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The Scientific Effects of Fasting on the Body

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  1. jimisimij says:

    Really cool article. Very informative. I’ve been looking into fasting lately. So how should you eat when you come off of a fast? Any particular guideline to follow the first few days following a long fast?

    • Spirit Studios says:

      Great question! When breaking our fasts we normally would start eating again with something like a raw green smoothie. It is easily digestible by our bodies and if you have green veggies in it you will get lots of easily accessible nutrients as well! Just remember not to over eat as this will stress your system and sticking to raw fruits and vegetables would be recommended! There is another good article here which gives some other insights as well 🙂

  2. Sapna says:

    Totally agree.. Amazing.. Great article.. Great work 👍👍👍

  3. Alana Gray says:

    Excellent. Me and my partner were only talking about fasting yesterday. Thank you for the insight and i love the chakra input to, very helpful. Keep up the great work. With thanks. Bless

  4. Veronica Sandu says:

    so…if I want to try fasting for one day per week, then two days per week and so on…should I drink water? (in those fasting days)

    • Spirit Science says:

      Yeah drinking water during a fast helps your body flush toxins and can help you feel full after drinking a large glass. Fasting without drinking water is called dry fasting and that is much more intense and we don’t recommend it unless you are seasoned with fasting and trust your own body enough to being dry fasting.

  5. Veronica Sandu says:

    Thank you for answering me and for all information! 🙂

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