Partial Solar Eclipse

July 12th Partial Solar Eclipse — Reveal What Is Hidden In Your Life

A partial solar eclipse, which always happens on a new moon, has as much meaning as the new moon itself. During a solar eclipse, the sky looks darker than usual as the moon blocks the sun. A partial solar eclipse is, well, just that: partial—only part of the sun is blocked. While the energy may not be as strong, the astrological meaning is the same. As the sky grows dimmer, things may be hidden in your life. It is the time to uncover what is unseen such as unconscious behaviors, ignored issues, and old stories. By uncovering what is hidden, you will have a chance to have a fresh start. The other meaning of an eclipse is new beginnings.

Partial Solar Eclipse GeometryThe next partial solar eclipse is on July 12, 2018, in the sign of Cancer. Be mindful of the two energies—uncovering the hidden and being open to new beginnings—while also experiencing what cancer influence has to offer.

Confronting the Dark and the Unseen – The Partial Solar Eclipse

In the ancient times, when the sky went dimmer, people thought that demons and dark forces were taking over. While that does not happen literally, metaphorically there are some parallels to this energy.

Many rough events have happened during solar eclipses. They often mark turning points in parts of history and the Earth. Earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes are more likely to happen during an eclipse. They also have been linked to wars and man-made struggles. This is all on the large scale, but it affects each person as well.

When it comes to a single person, a solar eclipse may bring out unconscious fears, and point out self-sabotaging and self-destructive behaviors. It is important to avoid drugs, alcohol, or feeding any addictions at this time, as these can mask what it meant to be seen. Eclipses are important for bringing your attention to which behaviors and attitudes are not serving you before they lead to a real crisis.

Change and New Beginnings

Solar eclipses, both full and partial, always mark the times of change. After the darkness has been uncovered and cleared, a solar eclipse a great time to start new things.

This summer, there is another eclipse on August 11th, which will be even more powerful energetically. It may be a bit of unclear time between the two eclipses as you uncover some things, yet other ones may be harder to see. After the second eclipse is when the real change will start to happen.

Focusing on Creating and Perfecting Your Home

Cancer energy during this partial solar eclipse will affect anything having to do with a home and family environment. Your focus may shift from being un-rooted to focusing on where the home is or creating one.

Partial Solar Eclipse RevealFirst, you may start to further define what do home mean to you. Is it a location, people, or a feeling?

Once that is defined, your soul will urge you to find it in your life. If it already exists—improve it, if not—find it, and if problems exist—fix it.

Cancer is a sign of deep emotions, and during the eclipse, this influence may encourage you to reach out to family members with whom the relationship can be improved and to work on making each close relationship in your life even more meaningful and a bigger priority. The emotions that come up may be intense, but nothing can ever come that is not meant to rise up in order to be cleared.

That is true for other influences as well—things that have been unseen also come to the surface, and it is up to you to let them go. You are completely powerful to do so.


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