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Qabalah 102: Meditating on The Tree of Life

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  1. Irene DeLaGarza says:

    Thank you for the great practical suggestions. I appreciate all your work and efforts in assisting humanity with wisdom and esoteric teachings. Blessings to you all for your dedication and love.

  2. Nate Traveller says:


  3. Tyler walker says:

    I love this universe!

  4. Vincent says:

    What the heck is Malkuth

  5. Ardal Gimel says:

    I wanted to say Thanks for the answering your call.I had a major car accident 4/22 & 2 days later I started watching thes videos. It resignated tremendously and i followed up on the suggestions. I’ve been practicing Kabbalah for 3 years and these meditations and the suggestion of how to manage the (monkey mind) is priceless. Namstee
    Ardel Gimel

  6. Greg says:

    A link to 103 at the end would be helpful. 😀

  7. dez says:

    i’m confused, what order do i meditate in? it says sequential order but wouldn’t that mean i start with kether? that might be a little difficult for me since i’m new to this. also, it was previously mentioned that this meditation would bring questions like what are your dreams made out of, but there seems to be a lack of questions and information on the sephiroth in general. maybe i’ve misread or something though. thanks bro, peace

    • Spirit Science says:

      Thanks for your comment, we understand how this could be confusing. The order in which you meditate on the Sephiroth could be done in either direction, from Kether downwards, or from Malkuth up. Sequential order is then relative to the direction you choose to take! We explain more about the Sephiroth in our Qabalah 103: The 10 Sephiroth article which would provide some clarification on the key concepts of each Sephira 😀

  8. Aaron Gill says:

    I really have a lot of questions about getting more into what you teach on a daily bases

    • Spirit Science says:

      Hey Aaron! If you want to get in touch with us you can send us a message on the subscribe page. We also invite you to do some digging and research on these topics as well! Have your own experience and meditate on what your heart is telling you is true!

  9. George Burza says:

    You guys make me so motivated everytime I watch a video or read an article,Thank you for beeing here for us !

  10. Ivan says:

    It would be great if you could make a guided meditation video!!

    • Spirit Science says:

      Hey Ivan, We will surly create a meditation video for this series, if not several! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  11. Edward Boyle says:

    Do you believe in the Archon’s or the Reptilian overseer clan of Rh negative people?

  12. Andrei Marica says:

    Don’t go into kabbalah. All they say is that there is a practical method to reach God consciousness. All they do is say think like this, think like that, kabbalah is not a religion, this is the exact meaning of life yada yada and confetti. They give NO practical method, no meditations, no nothing, just ways to think. Well, excuse me, mr erudite but that doesn’t prove anything to a seeker like me.

  13. Cynthia Lowery says:


  14. Ali Bakali says:

    Should I Close My Eyes When Meditate? And Imagine The Imagine??? I Mean Will That Boost The Results

    • Spirit Science says:

      Either way (eyes opened looking at the image, or eyes closed picturing the image) will work. Try them both and find out which way works best for you!

  15. Garrett says:

    Yes it will help!

  16. David says:

    Hi guys,

    First of all, congratulations for the website and Youtube channel lots of precious information here.
    I have a question regarding the meditation procesd. I’m keen to start the 42 days and I’m just wondering, do I have to meditate 1 day per Sephiroth or each day I have to go through the 10 of them and repeat it for 10 days?
    I’m asking this since the group of days you guys suggested reflect the number or Sephiroths and paths etc.

    Thank you

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