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Boasting a rather provocative title, Sh*t the Moon Said is a powerful book with a big heart, and not at all what you’d expect from just a glance at the title. If ever there was a book to bring light to the miracle of sacred medicine in the modern world it’s this one.

Sacred-Medicine-Sh-t-The-Moon-Said-BookThe book tells the story of Gerard Powell, a man who—by his own admissions—spent the first majority of his life being indecent. Sex and drugs were the name of the game, and he wasn’t just a player, he was practically a dungeon master (for those who get the Dungeons & Dragons reference). He earned millions of dollars at least twice by creating companies and then selling them, and used his wealth to run around and do whatever he wanted. While this may sound like he was “living the life”, when you hear it from him he was closer to the edge of a complete and total breakdown than he was a life of abundance and joy.

Gerard tells of his experiences seeking help from various spiritual leaders and psychiatrists, including regular visits to Dr. Rev. Michael Beckwith’s Agape International Spiritual Center’. Yet, even with all of the spiritual help he was receiving, it wasn’t enough—and soon after leaving he would go back to his ways, as troubled and angry as ever.

It was then that, along his journey, he was introduced by someone he knew to what is referred to as a shamanic plant medicine—Iboga, to be specific. As if almost on a dare, he hopped on a plane, drinking all the way, and landed in Costa Rica to do his first ever plant medicine ceremony.

Shamanic Sacred Medicine | Plant Miracles

His first experience with the medicine was so deeply profound and healing that it set the stage for everything to come.

What he experienced on this shamanic voyage would seem like something out of a science fiction novel, and yet it was so real and deeply healing that the results speak for themselves. He spoke with the moon! Not just as if he looked up and saw the moon and had a conversation in his head, but his narrative describes him actually leaving his physical body, journeying into space, and landing on the moon so deep that his head got stuck inside of it (lending some comedic relief to an already astonishing sacred healing experience). From there, Mrs. Moon begins communicating with him and helping him to get to the core of why he is such a messed up individual.

Sacred-Medicine-AyahuascaWhat he describes next is so incredibly shocking. The moon essentially guides him to “retrieve his soul” which was lost from him from a young age. In meeting with his soul he discovers that in his youth he experienced a personal trauma so shattering that it warped everything about him and destroyed his innocence. This trauma contributed to turning him into a very angry, very disturbed child.

Having been faced with this aspect of himself and coming to accept that this trauma was true, Gerard was then lead on a journey of forgiveness and rebirth. It was in this space that the moon helped heal his heart leading to a deeply moving spiritual transformation that forever changed the course of his life.

The Birth of Rythmia Life Advancement Center

Once again, the results speak for themselves. If you’ve ever seen a video of Gerard, or had the privilege of meeting him in person, you’ll know that he acts and lives from nothing but the purest of love.

Rythmia-Healing-LogoGerards’ story is particularly interesting because it is not only a story of his own personal transformation, but one of a collective healing. By the guidance of the plant medicine, he was led to open a healing center where plant medicine could be experienced by all in a safe, modern, and holistic sacred space. This place is called Rythmia; and as of 2014, it not only exists, but thrives!

Every week, Rythmia offers a space for about 80 people to come and gather in sacred ceremony to experience a plant medicine called Ayahuasca. This is an ancient shamanic sacred medicine said to be discovered around the year 500 BC, if not much earlier. This medicine allows an individual to flow in their consciousness to their deepest roots, to clear through old energy, and reveal the brilliant light within.

Experience Your Special Miracle

Rythmia is now open to the public for anyone who wishes to come and experience this sacred practice. The entire space is based around creating lasting life-changing miracles, and they have a 96% success rate! Save $150 on your trip here with this voucher.

Once Rythmia had been set up and was hosting ceremonies, Gerard wrote and published “Sh*t the Moon Said” to help get the word out about the powerful revelations from the sacred medicine, and to share some of the guidance he received from the moon.

In the last chapter of the book, he shares some of the moons own personal dialogues with him, and how elegantly simple this wisdom is. Below are several examples of what I mean.


Sh*t The Moon Said—An Excerpt

(Gerry) “How can I be happy and live at peace?”

(Moon) “Be the truth. Live an authentic life.”

It was time to shed the stories, time to stop telling half-truths and white lies. It was time to be honorable. It was time to get real so that my intentions and actions were aligned. It sounded scary, but deep down inside I just wanted to find out who I really was so I could be an authentic me.

(G) Why am I here?

(M) Life is a gift for you to open and enjoy. It’s that simple.

I needed to stop excessive analyzing and complicating every aspect of my existence. The time had come to discover the meaning of authentic happiness and point my life in that direction.

(G) How can disease be healed?

(M) Reconnect the soul with the body.

Feed the body vegetables, “nature’s little miracles,” and the body will heal itself. Once we are able to embrace the trauma of childhood – the moment disconnection from our soul took place – we can reconnect to our authentic selves. Once this occurs, we are responsible for nurturing ourselves through nature’s food.


This little book is filled with timeless wisdom, made readily available for anyone who opens to receive it. We highly, highly recommend getting yourself a copy and checking it out. In doing so you will support the elevation of global consciousness by raising your own while sharing the message. The more this information gets out, the more opportunities we will have to see more plant medicine centers appear all over the world!

Get your copy of Mrs. Moons Medicine here,

And thank you so much for reading,

With love,
Jordan David


PS – Check out this video on plant intelligence we made for you! It called The Backster Effect and shows how plants are actually conscious and respond to human thought, intention, and emotion!

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  1. Amanda says:

    The universe aligns as the day I leave Rythmia (21 Apr) wanting more info to explain my journey is the day I find your YouTube channel which is helping me understand deeper my experience and what the spirit world is all about. Thank you immensely for putting Spirit Science together, so informative and makes it fun to learn. I so recommend people read all your info and go to rythmia to experience first hand the magic and live changing experience

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