Sagittarius Full Moon

The May 29th Full Moon in Sagittarius Ignites Your Inner Adventurer’s Need for Freedom

If you are tired of being in the rat race or a suffocating situation in your life, the May 29th full moon in Sagittarius will not allow you to stay stuck. If you feel like you have been sacrificing your freedom and happiness, if you have not been living up to your fullest potential, if you have been putting aside what really matters to you, then this full moon will not take ‘no’ for an answer. It is time to change all of that and bring out the real adventurer in you—the inner daredevil even. Prepare yourself for changes.

Sagittarius Full Moon Express

Sagittarius: Expansion and Possibilities

When the moon becomes full on May 29th, it enters the freedom-loving and hot-headed zodiac sign of Sagittarius. This fire sign will not take lightly to things in your life that have been merely ‘ok.’ It is looking for different experiences and adventure.

May 29th full moon takes on the quest of Sagittarius. Its mission is to expand your search for knowledge beyond the ordinary. It wants you to grow, to change things up in your daily life, and to take a leap in the direction you feel called to go. Perhaps it is quitting your day job, becoming an entrepreneur and traveling the world. Maybe it is scratching something off your ‘bucket list’ or accepting an opportunity to do something you have never done or even thought that you could do.

As long as what you choose gives you more freedom and provides more personal growth, Sagittarius will be on your side. If you hesitate and step back in fear, it just might push you in that direction regardless of your trepidation. It is more fun to go willingly—the daredevil in you has been waiting for this for a long time. This May 29th full moon is the time to finally make the needed move towards the life of your dreams.

Sagittarius Full Moon Growth

Meet Challenges with Curiosity

What kind of richness can be had in is life when there are no positive challenges to overcome? Whenever there are growth opportunities for positive change, the process to get there always includes few tests and trials. Sagittarius is one of the best signs for periods of change and its energy during this May 29th full moon is absolutely contagious. Tap into it, and you will be gifted with enthusiasm and optimism for the future—exactly what you need right now.

Sagittarius will help you laugh at any mishaps and look at areas that need improvement without judgment. Equipped with these positive qualities, you will be able to straightforwardly go towards your goals and dreams without bending and sacrificing parts of yourself. Life is an incredible adventure, and Sagittarius wishes to remind you of its true magic.

Questions for the May 29th Full Moon

May 29th’s full moon will help you question what you’ve been working towards versus what you actually want. To help you unlock your inner truth and take some strides in the desired direction, meditate or journal on the following questions.

  • If I step back and look at my life with fresh eyes, which areas would I like to change?
  • Where have I been limiting myself? Where have I lost some personal power?
  • Are their opportunities for me in plain sight that I have been not seeing or purposefully ignoring?
  • Is my own made-up drama stopping me from doing what I actually want to do?
    What is next for me and my life?

Allow the answers to these questions to come to you without judgment. Your Highest Self knows best what to do right now if you only step out of your own way. If you are open for an adventure, it is waiting for you.


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