Pink Scorpio Full Moon – Diving Deep into Desire

Welcome to Scorpio season; I know, I know—it isn’t technically that time of year for the birth chart Scorpios, but these Scorpionic energies are quite prominent at this time. We have the Scorpio full moon and synchronistically Scorpio’s two native planets it naturally rules, Mars and Pluto are conjunct. This means Scorpio’s planets are in a sort of love affair during this time making these archetypal aspects of Scorpio extra potent. A conjunction in astrology is when two planets are in an apparent meeting or passing of two or more celestial bodies, creating a convergence of the planets inherent characteristics.

Pink-Full-Moon-Valley-of-DeathTo summarize this time period, we as a collective are being plunged into the dark deep waters of our subconscious to surface our truest desires. It is a very dynamic time and can be filled with every gamut of human emotion.

Pink Scorpio Full Moon

The Scorpio full moon is about personal transmutation. Going through the valley of the shadow of death, through this journey we face the falling away of the illusory parts of being, to become illuminated to all that is not seen. By truly knowing yourself in this wholeness of seeing yourself as every portion of creation, you become liberated to your true your infinite nature.

I will expand on the main two facets of this conjunction before getting into elaborating on the energies you can work personally with during the full moon window; which is usually the day leading up to the full moon, the day of the full moon and then the day after the full moon. (Of course, you can also work on these practices of inner seeing whenever you want on your own time.) I am merely speaking from personal experience when I understand these planetary configurations, it assists me in my inner work. It is like getting onto an energetic luge slide, to be in flow with the energetic direction our galaxy is providing for soul evolution.

So without further adieu, here are the main components of this planetary dance:

Pluto – The Shadow

Pluto is the farthest from our Sun and therefore represents the underworld, our shadow, the realm of death, the greatest challenges to our humanity at large. This time creates a unique “portal”, parting the veils to be able to see the aspects within your personality that usually allude you; it is your unfinished business, the skeleton in the closet that has a bone to pick with your personal journey. The cog in the wheel that has been slowing you down as you try to peddle your way up the metaphorical hill to your next goal in life.

Pink-Full-Moon-PlutoThis is a gorgeous pairing and unity at this time, if there was any one quality that could penetrate death it would be the light and properly aligned divine will which stems from Mars. The universe is cheering us on as a collective, sing your praises that you can overcome any challenge, as long as you devote your entire being to a truly purified desire.

Mars – Divine Ambition

Mars rules the realm of desire, Eros, divine ambition. But most of what we hear of Mars is its destructive nature—its shadow desire can quickly become distorted in a display or seeking of power and dominance. When Mars is in its purest expression it is the mystical forces that bring together polarity to create new life.

With Mars and Pluto conjunct, we are dealing with the forces, the marriage of life and death, the gateway of creation itself.

The homework that Earth University is offering: It is a potent time to purify yourself.

The power of this time is being able to have all of your inner “cards” visible, on the table. All desires but also where those desires actually stem from. As an example, a common theme would be: “Is your deepest need to be loved for example a compensation for feeling unworthy or unloved”? All of your unwanted or unloved aspects or qualities in your personal, as well as our deepest heart-stirring desires, rise to the surface. More importantly, it is a time to ask where do your desires come from?

See The Larger Picture

As most of you know, vibration and energy are the constructs of our physical reality and our entire universe. Energy is the substratum of all material matter. Your personality or your ego (what you see separate yourself from others) is made up of your likes and dislikes. Stemming from this are your hopes and dreams, aversions, and deepest desires. The soul-yearnings turn into the fabric of your external environment: the relationships you have, the career you choose, your inner and outer everyday challenges. These challenges we experience in the outer realm are really just a play on the internal harmony and conflict within ourselves. These challenges spotlight the subtle false beliefs we have about existence itself.

Pink-Full-Moon-MarsAs you face these aspects within, as you begin to know yourself more, your true power is ignited because if you know what your beliefs are about life, then you can alter how you create your own experience. In that, you start to begin to become the creator. To know one’s self is to know all of creation because the entirety of the universe is within you, a microcosm of the macrocosm.

When you understand what beliefs are creating your reality subconsciously, you can begin to alter or redefine those beliefs and therefore create the reality you want. It is not what “happens to us” as some would say but how we react to those events. The deeper you are willing to go to understand and illuminate the unseen, not-yet-understood, or distorted parts of your psyche that you have picked up along the way, the more purified you will become.

Undersatnding Desire

A great way to understand the subtle movements of your psyche is to understand your desire. Where does intelligent infinity (your awareness) gravitate to naturally?

Desire is a lyrical way of explaining the magnetic forces of our known universe. It’s the construct, the building block, the predecessor to every visible physical creation. Polarity is what causes attraction or magnetism—the forces of light and dark merging, seeking, ever yearning to know one another more deeply. In the basics of alchemy, we learn about the potency of polarity. That to be able to transform you need to combine different aspects. These substances combine under immense pressure or force, and then in that space transmutation can occur. The two become united as one and something new is created. When two opposing forces such a light or awareness being shined lovingly on the dark, it’s polar opposite; a potential is formed. Within the crucible of our own vessel, just holding space for both to meet one another brings forth the potential to shift our human perspective and consciousness. When we change our minds we change who we are, and all of life shifts to meet this new orientation of being.

So there is potency in exploring these inner polarities within you.

What are your natural likes and dislikes?

What is it in your life that you are opposed to and why?

Why are you attracted to the things you are attracted to?

The parts of you that you refuse, are also the ones that you secretly would benefit from integrating or understanding more fully. The things you are attracted to are often the most mysterious aspects of yourself that want to be understood and explored more fully.

We are creation wanting to know itself more deeply.

Purification of Desire

Mars and Pluto’s meeting is about the purification of our desires.

Even your existence as a human being was first formed from desire. Ignited by sexual attraction and initiated by desire, the deep merging of your mother and father joining together, then initiated one of the most primal and therefore miraculous acts that can be done within this realm. You formed in your mother’s womb by the constructs of magnetism, each cell having its own electromagnetic center to divide and unify to construct your body as you know it.

The body part that Scorpio rules is the genitalia—and rightfully so! Some other associations are the sacral center, the realm of sexual magnetism and the magical mysteries of where two become one. Scorpionic energy is often painted as the source of primal sexual force (because it is the energy of desire itself) in a dark, deep, and powerful presentation often portrayed in a play of dominance and submission. Yet in my opinion when the need for power is purified, when the heart is included and activated, this divine desire is finally met in its fullness.

The sexual realm is the soil of true confidence. Yet it is only when innocence is present that this confidence can truly radiate from the core of your being.

But what is innocence?

Pink-Full-MoonInnocence – Our Divine State

Innocence is the expression of self without the need of anything external, just being without any expectation. Innocence can only shine forth when you understand your true self. When you know your true self, you know that in the highest etheric realms there are no parts absent from you, that all things are within you. When there is an orientation from this place there is a natural giving and receiving that happens. There is no need for compensation or validation from others, these deep inner churnings that cause the feelings of guilt or shame, the wanting to hide any part of yourself. After all, you can never hide a portion of creation from itself since it is all one.

The shadow of desire is the thought of you not deserving of any portion of creation. It’s also thinking that any part of creation is outside of you—separating you from your divine desires, your right to receive life, and your right to exist—which is a fundamental untruth within this universe.

Ironically, you will need to know and experience this deep universal truth to be able to purify your desires. From “not needing anything” you can then see what is divinely orchestrated, what desires come from love and which come from lack.

When the fullness of being is offered to yourself or others, when the ability to be seen, met and honored is presented, the Scorpionic shield drops. The shadow then dissipates and the need to project, perform or be something we are not for someone else drops. Suddenly you become liberated to finally be everything your soul wants to express in all of its fullness, in its uniqueness, in it’s highest truth and authenticity.

When you can invite in these unwanted parts and pieces of being you have separated yourself from, there is space for these aspects to come and tell you their story. Your pain finally has a place to explain why it has been created and what its usefulness in your journey of life is.

So this moon, I invite you to strip yourself naked before the light, shining forth in the darkness. See yourself for the entirety, for the fullness and wholeness that you are.

This ascension cycle is not about transcending the darkness but integrating it so deeply that every aspect is embedded with love and light.

With all of my love from the entirety of my being,



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