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The Secret Garden – It’s Not Fantasy, it’s a Miracle of Life

What can a Secret Garden do for you?

Remember reading the book Secret Garden by Frances Burnett? It is one of my all-time favorite books, which made a huge impact on my psyche. “And the secret garden bloomed and bloomed and every morning revealed new miracles”. Mainly because it felt like this secret garden place was where I would much rather be than anywhere else in the whole world, and that thought has been with me since.

The idea of leaving behind all the toils and drudgery of living amongst society, to then enter a Garden of Eden Paradise seems like a no-brainer, yet why do so many of us pass up the opportunity? Maybe the excitement of cities and the hustle and bustle of everyday living seems more practical to some of us. To me, the experience of being closer to animals and to nature Herself is a wonderful experience. In this article, we are going to discuss some practical ways in which we can start implementing more secret garden time over the disconnected societal time we so often have to take part in – or do we…?

The Sacred Grove – The Secret Garden of the Ancients

Amongst Druidry and other nature-based spiritualities, there is the concept of a Sacred Grove. A Sacred Grove is a specific spot in nature chosen for the purpose of creating a space of reverence and veneration for the natural world. This space is then frequented often to encourage the sacred nature within us all. We can use this ancient practice of creating a Sacred Grove as a way to create a secret garden for ourselves in the world, as big or small as it may need to be.

Secret Garden LocationJust what does a secret garden do or feel like for that matter? This quote by Jean Vanier is a good way of understanding part of that question. “Prayer is like a secret garden made up of silence and rest and inwardness. But there are a thousand and one doors into this garden and we all have to find our own.” If the idea of a secret garden sounds like the closest way to the truth for you, then we can begin by taking some practical steps towards manifesting it. Here are some of the ways to go about creating, nurturing, and using your own Secret Garden:

Find a Spot in Nature

This could be in your backyard or in the woods somewhere. Regardless of where you choose, the most important thing above all else is that you feel a resonance with that particular spot. The quieter and more untouched the patch of nature you can find, the better.

Build a Stone Circle

Somewhere on this favorite spot can be built a stone circle. Stone circles can be used to light small fires and house campfire celebrations among other fun things. However, more importantly, a stone circle is a place to carry out the ancient tradition of honoring the forces of nature. North, East, South, and West should be mapped out with a compass and with whichever materials you like, stones, crystals etc used to pinpoint each direction. For more information on how to go about a stone circle ritual, take up a course on Druidry and participate in the ancient art of sacred devotion to the natural world.


Spend time in the sacred area with dance, singing, or stillness. You could start by doing some research about what the four directions of the world relate to (in short the 4 alchemical elements) or you can read a previous article I made about it here. You can also communicate with all of nature simply by observing it, and if you have an open mind and open heart you can talk out loud to her. Doubting yourself or feeling stupid for communicating to nature inhibits the experience. You can even try performing light language or speaking in tongues. I personally find this to be a certain kind of liberation from the restrictions of language itself, which can sometimes create barriers. If you’d like to understand more about light language then this video here helps you to learn how to better commune with Mother Earth.

Growing Fruit, Flowers, and Vegetables

Start researching and organizing how you could go about growing your own fruit and vegetables. You want this secret garden of yours not only to look and smell beautiful with flowers but also to heal and nourish you with some of the freshest tasting foods you could ever imagine – and that all starts with understanding how to grow your own food. There are many good books and free sources on the internet which can teach you about this. Even better are the Ringing Cedar series of books written by Vladimir Megre, as they teach you many things about human connection to nature, which has scarcely been shared before.

Making a Mini House/Cozy Cabin

Secret Garden CabinThe closer you can get to nature during the day and night, the more in tune you are with the truth of life. You see, a tree or a butterfly is much closer to the truth of your being than is, say, a closed indoor room or slab of concrete, which we are so often surrounded by in towns and cities. This last step of creating a cozy cabin in nature is just the beginning of your journey of a closer relationship to nature. Create a vision board as to what you would like your mini house to look like and start the dreaming and planning process!

By finding a way of connecting to nature somehow, even if that’s just spending more time outdoors hiking, you will notice the magic that has so often been spoken of in myths and legends but rarely understood or remembered by mass consciousness. It’s unfortunate that the magic, which is available to us in nature, has been so long forgotten that people don’t know what it is like or how to make it. Therefore, everyone should cultivate a secret garden, even just for a trial period.

Inoculation from Untruth

Society is so easily able to pull you into the ways of addiction to consumerism and feelings of anger, mistrust, sadness, etc., at the way in which things happen. What this really teaches us is that we have to be vigilant of what we put our attention and focus on. For instance, is it going to be a video or comment you saw on a website that makes you want to criticize and start a heated debate? Or would your focus be better spent on tending to the flowers and feeling your heart lift as you watch a chipmunk hop and skip about the yard? The process of living in your secret garden acts as a kind of inoculation from the virus of untruth—the idea that we are separate from nature and Source.

Secret Garden Truth“Both abundance and lack exist simultaneously in our lives, as parallel realities. It is always our conscious choice which secret garden we will tend… when we choose not to focus on what is missing from our lives but are grateful for the abundance that’s present – love, health, family, friends, work, the joys of nature and personal pursuits that bring us pleasure – the wasteland of illusion falls away and we experience Heaven on earth”. – Sarah Ban Breathnach

Be Bold. Be Heard.

If you want to see changes happen in society then first start being the change and then make sure your voice is heard. Making sure your voice of truth is heard can be as simple as using ‘your dollars to vote’. A simple principle that if used effectively by everyone could make sure these big conglomerates that don’t serve humanity and nature go out of business and make room for services that are in devotion to all.

If you are interested in learning how to create a secret garden in your mind that you can go to at any time, then watch my meditation video where I guide you through a mystical space of fantasy and relaxation. The true magic of any secret garden is that it can exist in our imagination first and foremost. There are no limits this way, no borderlines, and eventually, by using our own abilities to co-create with the universe, we can make the secret garden dream become a reality.

May there be peace, light, and love on Earth

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