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How To Use Scripting To Easily Write Your Dream Life Into Existence

When talking about manifestation, there are many different routes to get there. There is one way called scripting that incorporates the law of attraction (LOA) with journaling and automatic writing, which together can hold more power that the other techniques.

It is possible to manifest almost anything in your life as you are a creator of it. Some universal rules to keep in mind are the free will of other people, karmic lessons, and soul contracts. However, even within these parameters you can re-write how your story will play out.

It may be your destiny to meet a certain person at this time and this place, but how much you will do together and the type and energy behind your interaction is completely up to the free-will of the people involved in this incarnation. Same goes true for karmic lesson and predestined events.

You can manifest things into your life from scratch, and you can manifest a different scenario or outcomes in already existing situations. This is why manifestation works, and is important as you have freewill to use in this lifetime to create your own experiences.

When you know what you want to manifest, scripting can help you do that.

Scripting: Law of Attraction Meets Journaling

Scripting JournalingScripting is a way of writing out everything you want to manifest in your life in order for it to come true. There is one important aspect to it, however. Scripting has to be partly inspired or even channeled writing. You have to put yourself into a trance, a flow state, where what you write comes out naturally and quickly without your mind being involved.

You have to write from your heart and soul. Otherwise it comes from the ego, and may not manifest at all, or not in the way you intended because that is not what your Higher Self wanted.

Here is an easy formula for successful scripting:

Time + Present + Spirit + Emotion + Gratitude = Successful Scripting


To script successfully, you must do it often. Ideally you want to put aside at least 5 or 10 minutes each day (ideally this is done in the mornings and/or evenings) to script every single day. Sit down in a safe and comfortable space with a journal and start writing about the things you want.


As you write your dreams and goals, make sure to use present tense. You want to tell the universe and yourself that you have already received what you are asking for, which allows for quick manifestation. Do not write I will have a great career, relationship or house. Instead write—My career is fulfilling; my relationships are healthy and loving; and I live in a house of my dreams.

Spirit (Most Important!)

Scripting MeditationThe biggest mistake people make when writing to manifest is writing from their ego. You may think you know what you want, but it may be a selfish desire stemming from your ego. If you know what you want from your soul, you will write using inspired or channeled writing technique. This way you are asking for your desires while also listening to the universal guidance about how it will be manifested.


Another important tip is that you have to write with full emotion and feel the joy of what it is you are asking for as if you already have it. What can sometimes happen is that wanting something for so long can make a person feel impatient and therefore writing will come out rushed and inauthentic. You want to get into a true creative flow and write with passion. Be sure to also use words that describe powerful emotions like overjoyed, elated, inspired, and grateful.


Speaking of gratitude, that is the last but not the least important part of the scripting process. When you are grateful for anything, you receive more of it. You have to write with the message to the universe to show how grateful you are for what you already have and for what is coming next.

Putting these five aspects together are the keys to successful and fun scripting technique that can truly improve and shift your life.



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2 Responses

  1. Candy says:

    Love this! I’ve manifested a lot in my life using this technique, of living as if what you want has already happened and I’ve journaled on & off as a means to work through specific issues. But I never thought of combining the two! Brilliant!

  2. Edosa Agho says:

    Thanks for the lessons and I am very excited about the course and I will learn how to write now confidently knowing that I write from my higher self and not from the ego.
    I can see why it has been difficult for me to write ( writer’s block ). I am very greatful to the writer of this course for the motivation and inspiration to write from my heart and soul

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