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Feeling Down? This Can Help Overcome Sadness and Inspire Greatness

Have you ever asked the question why do I feel sadness sometimes? Many of us have, and we begin to analyze why we may be feeling this way, usually to be met with confusion since there seem to be so many factors playing into it. Maybe we might even start to believe that we are meant to feel sadness sometimes, and that’s just the way it goes. Although this has some truth to it, at a deeper level our true disposition is of joy, plain and simple. The reason you feel so much discomfort when you are feeling sadness or fear is that your spirit is waving a red flag at you, trying to tell you that you are steering yourself the wrong way, away from clarity.

Our Core is Bliss

The real truth is that as human beings, separate from any societal or personal issues, our core reason for existing, our most natural disposition, is meant to be happiness, bliss, and contentment. Life comes in phases, akin to the moon’s phases, which directly links to our emotions. Ultimately, it is very apparent that human beings are constantly experiencing emotional phases, and once we learn to understand these cycles better, handling them will seem like a breeze.

Overcome Sadnes BlissThis does not mean we are wrong to feel sadness sometimes, heck no! Are you kidding? In a world full of distractions and untruth, of course, we are going to have difficult days. But there are some tools we can cultivate in order to understand the natural movement of our emotional cycles. This idea of cycles is shown to us again and again in nature – the seasons, the planets, the moon. We are made of the same stuff as this universe, therefore, as humans, we are no different and experience these same cycles. If we endeavor to understand what these cycles mean in our lives, we can start to see them as a part of us, but not the truth of us.

Tarot — The Emotions and Elements

In order to navigate this territory that is not so easily navigated, we will turn to Tarot to help us out. Tarot cards are broken down into 22 Major Arcana, which can be used as archetypical advice to help us understand what may be occurring in our subconscious or even superconsciousness. Then we turn to the remaining 60 cards, which break down into categories of the 4 elements – Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Personally, I find Air and Water to be amongst the most complicated and complex cards to understand. Air represents the mind/intellect; Water represents the emotions/intuition (intuition is sometimes labeled as the fire element but personally, I liken it to water). Let’s endeavor to understand these two elements for today since the mind and emotions play a huge role in anxiety, sadness, or depression.

Understanding the mind or the emotions is not an easy task, layers of illusions have to be peeled back first. What I have found recently, though, is that I can use the tarot to map my current cycles, which are either on an upward or downward trajectory. For example, last week I pulled The Tower major card for myself, and suddenly a flash of insight came to me that I need to see this card not just for what it is in the present (fear of change, lack of security but also the beginning of a new way of looking at life) but also along with what comes after this card – The Star, The Moon, The Sun, Aeon and finally The Crown card: enlightenment. I pulled the Aeon card for myself yesterday and sensed some clarity wash over me since it was a testament to this mapping of stages or rather our cycles. We are constantly in cycles towards enlightenment (The Crown card) or currently facing towards materialism and worry (The Devil card) or maybe we are in a phase of our lives of going back to the beginning, which in the Major Arcana is known as The Fool card—or as better termed by the new Patch Tarot, ‘The Child’ card.

Ebb and Flow – Leading Ourselves to Truth

There is no enlightenment for us to necessarily ‘attain’, but perhaps at any one given moment, we are closer or further away to the truth, and are within the ebb and flow of coming and going in cycles. Sadness comes and goes in cycles. Remember this next time you wake up in a morning and feel annoyed at the world, and the whole day seems to affirm this sadness, frustration or annoyance. If you remember this, you’ll remember not to get so caught up in the feelings but rather, what you can do to transmute and release them in the best way, ultimately leading to the healing that the red flag of your spirit was trying to lead you back to. How often are we prepared to constantly lead ourselves back, is the real question?

3 Tools – Beat the Sadness and Inspire Greatness

The next tool I am going to share with you is the most fun. These are always unique to each individual insofar as the details are concerned, but the core is the same for all.

  1. Remembering Heaven – This is all about how to build, and simply be in, your space of love – a secret garden so to speak – as often as possible. This is both in your heart and in the world. Personally, I play the thinking game with my mind asking how can I build my little haven of self-sustainability and living off the land? Then I listen and take action on the things that arise.
  2. Expressive Creativity – The next training for the mind and emotions is boosting creative expression. Personally, I ask myself how do I express my creativity in any given moment? Then I listen to my heart and choose something creative to interact with for a few hours.
  3. Joyful Expression – The third emotio-logical tool is how to experience fun, especially in a moment of anger, fear, or anxiety. The root of fun is something referred to as Joyful Exertion or Joyful Expression in the schools of Buddhism. Personally, I ask myself how can I best have fun in this moment? Run around in bare feet outside? Do some yoga? Chat with family/friends? And I choose one…

Overcome Sadness Joyful ExpressionThe running theme with this tool is in choosing and remembering to think and feel into the topics on your list. I try to only think of these things on my list at any given time and make a conscious decision to write down what I wish to concentrate on for that week, which will constantly shift and change. You can write a list of up to 20 things you want to only focus on and refer back to it when you forget. I cannot stress the importance of choosing the thoughts you want and learning to remember them in a given moment.

Think of your mind as an elephant, when you choose the destination he/she is headed (when you choose your thoughts), then you get to where you are going nice and smoothly. However, if you don’t choose or take control of the reins, the elephant will start to move around haphazardly, even worse somebody else might tell the elephant where to go and it most certainly won’t be where you would choose to be.

The More The Merrier

The more you practice the topics you wish to think about and only those, the easier it will get for you to remember them. Plus, if you start to have a moment downward spiraling thought, or a conversation that frustrates you rather than empowers you, you can look at your list and think, I don’t have to engage in this right now. If it is something important that requires your attention, then it can be a part of your bigger list. For example, I have a list of about 20 things I class as important or dear to my heart and soul, one of them includes business ideas and tending to my work affairs, therefore when it comes to taking care of the more stressful matters in life I say ‘ok sure, but only after I’ve thought about my secret garden for a while’.

Peace, love, and light to you
Miss Synchronicity

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