September 23rd Revelations

The link between September 23rd and the Book of Revelations

Recently we published a new video on YouTube called “Spirit Science 0 ~ A Vision of the Future”, and after uploading it we received a plethora of comments asking us if we had done any investigation into September 23rd! Not knowing anything about it yet, we dove into the discussion to see what it was all about, and were very interested in what was described.

So we’re going to go over everything we have found, and see if we can get to the bottom of what’s actually going on.


The Basic Prophetic Relationship

The basic explanation of what’s happening on this date is the astrological significance to the Book of Revelations, in which one particular passage describes the following:

“And a great sign appeared in Heaven: a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars. She was pregnant and was crying out in birth pains and the agony of giving birth.”

Mother MaryThe reason why this is significant is that on September 23rd, the sun will be in the house of Virgo (the virgin, house of Mary), and the moon will sit in the sky near “Virgo’s feet”. The 12 stars ultimately point to the house of Leo, which traditionally only has 9 stars – yet with the addition of Venus, Mars, and Mercury all sitting in Leo too, thus giving the appearance of “a crown of twelve stars”.

There is one more aspect to this prophecy, following the line from above in the book of revelations:

She gave birth to a son, a male child, destined to rule all the nations with an iron rod.

As fate would have it, Jupiter will actually be passing through Virgo as well during this time, which many are taking as a signal of this prophecy coming to pass, as Jupiter is known as the king of the planets, as it is the largest planet in our solar system.


Looking at the Claims

The event of the sun being in Virgo and the moon at her feet isn’t a rare occurrence. In fact, this happens literally every year at this same time! It’s the addition of Jupiter passing through Virgo that happens about every 11 to 12 years which makes this day a special event. It is the arrangement of Venus, Mars and Mercury in Leo, right above Virgo that creates the energetic appearance of “having a crown of 12 stars” in combination with Jupiter passing through as the “king” of the planets that makes this entire combination quite a rare occurrence.

JupiterMany sources around the internet are claiming this only happens once every 7,000 years, but if you look at a map of the stars going back just 1000 years, this arrangement has happened in September 1827, September 1483, and in September of 1293.  This happens every few hundred years, which is still quite a significant amount of time.

As far as “ancient biblical prophecies” go, this one is sort of up in the air. It absolutely could herald the beginning of something new or some great change, but it could be all be significant only to those who hold the image of it being important in their minds, which also hold merit too as where your attention goes, energy flows.

People often look for symbols and meanings outside of them to determine when great changes are taking place; ultimately we encourage you to remember that you are always in a state of changing, and if you embrace it within, you create it without – and you don’t need the celestial bodies to tell you when it’s time either! With all of this said, what does this alignment mean on a more astrological level?


The Astrological Qualities of The September 23rd Alignment

This alignment will simultaneously have Jupiter pass through Virgo, while the planets Mars, Mercury and Venus are in Leo. Jupiter is the planet of luck, as well as the planet of higher learning, the abstract mind, exploring ideas both intellectually and spiritually. It reigns over religion and philosophy, holding the title of the king of our planets. Jupiter compels us to assess our ethical values and asks us, what do we truly stand for?

FriendsWhen Jupiter passes through Virgo, the sign of practicality, realism and hard work; we are pushed into productivity. This is a time when creating a solid routine can really help us move forward in our projects and better refine our focus. When Jupiter is in Virgo, our attention to detail can get heightened and our analytical mind becomes more prominent in solving problems.

As Mercury, Venus and Mars pass through Leo, the sign of strength, our passions and creativity will be ignited. Leo belongs to the element of fire, and holds the energy of warm-heartedness, self-confidence and generosity. Mercury is the planet of communication, logic and quick wit. As it passes through Leo, the warmth of Leo’s creative and expressive spark will combine with the mind of Mercury. This is a perfect time to express yourself in social situations, allowing a friendly Leo energy to draw in conversations and the articulate communication of Mercury will allow for deeper insights.

This is a time of expressing yourself fully, not being scared to hold back your true feelings and inner self, but just be aware of the way in which you communicate. There is an element of pride that can come with Leo, so just be sure you’re speaking from the heart when engaging with others!

AttractAs Venus passes through Leo, there is an air of pleasure that comes with this combination. The qualities of the planet Venus are very much about love, romance, harmony, friendships and pleasures, especially with another person. Venus is also the planet of beauty, which can come in the form of the arts and the aesthetic that different art forms can produce.

The energy of Venus adds perfectly onto Mercury being in Leo, creating a new layer of communication between friends and loved ones. Venus creates an attraction between people, yet this doesn’t always look like a romantic connection. This may be the time to connect deeper with friends or create a type of art that attracts people to it. Be open and clear with what you what in your life, for this is the time to attract it!

Finally, we have Mars passing through Leo, adding a little bit of spice to the mix. Mars is known as the god of war and holds the energy of passion, action, instincts, aggression and even anger. It brings a healthy balance to this alignment, provoking our male energy into a predominantly energetically female alignment. Mars in Leo brings a fiery passion with a very strong will. This may provoke you to take risks, increase your ambition and create a sense of authority within you. There is a lot of physical energy associated with Mars, so this is the time to get up and create!

This passion can turn into an overbearing of opinions or stubbornness if too much ego gets in the way, so make sure your pride is in check when engaging with others. Pride is associated with both Mars and Leo, so setting your egocentric tendencies aside may be different during this period, but the more you are able to come from the heart instead of the head, the more clear your intentions will be.

Overall, this alignment is going to be what you make it! In the end, you are always in control of your actions and reactions, and can use these intense energies to your advantage. This is a time to create from a space of pure passion, engage with those in your life and do so with clarity in communication.

This alignment in it’s totality is not just your everyday – or every few year occurrence, it is something special! So make the most of this time when it comes.




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12 Responses

  1. Nicholas Gaines says:

    How can we make the most of events like this and the solar eclipse to our advantage?

    • Spirit Science says:

      Great question Nicholas! The simple answer is to be more mindful of your actions in your daily life and analyze if what you are doing is in alignment with what you are trying to create. You can then meditate on strength and guidance to help you find greater faith and grounding to help you in your transition through these times. There is always incredible energy moving through the planet and if the time is right you could make any significant changes right now today! For special astrological events like this it compounds the importance of each breath and action we take, so to make the most of it be sure what you are thinking, feeling and doing are all working harmoniously together towards the future you want to create!

  2. Shawn Brophy says:

    Oddly enough, call it fate or coincidence but the 23’rd of September is my day of birth hmmm…….

  3. Gloria lawley ord says:

    Will any thing bad happen on the 23rd September ,I was born in July 26 will I ever find love again.

  4. Scott says:

    The Book of Mormon has been called the rod of iron and was given to the prophet Joseph smith on Sept 23 1827.

  5. katia says:

    there is an important point on configuration of that sign, that you misses…
    Júpiter is not just passing for the constelation of virgo…
    Júpiter entered in virgo on October 2016, and was 40weeks on what we could call the womb of the Virgin… few days before 23rd september, Júpiter will be in retrograde motion,e exactly like he us borning, and even the virgo position on our sky is preciselly the postion of a woman giving birth…
    and is this that makes this sign happening for the first time…
    too many coincidences to be just a ‘coincidence’…
    and there is much more to add, than this, but…
    i dont believe that is the end of the world, but i’m pretty sure that we are living times of great changes…

  6. Aikaterini says:

    Timely read!
    Currently on a voyage to the other side of our planet, and have been making plans to quit cigarettes and bad eating habits upon my return (20/9/2017). Three days recovery should be enough and off I go! Seems the stars/planets are in the best possible alignment for positive change, with much strength 🙂

  7. mouradc says:

    Bless you for sharing, with love

  8. Brett Collier says:

    On the 23September last year on the equinox I 2017 I birthed Christ consciousness

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