Scorpio Zodiac Constellation

Scorpio 2018 – What it Means for You and How to Make the Best of it

As we go further into North American Autumn, more of of the natural life goes into hibernation, leaves continue to die and fall as the trees get ready for the cold winter ahead. Just as we see the external manifestation of the Life and Death Cycle, so too are we experiencing it without ourselves. Let’s begin looking at Scorpio season by looking at it’s key elements.

Keywords: Desires, Intensity, Power, Death, Rebirth, Regeneration, Transformation

Colors: Black, Charcoal Grey, Burgundy, Gold, Purple

Symbol: The Scorpion, Phoenix, Golden Eagle, Gray Lizard

Ruling Planet: Mars and Pluto (dual)

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Body part: Genitals, Reproductive organs, Bladder, Bowels, Intestines, Hips

Crystal: Topaz, Opal, Smoky Quartz,

Luckiest Numbers: 5, 8, 9, 18, 27, 36, 45, 54, 63, 72, 81, 90

Positive Traits: assertive, passionate, perceptive, resourceful, psychological, determined, curious, stable, focused, brave, loyal

Negative Traits: possessive, prowling, stubborn, distrustful, dramatic, jealous, secretive, violent, self-destructive, addictive, depressive, anxious, issues with mental illness

Signs most likely best friends: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Most likely to find romance: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn

Most likely to be variable: Aries, Scorpio, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius

How Scorpio Season Manifests Itself For All Signs

Scorpios typically behave in a way purely out of a need to preserve themselves.

So, when they feel like they are backed into a corner, their compassion disappears and an internal collapse happens, then the stinger comes out. Thinking becomes very one track minded, and it’s common to hear internal dialogue such as:  “You’ve pushed me into a collapse of compassion state, so now this is my ‘pay back’ because  you made me go to that place where I had to shut-down and be a savage. So here is your price for taking me to that point.


Being aware of this makes it a lot easier for others to comprehend what Scorpios have been trying to tell us all the time, that hardly anyone believes.  People assume if they flip that switch and they shut it down, believing that it means they must not care but this isn’t the case. It is a psychological self-defense mechanism. To save oneself from what is happening in reality.

If you’re going through a deep heartbreak of any sort, and you let go of the “feelings”, you are just left with the incredibly strategic mind, rooted deeply in ego that is fixated on avenging itself, because it thinks the other person pushed it to a place of not caring, and that they deserve to pay for that.

For everyone else, there will be moments where you hurt “too much” where you shouldn’t be hurting that badly.What normally doesn’t phase you is getting to you. This means the hurt has gotten to your heart. Once it gets to your heart, you feel vulnerable. Scorpios have a tendency where they have invested and opened up so much to another person that if that person hurts them, they will want everything they have given to the other to be returned. In doing so the Love they had given is replaced by Poison.

How to use This Intensely Strong Energy to Our Benefit

First we should know the myth of Hades and Persephone.

Hades was the “rich one”, who ruled the underworld, he had everything, a lot of land. But there are no laughter or fun in the underworld. As people are in limbo.

It is spring time, Hades heard a beautiful laugh and saw the daughter of Demeter, the Goddess of the Harvest, Persephone. He decided he wanted her and took her.

Demeter lost her mind. The Earth turned into a giant ball of frost, she did not allow anything to grow, everything was dying, as she insisted on having her daughter returned.

Persephone was tricked into eating a couple of pomegranate seeds which was the food of the dead. Zeus talked to Demeter and asked her to save the Earth but she didn’t care if the Earth died, if she does not have her daughter returned. Zeus went to Hades and asked for a compromise. An agreement was made where Hades allows her leave for half of the year, because she had eaten the fruit of the dead, if you do that, you become tied to the underworld. This was her debt.  A few months of the year she has to descend to the underworld to be the Queen of Hades King and the underworld.

So how does this apply to us and Scorpio season?

It shows the 2 sides of Scorpio:

  • The cycle of the Phoenix that has burnt to nothing but then Rises from the ashes
  • The Queen of the Underworld whom is also the Young Woman representing Spring
  • The cycle of Life and Death (Taurus is the opposite sign: a bull, most sacrificed animal, blood is used, uterus used for the symbol of the bull, symbol of life)

Scorpio DualityIn Scorpio season, we may find ourselves playing one or both of these roles:

Extremely passionate, loving, almost naive, pulsing with life, attracting, springing, with more money, and more promotions.
Feeling the need to protect yourself, and to go into silent isolation.

Some people have been hiding in the ground for a long time, perhaps too long. You would think the impossible can’t happen, the knot that was tied that you thought cannot be untied is suddenly able to be released.

We will all switch back and forth in these roles. We have to understand the collapse of compassion. We must realize that if we are hurting others it is only because someone or something is hurting you, and we must be able to admit to that. We need to acknowledge that something is hurting you, if you don’t, you’re not placing responsibility where it needs to be. Affirming your vulnerability. You can’t learn if you don’t first admit to yourself and to the world that something isn’t right. If you are so strong (hop, skip, and jump over it), where is the cope-ability land? If it doesn’t land on them, it will land on you through Internalizing it.

Your strength can be your source of pain. It creates a disconnect in yourself from being savage and cold with yourself, hiding from yourself so you don’t admit that you indeed can get hurt so you would have to admit that your “armor” wasn’t as good as you thought it was, and if you have to admit that, then you may think “I have to start from scratch” however you have to think perhaps there are certain parts of you that will never be safe even with armor, no matter how much you deny it, that you might wear your heart on your sleeve.

If you find yourself being exceptionally savage, take a step back, and ask yourself “what is it that is causing this hurt?

How can You be Easy on Yourself as You Instinctively Ride This Wave?

Scorpio DeathDon’t try to think your way through this, that isn’t going to work. The feelings goes straight to the mind. Scorpios thinking happens on such a subconscious, autonomic nervous system level.  Don’t try to think your way out of this season, or justify things with thoughts. Try to keep your internal dialogue as quiet as you can. Scorpios are always in-tune with their subconscious, instinctive voice. That helps with the switch between Life and Death without getting exhausted, losing their minds, or hurting each other.

Be kind to yourself and others, and be accepting of the fact that what you are feeling is true and trust yourself and your feelings.

Scorpio season requires a certain skill to navigate. You can dive deep into the depths, learn something from the underworld and reemerge into the spring, above water. Do this over and over, and you pick up more resources and learn something, you’ll be more “stylish” when descending down. Once you do that, even the descent is beneficial along with riding the waves. That is the duality of Scorpio. You have to love getting rolled by the waves and being crashed by them but also being on top, throwing yourself up in the air and feeling like you’re flying. You must be at peace with the life, death and rebirth cycle. If you can reserve judgement, seeing it as neither good or bad, you can see the “oneness” and the beauty of the cycle.

This may be a choppy ride but it is okay, it is beautiful.  Incredibly insightful, there’s a lot of love coming back around, resolution, relieving of heartache.

Embrace the power that will be running through you. Your soul will catch fire, let it. Let the waves hit you. Let it all hit you.

Know that experiencing the ups and downs is exactly what you need to do and what you need to learn from.



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