Every Day Of The Week Carries Energy From a Different Planet. Here’s How To Use It…

Did you know that every day of the week is ruled by a different planet? Vedic Astrology says that each carries a specific planetary energy that can be used to your advantage. Each has even been named after its planet back in the ancient times.

The custom to work on weekdays and relax during weekends is not an accident. This schedule follows the energies of the planets. If you learn about each individual day, you can improve your productivity by going with, and not against, the flow of energy.

Monday: The Day of the Moon

At the beginning of the work week, you should set up your intention and set the emotional tone for the whole week. Moon rules over Monday, and it can open your up to emotions, as well as your intuition.

It also makes the day to be a guide for stepping into your best potential. Have you ever felt panicked if you have not had a productive Monday? This is why. Mondays are best for getting as much of your best work done as possible in order to achieve a lot during the whole week.

To give yourself the best start for the day, you should make sure that you start the day feeling your best by getting enough rest the night before, drinking plenty of water, and eating a nourishing breakfast.

planet teamworkTuesday: Ruled by Mars

Tuesday is ruled by planet Mars, the planet of action. After having a productive Monday, Tuesday can give you the needed motivation and push to keep working towards your goals and get a lot done.

Tuesday is all about action. It is the best day to launch new projects and make life-changing decisions. Mars and Tuesday can help you work towards your dreams and goals.

Tuesdays are great for physical exercise and going to the gym to give an outlet for intense action-oriented energy.

Wednesday: Ruled by Mercury

Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication and self-expression. It is the best day for work meetings, important phone calls, and needed conversations. At work, use it to clean out and answer all those emails; at home, express to your family, friends, a partner how much you love and appreciate them.

It is also a great day to brainstorm ideas and ponder upon where you are going in life, career, or your relationship. It is the day to get clarity on life decisions.

Finally, Wednesday is a good day for creative projects and expressing your true self in any way you can.

planet productivityThursday: Ruled by Jupiter

Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, which is the planet of positivity and expanding your consciousness. It is a great day for learning and growth, as well as being productive in a creative way.

Thursday gives you the ‘second wind’ you need to make giants leaps in your projects. It fuels you with positivity and gratitude. You may feel more connected to your youthful self, curious about learning new things and exploring the world.

To make the best out of your Tuesday, start the day by writing in your gratitude journal.

Friday: Ruled by Venus

Friday is ruled by Venus, the planet of love—no wonder it’s common to go on dates Friday night! Friday puts everyone in a good mood, so you can finally relax, enjoy the day, and connect with those around you without being in a hurry or stressed.

It is also a creative day, and it may give you a spark of creativity that will breathe new life into your work and provide inspiration for the next week.

Finally, Friday is a great day to finish up any old projects. The best thing you can do for yourself in use Friday to complete any daunting tasks so that they do not follow you into the weekend or the next week.

It is not a good day for big meetings or starting anything new. Try to book your schedule with stressful things, instead take it easy and relax.

Saturday: Ruled by Saturn

Saturday is ruled by Saturn, and it is the best day for getting organized, getting through household chores, and taking care of personal duties.

It is also a good day to get organized for the next week for work and life tasks.

Saturn’s balanced and grounding energy will help juggle multiple things at the same time effortlessly and get a lot done.

Sunday: The Day of the Sun

Sunday is the day of the sun, and there is a reason why it became a ‘me day’ for many people. It is the perfect day to relax, connect with your inner self and recharge.

It is great for spiritual growth and taking care of your whole well-being, including spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical self.

It is important to take time for a meditation on a Sunday, be outdoors, and read inspiring books.

Even though it is the day to take care of you, there is no reason why you cannot do that with the company of others. Sunday brings out the best mood out of everyone, so social gatherings go smoothly and joyfully.

Every day has its own vibration. Try going with the flow of each energy and see how your life changes.

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