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8 Reasons to Avoid or Eliminate Refined Sugar From Your Diet

A diet that contains a high amount of refined sugar can be very unhealthy and create a lot of health issues which can easily be avoided. It is important to know what can happen if you are putting too much refined sugar into your body so you can avoid the results of a poor diet choice.

1. It may Cause Acne

Diets with high amounts of refined sugar such as: lots of sugary food and drinks, can lead to inflammation, oil production and androgen secretion which can create an outbreak of acne.

Processed sweets have a high glycemic index which means that it will raise your blood sugar levels more than other foods, studies show having a high glycemic diet promotes acne growth.

Studies have also been done that have shown that communities that tend to eat non-processed, traditional meals have almost no acne, compared to that studies that have been done showing people who consumed sugar often had a 30% higher risk of developing acne.

2. It may Increase Your Risk of Depression

Refined Sugar DepressionA diet consisting of mostly processed food and foods with high levels of refined sugar can lead to an increased risk of developing depression in both men and women. While a healthy diet can help improve your mood and reduce your risk of developing depression.

Several studies have shown that those who had increased levels of sugar put into their diets for long periods of time were more common to develop depression compared to those who had normal or lower levels of sugar in their diets. Researchers believe that blood sugar swings, neurotransmitter dysregulation and inflammation can have a big affect on mental health

3. It can Accelerate the Aging Process

Having poor food choices like a high refined sugar diet can lead to an acceleration of the aging process and worsening the look of wrinkles. Advanced Glycation End-products or AGEs are compounds that are formed between the protein in your body and sugar. They play a role in skin aging.

A diet high in refined sugar diet leads to the production of AGEs. AGEs damage collagen and elastin found in your skin and this can create premature aging. When the collagen and elastin are damaged, the skin loses firmness and begins to sag.

4. It can Cause Weight Gain and Diabetes

Consuming too much refined sugar can lead to increased risk of weight gain, visceral fat accumulation and obesity. The amount of highly sugary foods consumed in people whom are overweight or have diabetes has increased in the recent years.

Refined Sugar OverweightObesity is caused by consuming too much sugar and it is also one of the strongest risk for developing diabetes. High-sugar consumption leads to resistance to insulin which means your blood sugar will rise and increase your chances of diabetes.

Sweetened drinks like soda and fruit punches are some of the biggest causes of weight gain and diabetes today. They are full of fructose which is a simple sugar that creates a resistance to leptin which is important for when your body tells you that it is full. This means you can drink a lot of soda and not get full which can be a lot of calories and a lot of sugar. That helps to create weight gain such as deep belly fat that is normally associated with diabetes and heart disease.

5. It Drains You of Energy

Most sugary foods cause a spike in your energy levels that quickly ends with a crash of energy. High sugar diets have a negative effect on one’s energy levels.

Most high sugar products, are lack protein, fiber and fat so you will get a short boost of energy and then a big drop in blood sugar. Instead try to eat carbs that are low in sugar and pairing it with protein or fat can help keep your energy levels up for much longer.

6. Increases the Risk of Heart Disease

Refined Sugar HeartObesity, high inflammation and high blood pressure are all risk factors that increases your chances of having heart disease which is the number one cause of death worldwide. You can also get atherosclerosis which is a disease that clogs arteries which also leads to heart disease.

Studies have shown that people who have 17-21% more sugar in their diets have a 38% greater risk of dying from heart disease. Even having one soda can put your over the daily recommended sugar limit, so try to eliminate soda, energy drinks and other high sugar drinks from your diet. Juice makes a great substitute, just be sure to get not from Concentrate, and No added sugar, natural/organic juices.

7. Increases Risk of Cancer

Insulin resistance, obesity and inflammation are all factors that can lead to cancer development. Diets that are high in sugar lead to obesity and inflammation which significantly raises your risk of cancer.

A study shows that people who had added sugar consumption also had a higher risk of developing esophageal cancer, pleural cancer and small intestine cancer.

8. General Increased Risk Health Problems

High sugar diets negatively affect your dental health by causing cavities. This is caused by bacteria feeding on the sugar on your teeth and then creating acid byproducts that lead to tooth demineralization.

High sugar diets can also lead to impaired memory and has been linked to an increased risk of dementia. Kidney disease can also be a health risk caused by a consuming sugar. Since having lots of sugar creates high blood pressure, this will damage delicate blood vessels in your kidneys that can cause kidney disease.



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