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Psychokinesis – The Forgotten True Story From 1970’s Russia

Government agencies from many countries seek out individuals who may possess superhuman powers and can be used for government gains. During any major wars, this task is viewed as even more important. During World War II Soviet scientists discovered and studied a Russian woman named Nina Kulagina who had Psychokinesis: the able to move and manipulate objects with her mind.

Simple experiments had her move a box of matches inside a sealed transparent box. Other experiments went as far as have her manipulate and eventually stop the beating heart of the frog. This spooky ability may have been aimed at hurting enemies of the Red Army, but Nina admitted that she cannot do the same to a live human. It made her too tired.

Her psychic abilities in general left a huge dent in her health. Every time she would manipulate objects, she would get sharp pains, and her vision would blur. After about 20 years of experiments she got worse and worse, and stopped all work until her death on April 11, 1990 at the age of 63. She took most of her secrets to her grave, but her story lives on as one of the most fascinating cases of real psychokinesis.

Nina Kulagina’s Extraordinary Abilities

Psychokinesis Light Bulbs

Psychokinesis is referred in scientific literature as PK for short. This ability to manipulate matter with one’s mind—mind over matter—has been fascinating many scientists while many others are too skeptical to even study it. The ones who do, find extraordinary people around the world that mainstream science cannot yet explain. People like Nina have been featured in one of NOVA’s series, the most watched scientific television show by PBS. The episode about psychic abilities ran in 1993, two years after Nina’s passing.

It showed Nina, also known as Nelya Mikhailova (her maiden name and variation of her first name in Russian), being studied by forty soviet scientists.
They witnessed Nina:

  • make images appear on photographic film
  • separate a broken egg into yolk and egg whites
  • move many small objects without touching them such as sugar cube, or matches
  • moving the magnetic needle on a compass
  • creating a burn mark on human skin when touching another person
  • disturbing the ray of a laser
  • changing the pH level of water

When she was performing these extraordinary tasks, her body changes were recorded.
The most obvious change was her brain activity. While using her powers, her brain showed over 10 times more electrical activity than that of a regular human. Her pulse would also rise to an incredibly 240 per minute. All of this was recorded by a military laboratory and physiologist Dr. Genady Sergeyev.

The Challenges of Psychokinesis

Heartbeat, brain waves, and force field fluctuations…The fields around the PK medium are stronger further away than close to the head. Mikhailova appears to focus these force field waves in a specific area,” writes Jeffrey Mishlove in his book: The PK Man: A True Story of Mind Over Matter. (Jeffrey Mishlove works in Transformational Psychology at The University of Philosophical Research).

Psychokinesis Soviet StudiesNina did not have the easiest life from working with the Red Army during the war at the mere age of 14, having to keep proving herself and her abilities to others for the rest of her life. Skeptics tried to destroy Nina’s name, to such a degree that one of the Soviet magazines accused her of being a fraud, but she sued and won.

She said her powers came from her mother who she witnessed move around household objects as a kid. As an adult her first abilities emerged first when she was angry and later from her own control. She always wanted to use them for good, but was never given a chance to. She never had children, so her abilities were not passed on by any bloodline.

Nina was not and is not the only one today who was able to show her psychic abilities. But she was one of the first who was recorded on camera. The CIA also performed their own experiments during the war, and likely still do today. Older psychotropic research can now be read in scientific literature. Many of these documents from the 1970’s—the time of the soviet experiments as well—are now declassified. Studying them can give you a glimpse into what is truly possible for the human kind.

Sources: – “NOVA: Secrets of the Psychics.”


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