed. This body is linked to spiritual awakening and feeling pure bliss that is often associated with them. Intuition, spiritual gifts and abilities such as astral projection all happen because of this body.

The Cosmic Body (Years 36 – 42)

A person usually develops this body at the age 42. It is referred to as the cosmic body or the collective body. This is where you are able to let go of any personal and Earthly attachments and feel that you are a part of something bigger—the human collective as well as all other collectives, from the animal world to intergalactic communities. You are everyone and everything, and everyone is one.

The Nirvanic Body (Years 43 – 49)

By age 49, you reach the full development of your nirvanic body, also known as celestial or divine body. This is the last of seven subtle bodies, and it is the key to complete spiritual evolution and freedom. This stage you are able to feel and experience yourself not just being one with humanity but the whole universe, everything that it has, it ever had, and everything that is yet to come. It is the highest vibrational and blissful state, which is also the closest to the Source.



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