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Reconnect with the Universe Through the Ancient Power of Water

Water is the source of all life, both spiritual and physical; it brings healing, purification and rebirth. Through water, we can feel the kindness of the Cosmos and harmonize with the feminine, motherly aspect of God. Meditation allows us to open up to the healing power of water, and with about 10% of the world’s citizens practicing meditation, our subconscious search for reconnecting with higher states of vibration is more than evident in these convoluted times. Also, water is used in many spiritual practices as a cleanser for the body, mind and soul; as well as a symbol of the intrauterine life and the birth – or rebirth – that comes afterwards. The holistic benefits of water are numerous and varied, and scientific research is casting new light on the ancient knowledge that cultures and cults have transmitted for thousands of years.

What Science Says About Water and Our Well-Being

Power Water Zen PondJust like the surface of Earth, our body is 71% water. With only a 1% of dehydration, our mind, our emotions and our body start to suffer. We need water to maintain our physical balance of electrolytes, preserve our brain function, detoxify our body and boost our metabolism. Mild dehydration has been linked to increased anxiety and tension, difficulties in visual comprehension and memory, reduced attention and vigilance, and physical discomfort. As you can see, drinking the right amount and quality of water is indispensable for one’s holistic health, and should be a part of any spiritual discipline or path. Accept the gift of water in your body and feel more in tune with Mother Nature at every level of your existence.

The Role of Water In Spiritual Traditions

The power of water has resonated with humanity from the very beginning. In many religions, both old and current, gods/goddesses of water symbolized prosperity, creation and power. Even in monotheist religions, water is used for rituals of rebirth and purification. Water also provides very powerful imagery for meditation and visualizations, mostly focused on cleansing our heart and soul, rejuvenating our energy and connecting with the Universal Mother. All of us can connect with the spiritual vibration of water, and benefit from its physical and ethereal power.

Finding Your Own Way

Deep inside, your soul already knows what it needs to heal and align itself with the cosmos. Use water in the way that best resonates with you. Water imagery, sounds and rituals will help harmonize your mind and body. Stay hydrated every day, dedicate enough time to washing away both material dirt and emotional burdens, and cleanse yourself with this powerful element of Nature.



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