Retrograde 2018

The Crazy Year Of Retrogrades Is Almost Over! Here Are The Lessons

They say as above so below, and this is definitely true for planetary influences. One of the cosmic influencers on humanity are retrogrades. When that happens the planet is at its closest to Earth and thus has more influence. The kind of energy that the planet brings—each planet has its own—will be magnified in your life until the planet goes direct. In 2018, we have had every single planet in our solar system Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and even Pluto go retrograde. This intense retrograde year is wrapping up, and there is a lot to learn from this long and life-changing experience.

Why Retrogrades Matter

Retrogrades signify change. They can end chapters in your life, and start new ones. They can also bring things into your awareness to transmute them. One thing is for sure, nothing is ever the same after retrogrades.

Retrogrades of 2018 focused on your internal world, because that has the biggest influence on the external world. There have been numerous opportunities for you to heal various parts of you to be ready for that new, healthy, and exciting chapter of your life that will begin in 2019. Let’s look at the main messages, healings, and energetic upgrades that each retrograde brought to get the full picture.

Retrograde 2018 9 Cups

Jupiter Retrograde: March 8 – July 10

Jupiter is the planet of intellect. Whether you are studying spirituality, politics, ethics, morals, or you are simply a seeker of truth, Jupiter reignites this search for knowledge. Its retrograde pushed to slow down, refrain from taking action, and instead study your craft, seek more wisdom, perhaps even take classes or go back for another degree. What you learned during its four months of retrograde will be useful in your next year, so think about how you can apply what you have learned to better your life.

Mercury Retrogrades: March 22 – April 15, July 26 – August 19, November 16 – December 6

When Mercury is the nearest to Earth, all of the existing communication issues will be highlighted because it is the planet of communication. Mercury going retrograde three times this year hoped for you to express yourself fully, and if there was anything left unsaid, it pushed you to do so by bringing back old friends, lovers, and even presented new people who triggered the same response out of you. It happened so that you can heal.

Now that is it over, you can get a new look at your relationships and ask the universe to bring forward those that serve you the most. You can also look at your communication patterns, their fails and successes, to see which ones to keep in the new year.

Retrograde 2018 CrownSaturn retrograde: April 17 – September 6

Saturn is the planet of biggest lessons, growth, and discipline. It presents situations for you to find your higher self and “grow up.” Now that it has shown you where you are slacking in life, write out your new concrete goals for the future and how to get there. These goals can be personal or career-oriented or focus on anything that is important to you.

Pluto Retrograde: April 22 – September 30

Transformation and spiritual rebirth is what Pluto is all about. This year it opened your eyes to the existence of your own shadow, your darker qualities, and helped integrate them into your whole self peacefully. It was a good time to remove anything toxic from your life, including decluttering your home. Now, it is important to make sure everything toxic did indeed leave your life, and not allow it to sneak back into it. The next year should be clutter, drama, old-pattern, and negativity free.

Neptune Retrograde: June 18 – November 24

Neptune is the planet of inspiration and dreams, and its retrograde provided an opportunity to start new creative projects that are so good for you soul, happiness, and peace of mind. If you found an artistic, soul-feeding hobby at this time, make sure to not forget about it and carry it with you into 2019.

Mars Retrograde: June 26 – August 27

Retrograde 2018 Action

Action-oriented Mars may have shown you its anger if you have been sitting still for too long. It is all about ambition and movement. During its retrograde it has shown you the courage to stand up for yourself and ask for what you want.

You will want to take this action-driven energy and continue using it to achieve what you set out to do at this time.

Venus Retrograde: October 5 – November 16

When Venus is retrograde, relationship issues, especially romantic ones, come up fast. Venus seeks love and pleasure, and likes to enjoy life, not to get wrapped up in drama or tears. In order to heal the latter pattern, Venus may have brought your exes, former friends, or negative family members back into your life to resolve any outstanding issues. After the blocks are lifted, you should move forward with your life easily. Now that it is over, be mindful of your biggest relationships patterns, and make an intention to not follow the same route again—if it was not serving you.

Uranus Retrograde: August 7, 2018 – January 6, 2019

Retrograde 2018 Change

The very last retrograde of 2018 will wrap up next year on January 6, 2019. It is the Uranus retrograde, and it is all about rebellion and change. It is a time of questioning reality, your beliefs, and lifestyle choices that were influenced by others. While you may be rebelling to seek your true self and happiness, be wary of chaotic people who may be doing the same but in an unhealed way.

You are your first priority right now. By the time 2019 arrives, you will no longer be a rebel but a warrior with a cause to help others and the world.

“Clockwork Universe: The Planets” by Gaia


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  1. Chris says:

    Well said, Katalina! Enjoyed this article very much as my life has been turned inside out in 2018. Accepted and quit three jobs in the past year as part of a mid-life crisis of awakening!. Looking forward to a more smoothly flowing 2019…

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