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The Renaissance Soul – How to Live a Fruitful, Many Passioned Life

You’ve heard of a renaissance man, right? You know, the jack of all trades master of all of them? The example that comes to most peoples mind is Leonardo Da Vinci. He was someone who just could not settle for what society was settling for and was on a constant journey of development. He mastered everything he touched and helped to change the world because of it. In today’s age, so many of us are dulled by the social conditions of everyday life. Because of this, so many people live lives of quiet desperation looking for the right path to travel. What if you were told there is nothing wrong with this? What if you might actually be someone with a deeper calling? You may be a Renaissance Soul meant to live a life of deep purpose and integrity.

Renaissance Soul VitruvianDo you ever feel like you’re on a roll with great ideas and your productivity is fully flowing? Are there times where day by day you’re working away, exuding tons of creativity and feeling great, but in the next moment something comes along and stops the flow? Maybe you’ve been following a specific schedule and getting work done successfully but it seems like something’s missing. What happens when one day that missing something triggers you to ditch your structured schedule causing everything to fall apart making you feel like you no longer want to do anything?

There is Nothing Wrong With You

This perpetual cycle will continue repeating and eventually you may ask ‘what’s wrong with me, why can’t I just stick to one thing?’ Well, if this sounds like you then you need not worry. Eventually, after all of the excitement and motivation, there comes a dip. And sooner or later we have to pull ourselves back up. This dip in motivation towards sadness/frustration is important, it helps us to figure out what we need moving forward.

Instead of asking the question ‘why can’t I just have one interest and get good at it?’ we need to get to the root of the problem, which is that you’re in fact facing a burnout of sorts, and you need to consider that perhaps you’re more of a renaissance soul, somebody who has many interests that continually shift.

Personally, I have always felt frustrated at not being able to stick to one project or hobby for very long. It seems to me that I get bored quickly, especially if I haven’t been able to master or finish an idea to its logical conclusion. Instead, I move on to the next. I’ve seen this occur enough times now to know I will likely never settle down and focus on just one thing. I will always want something new, and that’s ok. I’ve come to accept that my interests are widely varied, a jack-of-all-trades, so to speak. Where I find the primary issue arises is in the ability to provide some kind of societal service. The traditional ‘trade your time for money’ kind of scenario.

Providing a Service to Yourself and The World

Renaissance Soul JournllingI’ve heard wealthy, spiritual businessmen and women talk about making sure you are ‘living your passion’ and ‘believing in your abilities’ in order to live the life of your dreams where money and happiness are concerned. They invite you to question ‘what is that one thing you’d really like to do?’ But a dilemma arises, what if one has many passions and finds it difficult to choose just one? Perhaps some of us are already doing what we love in a day (or so we think), and feel as though there’s something missing since boredom or burnout arises leading us to no longer feel satisfied with said hobby/activity. Here is the factor that everybody forgets to include: the question should be, ‘what is my passion RIGHT NOW, what makes me happy at THIS MOMENT?’ If you are anything like me, the answer to some of these questions this may change and maybe you’ll never have one single passion all your life, but some will always stay the same, and it’s your mission to find out which.

There is also the monetary side in all of this that causes concern since most of us are only doing the things we are because money is involved. However, it’s important to forget this for a moment in order to get to the point. We have to stop thinking so much about how to make money, and start thinking about wellness priorities first and foremost—the rest will follow. Continuing to focus on the fear of not having money if you don’t continue what you are doing, but also not being satisfied with what you do for a living, is only going to continue to cause issues. ‘How will I provide for myself?’ is often the primary concern that arises. The reality is that some of us can’t stick to just one endeavor when it comes to working, and nor do we have to. When we look at nature we see that it is always changing, evolving and adapting to new things. Therefore, we need to stop beating ourselves up if we happen to be one of those people who simply jump from one thing to the next because our interests never cease to be inspired by something new. This is an individual preference which need not be controlled, only allowed, and here’s how…

Tiers of Priority – Path of the Renaissance Soul

Renaissance Soul MasterWe need to pave a new path of variety for ourselves in this heavily structured society. This involves making our own personalized Tiers of Priority chart. This needs to include what we are really passionate about, at this moment right now, regardless of how long it may last.

Here’s my personal list ranging from what I am the most passionate about to the least:

  1. Sacred alone time with nature/meditation
  2. Being with my loved ones outdoors
  3. Being as close to nature as possible whilst I work
  4. Making artwork
  5. Being with animals
  6. Streaming live shows
  7. Writing articles
  8. Attending social events

This is just a short list, and I based it on things I am passionate about in general. Have a go at writing your own and you can even do specialized ones just for work or for your general wellness if that helps.

Using Ritual as a Way to Direct Flow and Structure

There is also the possibility of utilizing ritual to find flow and structure as is found in many sacred traditions such a Druidry, Shamanism, and Wicca. Rituals provide a gateway for one to open up a sacred space and find something meaningful within it. By studying these ancient traditions one gets a sense of the sacred nature of ritual to put us in touch with something more profound and connected to the earth. We can also explore prayer and dedication to the Earth in order to find flow and structure in our lives and overcome any of our setbacks.

Throughout history, there has been a trend of trying to develop or release the latent spiritual and mental abilities of humans by using the framework of traditional ritual magic. The aim was to bring us closer to spiritual maturity and potency, by inflaming the imagination, providing access to altered states of consciousness, and strengthening and focusing will-power. It was a therapy designed to enable humans to bring forth the divinity already within them—which one could liken to the aims of modern psychology. It was not of concern as to whether the energies evoked in rituals actually existed, instead this encouragement to empower oneself with incantation mattered so long as the magician felt they did at the moment of working, and achieved the transforming visions and sensations which were the object of the process.

Release The Full Power of Your Renaissance Soul

Sometimes the business/career world will never be able to satisfy everyone with its linear ways of doing things. Many of us need variety otherwise life will continue to feel restricting. Therefore, we have to start thinking outside of the box. If you can’t find your true passion in the moneymaking world then perhaps you need to start looking at the natural world—or whatever it is you love the most. We need to really start thinking about how we can sustain ourselves by helping the thing we love most to grow and thrive. It’s all about being able to bask in the blissfulness we find in doing/being with it.

Renaissance Soul SourceAllow time and space to really feel into what you need/want, and try not to rush into jumping to the next thing that is going to provide a bit of money for you. That’s society’s way, not the hearts way. For many people the idea of trying to detach from the world or the things that bother us is difficult. Instead, we should integrate all aspects of ourselves by listening to our personal needs instead of repressing them. We each have to find our own pathway through this life. As a renaissance soul, you are the master of your world, period. Instead of remaining stagnant and still, you will find motivation through acceptance, which will lead to that same perseverance, and persistence you were looking for all along.

We need to be honest with ourselves about what we want and make it happen. It’s time we stopped trying to fit in with society’s demands and listen to our deeper calling within. Always remember to do the thing you love most and allow this to quiet your mind—the rest will flow. Our resonance needs to be a priority, always. Focus on learning how you are most productive in a day, i.e. where do you feel the biggest sense of accomplishment/happiness/growth, starting a new project or finishing it? By keeping your priority tiers in check and allowing your renaissance soul to shine in its uniquity you will be doing yourself and others a great favor.

Peace, love, and light to you.

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